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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 9 Recap

After some tossing, Liu Neng and Zhao Si finally stopped a bit. Zhao Yutian took the initiative to find Liu Ying and said that he could take this opportunity to make a request. Liu Ying followed Zhao Yutian back home, and immediately took out two notebooks with various conditions and handed them to Zhao Si, asking him to sign on them.

However, when Zhao Si saw the densely packed clauses, he immediately persuaded him, claiming that he must read and study carefully, to see if Liu Ying deliberately designed the legal liability and the overlord clause. Liu Ying was very upset about Zhao Si’s vigilance and turned around and left. Zhao Yutian thought that Liu Ying was too ignorant and could at least take a few days to consider it.

When the Taobao service station first came to Ivory Mountain, Xie Dajiao welcomed him with his hands. He felt that they would not have any impact on his supermarket. However, it seems that the Taobao service station will not only cause an impact, I am afraid that this will continue. Facing bankruptcy sooner or later.

Seeing Xie Dajiao frowning, Huang Shiyou analyzed why everyone likes Taobao for her. On Huang Shiyou’s suggestion, Xie Dajia decided to add a free home delivery service to Dajiao Supermarket and bought an electric car as a means of transportation. . Wang Yun became a deliveryman at Bigfoot Supermarket. After Liu Neng learned of this, it was a good thing to call directly.

The kindergarten was about to start, and Li Yinping found that Fangzheng was acting as a security guard at the door, and was moved a little bit. He felt that Fangzheng didn’t need to be wronged here for himself. However, Founder was willing, Xie’s big head reminded Founder to do his job well and take proper measures. His main duty is to protect the kindergarten, not to harass female teachers.

Due to the successful strategy of Xie Guangkun and others, coupled with the lack of creative inspiration, Song Xiaofeng could not continue to broadcast the anecdotes of the three giants of Ivory Mountain. Because of this, many fans were lost in the live broadcast room. Er Ya was a little anxious and urged Song Xiaofeng to create the story as soon as possible, but now it is making him difficult.

Afterwards, Song Xiaofeng had an idea, and he even got the idea of ​​the top of the Ivory Villa. He personally interviewed Xie Dao and Wang Yun, intending to ask them for advice on how to manage them. I don’t know if I ask, I’m full of unpredictable questions. Xie’s big head is a mentality to pass by, while Wang Yun told him about the relationship between Xie’s head and Secretary Xiao Li, and even threatened that unless his spouse is widowed in this life. Not divorced.

Song Xiaofeng wrote down all the stories about Wang Yun and Xie’s big head in a notebook. He didn’t expect that Xie’s big head reacted quickly, and instantly realized that Song Xiaofeng wanted to broadcast the live broadcast, so he took the notes and tore it up. The couple threatened him. , Leave directly. Although Xie’s big head had seen it through, Song Xiaofeng learned from Wang Yun’s words that Zhao Si even dressed up in the village to avoid himself.

On the other side, in order to attract fans, Wang Musheng suggested that Xiao Shuang should shoot some funny videos. It just happened to be inspired, and he simply took her out to record. Li Cheng wanted to sneak into the room to catch the traitor, but Xiao Shuang came back early because his phone was out of power, so he hid under the bed in a hurry.

Li Cheng tried to leave several times when Xiao Shuang was not paying attention, but failed to do so, so he had to send a message for the security to come over. The security guard lied that Xiao Shuang ran into the weasel’s room and deceived her out. After a scream, Xiao Shuang was in shock. Little did he know that Li Cheng had already ran out. Wang Musheng picked up Xiao Shuang’s hairpin when he passed by. Pin the hairpin to the shirt.

Song Fugui found her daughter staring at the phone all day long, so he couldn’t help reminding her to pay attention to Song Xiaofeng and not to let his men go crazy outside. Song Qinglian was so upset that she simply closed the window. Song Fugui was both anxious and distressed, for fear of problems with her daughter’s marriage.

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