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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 20 Recap

97 and Monday asked the SP team members to go to the shooting gallery for PK. Ou Qiang and Lin Yin were not opponents, so they took the sharpshooter Xiaomi into battle. Xiaomi has been in poor condition after losing the game in Chicago. He trembles when he is nervous. The poor shooting results surprised his teammates. Ai Qing called and said that she had gone back in advance and let them stay in the hotel for a while. Go back to Shanghai together in the lobby.

Shen Zhe called Ai Jing and she didn’t answer. At the door of the drama club, he asked others about Ai Jing. His colleagues said that she might have gone out without her. He went to the convenience store next to him and saw the strawberry-flavored soda. He couldn’t help but remember the scene when he and Ai Jing met for the first time, so he bought all the soda.

Then Ai Jing came to buy and didn’t get it. She went back to the rehearsal venue of the theater and found that there were many bottles of soda on the table. Shen Zhe was sitting at the piano and playing beautiful tunes intently. He took the soda on the piano stand and gave it to her, and asked if her taste had not changed. If it did not change, he would have prepared a lot. Ai Jing took the soda water and couldn’t help but swept away her grievances. Instead, she was moved and happy. She blamed him for being stupid, he said that the most stupid thing he had was falling into her hands.

After returning to Shanghai, Xiaomi has been training hard. Ai Jing intends to talk to Wang Hao about how to help Xiaomi. The slide said that Xiaomi needs time to adjust. I believe he will adjust to a good state. However, the SP headquarters decided to transfer Xiaomi to the second team. team leader. It was about to take part in the Shanghai competition. Ai Qing did not agree to change the team. She and Wang Hao persuaded Baona to give Xiaomi a period of adjustment. Ai Qing also said that she would take the blame and resign if Xiaomi’s results in the Shanghai match were not satisfactory. Bao Na was persuaded and decided to work hard again with everyone.

Wu Bai and the team members were in a meeting that day. Su Cheng walked over with cold medicine and said that many people had a cold recently. She won two bids during a meeting with SP the day before yesterday. She asked everyone to drink some cold spirits to prevent them. Wu Bai sent a message to Ai Qing and asked her to have dinner with her in the evening. Shen Zhe asked the SP team leader if it was okay. Su Cheng said that Ai Qing was okay. She saw Ai Qing delivering medicine to Wang Hao and other team members the day before yesterday.

Then Wu Bai received a text message from Ai Qing saying that she had to work overtime today. Wu Bai was upset and asked everyone to give an extra training. Shen Zhe knew he was jealous, but Wu Bai said he was thinking about tactics. Shen Zhe felt let the girl know him. She would be very happy to be jealous for her. This is also a tactic. Wu Bai asked him to throw away all these affections during training. Shen Zhe asked him to set an example first, and Wu Bai got up to train.

Ai Qing formulated a training plan for Xiaomi and asked the slide to help him upgrade the mecha. She was busy with her work, while Wu Bai stared at her mobile phone while training, and she couldn’t help but feel melancholy when she saw that Ai Qing did not reply. In the evening, Wu Bai sent a message to Ai Qing and learned that she had shared beautiful songs with her as soon as she arrived home. He and her have not seen each other for two days. Ai Qing wants to meet but feels that Xiaomi’s matter has not been resolved. Their dating will also delay Wu Bai’s training. Wu Bai said that he will pick her up from get off work tomorrow. Ai Qing hesitated and said yes.

Fans gave 97 and Zhou a group called 98. 97 suggested to Monday to do a live broadcast. On Monday, they were very happy and thought they could help his mother sell vegetables. During the live broadcast, he kept recommending fruit to fans on Monday, but he accidentally soiled 97’s clothes. I borrowed 97 clothes from Shen Zhe. I didn’t expect to wash it clean on Monday. His mother embroidered a flower on the clothes. Shen Zhe came back and saw that he was very upset. He said it was a limited edition and dragged him in 97. The room is settled.

At this time, Wu Bai rushed to pick up Ai Qing from get off work. Seeing that Xiaomi is doing well today, Ai Qing is also very happy. She sent a message to Wu Bai that the work was not over yet and that she might meet later, and then she and the team members had a meeting in the conference room.

Wu Bai came to Jiexin Park, bought her favorite ice cream, and then took a photo and sent it to Ai Qing that he was waiting for her here. Waiting for the ice cream to melt away, Ai Qing hasn’t come yet, he called her and her cell phone was muted and she didn’t hear her, so he went to buy another ice cream, and the seller reminded him that the ice cream was very good. It’s cold, it’s not good to eat too much.

Unknowingly it was dark, Wu Bai was still sitting on the swing waiting for Ai Qing. At this time, Wang Hao came to the meeting room and brought them dinner. Then he sent the photos of Ai Qing and his teammates to Moments. Wu Bai saw After arriving, I couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

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