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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 8 Recap

In view of the influence of Song Xiaofeng’s live broadcast, Xie Guangkun, Liu Neng, and Zhao Si held a special meeting to discuss countermeasures. The most urgent thing is to cut off the source of Song Xiaofeng’s news. They still don’t understand why what happened to them will be known to everyone. , So it is suspected that someone is spying secretly.

After repeated discussions, the three of them decided to go home to investigate suspicious objects around them. Zhao Si used the ruby ​​as a camera to buckle down, and Wang Meilan was so angry that Wang Meilan accused him of ruin; On the magnet, it was broken through.

At the Taobao service station, Dong Yang felt that Liu Qian had a bad service attitude towards customers, and happened to catch up with Xie Guangkun to sell mountain products, so she volunteered to demonstrate to everyone, praised Xie Guangkun, and made daily routines. Xie Guangkun had been nervous about Song Xiaofeng’s live broadcast, so he suspected that Liu Qian and the others secretly recorded with their mobile phones, so they turned around and left with the mountain products. Dong Yang and Liu Qian immediately followed up to explain, and even took out their mobile phones to Xie Guangkun one by one, which made him feel a little relieved.

Wang Dana considered that Yang Xiaoyan’s live broadcast was to subsidize the water plant, so he planned to redeem the dog farm. Lao Cui has worked in the dog farm for many years, so naturally he was reluctant to bear Wang Dana, and immediately stated that he wanted to give Wang Dana the end of his life. Lightning reminded Old Cui not to post the notice for the time being, as long as the dog farm is still there, there is bound to be hope of keeping it.

Since the monitoring clues had not been checked before, Zhao Si was so scared that he was ready to retreat and return to the mountain. Xie Guangkun suggested that everyone should work hard together. Only by dealing with Song Xiaofeng together can we live a normal life. Eventually the three people thought of a strategy to lead the snake out of the cave and agreed to keep them behind closed doors so as not to reveal the news. Even communication is based on action.

Because of this, Song Xiaofeng had no way of knowing the life of the Big Three. When Song Fugui was passing by, he happened to hear Xie Guangkun and the others talking about Song Xiaofeng and Erya. They mistakenly thought that there was an adultery between the two, and quickly went back to remind Song Qinglian. Although Song Qinglian trusts Song Xiaofeng on the surface, she feels restless in her heart.

Xiaoshuang Shanzhai Village Story will talk about Wang Musheng’s entrepreneurial history in the live studio, but the effect is not optimistic. After the live broadcast, Wang Musheng and Xiao Shuang discussed countermeasures, and they didn’t notice until midnight until Li Cheng appeared to interrupt the conversation. Upon seeing this, Wang Musheng deliberately irritated Li Cheng and asked him to tell the story of his willingness to be a security guard in pursuit of Xiao Shuang in the live broadcast. Li Cheng sat angrily in front of the camera.

Wang Musheng didn’t want to care about him, so he left straight away. As a result, Li Cheng just went out of the door, but didn’t want Wang Musheng to kill a carbine, and the two tore at the door. Xiao Shuang was annoyed that Li Cheng was making trouble everywhere, so he directly warned him not to come again in the future.

Zhao Yutian carried a gift to find Liu Ying. Liu Neng mocked him and prevented the young couple from meeting. In the end, his wife Wang Meilan came forward to resolve the conflict. Liu Ying asked Zhao Si about his views on the separation of the family, but Zhao Yutian said that Liu Ying had too many terms, and Zhao Si agreed with the part, and the rest needs to be slowly penetrated. Liu Neng heard the conversation and asked Zhao Yutian to leave. Wang Meilan promised Zhao Yutian would persuade Liu Ying, and Zhao Yutian was so angry that he took the gift back.

The Big Three’s strategy has begun to bear fruit, and Song Xiaofeng has no source of stories, so he has to let Erya broadcast his growth experience first. Xie Guangkun, Liu Neng, and Zhao Si were quite satisfied with the current results. The three gathered to discuss the next actions. As a result, each of them was grabbing credit, which led to the unhappy gathering.

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