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Don’t Mess With Girls 女孩子不好惹 Episode 16 Recap

Tang Xun deliberately asked Lin Nan to take a photo of Ding Dong. Lin Nan felt very disappointed after hearing what Tang Xun said, and left the meeting. Shen Yuning knew what had happened at the meeting and called Lin Nan to go out to relax. Lin Nan agreed to go out with Shen Yuning. Ding Dong saw that Lin Nan was unhappy, so he went out to find Lin Nan, and no one answered the phone call to Lin Nan. Tang Xun chased it out and said that Lin Nan was not suitable for Ding Dong, she deserved a better person.

Lin Nan and Shen Yuning came to the lake to chat. Lin Nan said that he loved Dingdong, but didn’t know what Dingdang meant. Shen Yuning asked if Lin Nan could try with herself, but Lin Nan refused her.

Lin Nan remembered the little things he had with Dingdang and what Tang Xun had said, felt a lot of pressure, and began to overeating.

Tang Xun found Hu Yang’s information and called Dingdang. Dingdang came to Lin Nan’s house and told Lin Nan that he had found information about Populus euphratica. Dingdang wanted to explain to Lin Nan about the press conference yesterday. Lin Nan said that these do not need to be explained. If there is no curse, they will not have any intersection. Dingdang felt very angry, and Li Sizhuang went to find Populus euphratica.

Hu Yang’s real name was Qin Shan, and Dingdang and Li Sizhuang met him. Ding Dong asked Qin Shan why he wanted to curse Lin Nan, and Qin Shan said that Lin Nan fell him. That day, Qin Shan couldn’t find Lin Nan at home, so he ran into his stepfather when he went out. Qin Shan’s stepfather said that Lin Nan had given the information, so Qin Shan believed that Lin Nan had betrayed him. Dingdang felt that Qin Shan should ask Lin Nan the truth of the year, so Dingdang and Li Sizhuang came to the hotel to stay first and contacted a lawyer for Qin Shan.

Lin Nan’s phone call has been unable to get through. Li Sizhuang worried that Lin Nan drank too much alcohol last night, so Li Sizhuang went back to find Lin Nan first. Seeing that Qin Shan was so nervous, Dingdang asked Qin Shan what he liked. Qin Shan looked at the ornaments on Dingdang’s bag, so Dingdang gave the ornaments to Qin Shan and told Qin Shan to cheer up.

Li Sizhuang went home to look for Lin Nan. Lin Nan told Li Sizhuang that he liked Jingle. Li Sizhuang would chase after Lin Nan if he liked it, but Lin Nan felt that he was not worthy of Jingle and deserved to be cursed. Li Sizhuang asked Lin Nan to think about what he should do. The lawyer discovered that Qin Shan’s stepfather Xu Wu and Qin Shan’s mother had just held a wedding reception in their hometown, but did not receive a marriage certificate, and Qin Shan was already 18 years old, so Xu Wu was not qualified to be Qin Shan’s guardian.

Qin Shan sent Dingdong out, but was stopped by Xu Wu as soon as he left the hotel entrance. Dingdang’s cell phone happened to dial Lin Nan’s number. Lin Nan knew that Dingdang was in danger, so he hurried out to look for Dingdang. Lin Nan asked Tang Xun for Dingdang’s address, so he hurried to find Dingdang. Xu Wu took out a knife to threaten Dingdang. When the knife was about to touch Dingdang, it was blocked by Lin Nan and Lin Nan was stabbed. Tang Xun arrived in time to rescue Qin Shan who was being beaten. Xu Wu was captured by the police while Lin Nan was also taken to the hospital.

Dingdang asked if his position was what he told Lin Nan. Dingdang wanted Tang Xun not to live in guilt all the time. After this incident, Tang Xun found that Lin Nan was quite reliable, and decided not to stop Dingdang and Lin Nan.

When Lin Nan woke up, Ding Dong was guarding her intimately by her side. Lin Nan woke up holding Dingdang’s hand and asked if Dingdang had anything to do. Dingdang cried and asked Lin Nan if it hurts. Lin Nan teased Dingdang and cried. Lin Nan asked Dingdang to forgive her original attitude, Dingdang said that he already knew the reason, because Tang Xun and Lin Nan said some nasty things. Lin Nan confessed to Dingdang, saying that the name of the necklace she used to give Dingdang was “Love in Time”. Ding Dong thought of getting up to pour water for Lin Nan, Lin Nan dragged him back and kissed her. This scene happened to be seen by Li Sizhuang and Shen Yuning.

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