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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 7 Recap

Xie Guangkun, Zhao Si, and Liu Neng got together and went straight to the Ivory Villa. Originally, they were looking for Song Xiaofeng to settle the accounts. Unexpectedly, when the security guard saw them, they would give a warm welcome. Suddenly, the three of them seemed to become legendary Internet celebrities, but many tourists would be onlookers to take pictures whenever they showed up. The scene was comparable to a celebrity, and the three of them fled in fright and hid directly in Song Xiaofeng’s office.

In the face of Xie Guangkun’s questioning, Song Xiaofeng clearly pretended to be confused and firmly denied the authenticity of the live broadcast story. Because of this, Xie Guangkun was so angry that he let out harsh words and even occupied Song Xiaofeng’s position, putting his feet on the desk. Seeing that they had a dispute, Zhao Si and Liu Neng hurried forward to persuade them to fight, but Song Xiaofeng took the opportunity to slip away, and the matter was left behind.

Wang Xiangxiu wanted to take his son to the city to watch the comic show, so he discussed with Li Daguo. Ma Zhong rushed to the water plant and almost caused a misunderstanding, but his specific meaning was to apologize to Wang Xiangxiu, but Wang Xiangxiu enjoys the current state very much, and has no plans to remarry. Li Daguo thought that Ma Zhong came to make trouble deliberately, but he did not know that Ma Zhong had come to send money when he heard that the water plant had encountered difficulties.

Du Xiaoshuang tried all kinds of methods, finally contacted Professor He, and agreed with him to visit Ivory Mountain to study enzyme compost planting. Wang Xiaomeng once again proposed to divide the family, but Xie Guangkun asked to follow the example of the Zhao family to make a democratic decision. Even if Wang Xiaomeng asked Xie Tenglong and Xie Tengfeng to raise their hands to support him, there were still three key votes yet to express their opinions.

Because Xie Tengfei wanted to live with Xie Guangkun and Zhao Jinfeng, only Xie Yongqiang was left in a dilemma. He decided to abstain on the spot and the two sides reached a tie. Wang Xiaomeng was so angry that he put down his bowls and chopsticks and went back to the house. That night, Xie Yongqiang brought his elder son to explain to Wang Xiaomeng.

Xie Tengfei’s sensibility made Wang Xiaomeng feel distressed, and he became more determined to separate the family. Only by moving out and living alone can Xie Tengfei have a complete and warm home, instead of trying to compromise like he is now.

Because of the village story of Song Xiaofeng and Erya, Xiao Shuang’s current talent performance is even more boring. Wang Musheng suggested that Xiao Shuang take a different approach, that is, imitating Song Xiaofeng’s rural stories, but also being taller than the rural stories. After a lot of tossing, Xiao Shuang talked about Wang Musheng’s entrepreneurial history in the live broadcast room. Li Cheng was dissatisfied with Xiao Shuang’s clothes, but Wang Musheng was stubborn and said that Li Cheng was not allowed to make trouble during Xiao Shuang’s working hours, otherwise he would put Xiao Shuang into trouble. Shuang transferred back to the dog farm.

Liu Neng planned to buy some precious southern plants for the flower garden, but he simply borrowed money from Zhao Si privately but was refused. Zhao Yutian accused Liu Neng of making sly tricks behind his back, and even Zhao Si thought he was a weasel giving New Year greetings to the rooster. Seeing that Zhao Si was about to leave, Liu Neng hurriedly blocked him, claiming that as long as Zhao Si hits the money into the card, he would arrange Liu Ying to go home without delay. The Zhao family and his son did not agree.

At the same time, the live broadcast of Song Xiaofeng and Erya arrived as scheduled. This time the protagonist of the story has been changed to Liu Neng, which made Xie Guangkun and Zhao Si very happy. Yang Xiaoyan broadcasted live at home as usual. Wang Dana saw her singing and chatting in front of the screen, and she ran in and made trouble when she saw her singing and chatting in front of the screen, but Yang Xiaoyan turned it out directly.

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