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Don’t Mess With Girls 女孩子不好惹 Episode 17 Recap

Shen Yuning and Li Sizhuang saw Lin Nan and Dingdang kissing, so Li Sizhuang hurriedly closed the door and came out. Li Sizhuang went to inquire about Lin Nan. Qin Shan learned that Shen Yuning was a psychologist, so he asked him whether he should hate Lin Nan. After Shen Yuning’s enlightenment, Qin Shan eliminated his hatred for Lin Nan.

Qin Shan asked about the truth about Lin Nan, but Lin Nan avoided mentioning it, and Li Sizhuang told the truth about the matter. At that time, Xu Wu called the police that Lin Nan beat him, Lin Nan refused to tell Qin Shan, Lin Nan was detained, it was Li Sizhuang who later released Lin Nan on bail.

Li Sizhuang thought that Dingdang was coming to take care of Lin Nan, and he packed up and wanted to move out, but Lin Nan stopped him. Li Sizhuang told Lin Nan that he would formally pursue Shen Yuning and told Lin Nan not to provoke Shen Yuning.

Shen Yuning came to Dingdang and told Dingdang that if he did not leave Lin Nan, he would not be able to lift the curse in his life. Lin Nan came to Dingdang’s part-time bookstore to send Dingdang a supper. Dingdang said that he did not want to continue to lift the curse and wanted to live abroad. Lin Nan rejected Ding Dong’s suggestion and went to look for the next clue. Dingdang told Tang Xun his thoughts, and Tang Xun did not agree with Dingdang’s approach.

Lin Nan and Li Sizhuang found the next clue, a pair of ballet shoes. Li Sizhuang thinks it should be Luo Ziyue, Lin Nan expresses his suspicion, Luo Ziyue should be Shen Yuning. Li Sizhuang felt that Lin Nan’s suspicion was impossible, and felt that Luo Ziyue should be found first.

Lin Nan came to see Luo Ziyue’s original favorite ballet performance, and wanted to try her luck to find Luo Ziyue. Lin Nan met Shen Yuning at the door, and Shen Yuning also came to the show. The two were at the door after watching the performance. Lin Nan saw Luo Ziyue. Lin Nan asked about Luo Ziyue’s curse. Lin Nan asked to have a good chat with Luo Ziyue.

Luo Ziyue received an invitation letter from the United States and wanted Lin Nan to go to the United States with herself, but Lin Nan casually agreed to her. When Lin Nan and Li Sizhuang talked about going abroad with Ziyue, it was difficult for Lin Nan to mention his family conditions. Unexpectedly, these words were heard by Luo Ziyue. Luo Ziyue felt that Lin Nan lied to him and broke up with Lin Nan. Before a game, Luo Ziyue saw a photo of Lin Nan flirting with a girl, and fell on the stage. Luo Ziyue lost her dream ever since.

Lin Nan and Shen Yuning talked about Luo Ziyue. Shen Yuning felt that Luo Ziyue gave up ballet for her boyfriend, indicating that she did not love ballet very much. Shen Yuning proposed to have a separate talk with Luo Ziyue, and Lin Nan agreed.

During psychotherapy, Li Sizhuang confessed to Shen Yuning that Shen Yuning did not give Li Sizhuang’s answer. Shen Yuning was not Luo Ziyue, Lin Nan felt that Shen Yuning should be the last to cast the spell.

Shen Yuning and Luo Ziyue met alone. At first, Luo Ziyue did not agree to talk with Shen Yuning alone. Shen Yuning pointed out that Luo Ziyue fell off the stage as Luo Ziyue’s usual tactic, and Luo Ziyue looked a little flustered. Agree to talk with Shen Yuning alone.

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