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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 19 Recap

Ai Qing and Wu Bai have a romantic date, and she also prepared the last surprise for him. The two of them lay on the big bed of the hotel, looking at the stars in the sky through the round transparent ceiling above their heads. It was the first time Wu Bai saw the stars like this and found it very fresh. Ai Qing remembered the first time she saw Wu Bai, when her mecha remote was broken, and he helped her in time to make her believe him. This was the first time someone told her like this.

Later she learned that he did more than that for her. Three years ago, she chose to retire because of her decline and taking care of her family. During that time she was depressed and confused, until one day she saw the painting downstairs and the sentence on the painting. Wu Bai told her that he was not sure whether his eyes could be cured, so he didn’t dare to see her, he just wanted to paint what he wanted to say to her.

Ai Qing said that the words on the painting have been warming her for three years, leading her to find her dream again. For Wu Bai, being able to protect her was his greatest happiness. The two looked at each other affectionately, and their hearts were full of happiness.

The next morning, Wu Bai looked at Ai Qing’s lovely sleeping face after getting up, and couldn’t help kissing her on the cheek, watching Ai Qing wake up sleepily, couldn’t help smiling and saying to her early, Ai Qing used embarrassedly. The sheet covered his face, and then quickly got up to wash. After breakfast, Wu Bai drove her back to the hotel where the China Robot Fighting League seminar was located. Ai Qing got off the car and was about to leave.

Wu Bai stopped her and asked if she had forgotten something. Ai Qing walked up to him with a confused look. Forgetting something, Wu Bai embraced her head and kissed her deeply. This scene happened to be seen by a slide not far away. He hurriedly pulled the two teammates behind him back, and then he went. Ask Ai Qing to remind her that the relationship between Wu Bai and her should be low-key.

Su Cheng came to Wang Hao’s room and persuaded him to let her take Xiao Ai abroad for treatment. She also said that she would resign from the K&K leader to stay with Xiao Ai. At this time Ai Qing knocked on the door. Wang Hao opened the door and saw that she was a little surprised. Ai Qing listened. The slide said that the players were uncomfortable and sent them cold medicine. Wang Hao thanked her for being so considerate.

Ai Qing came to the door of the hotel at noon. Wu Bai was waiting for her. She was afraid that the two would be seen together and proposed to leave. Wu Bai asked her to navigate with the phone, and he followed. Then the two came to a restaurant for hot pot. At this time, the two girls at the next table praised Wu Bai for being handsome, saying that Ai Qing was not like his girlfriend and his sister, and they planned to contact Wu Bai for contact information. Ai Qing was a little unhappy when she heard that, she asked Wu Bai to help her cook the meat. Wu Bai knew she was jealous, so she got up from the opposite seat and sat next to her, then picked up a piece of meat and fed her. The girl at the next table saw this. It was only after the scene that they were real lovers. Ai Qing looked at Wu Bai who was considerate and couldn’t help laughing and saying it was delicious.

In the evening, Shen Zhe called Ai Jing, and she finally answered this time, but she didn’t want to listen to his explanation about Xing Zhouzhou anymore and asked him to let each other go. She hung up the phone when she said, and lay on the table and started crying sadly. Shen Zhe felt that this would not work, so he called Xing Zhouzhou to his place and gave her two bottles of medicine, saying that she liked to short-circuit him so much. Xing Zhouzhou was really scared when he saw him. She hated that he was ruthless enough. Got up and ran. Shen Zhe opened the medicine bottle and took out a pill, which turned out to be chocolate beans. Finally had a break with Xing Zhouzhou, Shen Zhe was in a good mood, so he took 97 and others out for supper.

At this time around four in the morning, Wu Bai and Ai Qing returned to the hotel. They felt that they would not meet their teammates at this time, but for safety reasons, Wu Bai asked Ai Qing to go back first. Unexpectedly, as soon as Ai Qing entered the elevator, Shen Zhe and the others walked out of another elevator. When they saw Wu Bai, they enthusiastically took him to eat supper. They went to the shop where Wu Bai and Ai Qing had just gone. The waiter saw Wu Bai was about to say hello. Wu Bai hurriedly intercepted her words and asked her to pour them a glass of water.

Looking at the food in front of them, 97 couldn’t help taking photos and posting them to Moments. They knew that the captain loved beef balls, and everyone had one for him. Wu Bai, who was already full, had to eat it. Ai Qing sent him a message and asked if he was asleep. He showed her to the 97 Moments. After reading the photos, Ai Qing realized that Wu Bai went to eat again and couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she saw his profile picture. The pattern of the birthday cake he designed can’t help but praise his good head. Wu Bai replied that it was painted by his girlfriend.

Wu Bai saw that Shen Zhe was so happy that he and Ai Jing were reconciled, but Shen Zhe said that he didn’t open which pot to pick up which pot, and even teased Wu Bai to send a message like a thief, and talk about a relationship like an underground party, Wu Bai Said that he didn’t want to be disturbed, and just wanted to be with her. At breakfast the next day, Mr. Xiang said that today was a day trip to Suzhou. Shen Zhe went back to find Ai Jing. Wu Bai secretly sent a message with Ai Qing to ask her to go out with her. After they left, 97 they heard that Mr. Xiang had arranged more people. Taking pictures of Wu Bai and wanting to show the photos to fans, he thought that something bad would happen, so he quickly went back to wake up Zhou to protect the captain.

Wu Bai and Ai Qing went to the mall hand in hand. Wu Bai bought her ice cream. At this time, someone raised the camera and pointed at them unsuspectingly. 97 and Monday appeared in time to block the camera. Only then did Ai Qing and Wu Bai realize that Mr. Xiang had asked someone to take pictures of Wu Bai and wanted to make the extras. After 97 and Monday to cover Wu Bai and Ai Qing to leave, Ai Qing accidentally twisted her ankle during the run. She walked forward strenuously for fear of them catching up, but Wu Bai stopped her in her arms. He held her for a few steps, then put her in the shopping cart and pushed her to buy ice cubes and a lot of snacks. After he helped Ai Qing put ice on her feet, Ai Qing said that she was much better, but seeing her walking still inconvenient, he picked her up again. Ai Qing couldn’t help feeling very sweet when she looked at him.

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