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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 18 Recap

With Chen Duxiu stepping forward to reconcile, Fu Sinian had no choice but to give up and leave. Chen Duxiu told Mao Zedong about his office and invited him to chat with him when he had time. He also became one of the people who had the deepest influence on Mao Zedong.

Guo Xingang couldn’t eat the food that his teacher was angry with. Zhang Fengzai brought his attendant Liu Yipin to the canteen. Knowing that Guo Xingang was suing Zhang Fengzai, he fought badly in the canteen. Zhang Changli condemned Zhang Fengzai’s behavior, told him that he had to endure something big, and asked him to return to Peking University to continue to build momentum.

A group of students on campus shouted that Chen Duxiu is a hypocrite with slogans and told him to get out of Peking University, but when they saw Chen Duxiu, they all stupefied and bowed their heads and yelled “Hello, sir.” Chen Duxiu walked past them in return and turned back. They continue. The students watched Zhang Fengzai’s sign upstairs to continue the parade, and Zhang Fengzai immediately sent someone to make trouble at Chen Duxiu’s house.

Peking University is currently facing internal and external troubles. Students from the old and new factions are fighting in the cafeteria, and there are student demonstrations to expel Chen Duxiu. The major newspapers in Beijing are targeting Peking University. Many groups are involved in the encirclement and suppression of the New Culture Movement, including Wu Bingxiang And other politicians. Cai Yuanpei summoned Chen Duxiu and others to discuss countermeasures.

Chen Duxiu wrote an article on “Political Issues in China Today” and decided to break his promise to not talk about politics for 20 years to show his determination not to back down. Li Dazhao agrees very much, but Cai Yuanpei and Hu Shi feel that it is wrong. Cai Yuanpei suggested that they should try to avoid direct conflict with the government and keep the contradiction within academic boundaries. He proposed two methods. One is to expand the platform for research and publicity and to establish some new cultural newspapers and magazines.

The other is that he personally established the Jinde Association to study academics and regulate the virtues of members, and there must be no more things to teach others. The rules and regulations of the Jinde Council are very strict. It is divided into three types of members: type A, type B, and type C. Everyone has chosen type A and type B. Many professors of the old school are even more careful. It is said that he did not dare to join at all.

Huang Kan wanted to start the “Guo Gu” newspaper. Chen Duxiu agreed to his request. Normal academic exchanges are still necessary. Moreover, Cai Yuanpei has been under great pressure. There are many rumors outside that he holds a one-sided attitude and has more different voices. The publications are always good. Li Dazhao proposed the establishment of a monthly magazine “Young China” with the intention of uniting young people across the country to open up a new situation, and proposed to hold a Marxist seminar.

Hu Shi believes that Marxism is a theory of violence and is taboo by the Beiyang government. Chen Duxiu has now become a focal point, and academics should not be too politicized. Chen Duxiu suggested that the name of the seminar should not be too straightforward, and Li Dazhao decided to use the name “Marquez Research Association” when he had the idea.

Hu Shi looked at his watch almost ten o’clock, and quickly picked up the purse to go home. He had a headache that his little feet wife was too tight-handed, and he had to go to bed on time every day and not stay up late. He would come hard if he didn’t agree. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao laughed and said that he was really obedient, and they couldn’t avoid the cliche of teasing between men at this time.

Seeing that the lights in the library were still on, Li Dazhao knew that Mao Zedong was still there. He read to midnight every day and worked very hard. Chen Duxiu praised him for his temperament that ordinary people could not match. Li Dazhao decided to have a chat with Mao Zedong immediately after hearing this. Chen Duxiu also remembered that he had to return to the office to write before the article was finished. Li Dazhao persuaded him to go home as soon as possible because of the recent limelight, but Chen Duxiu thinks that those young people really don’t need to care.

Li Dazhao watched Mao Zedong read the book seriously while eating chili, he laughed that the assistant really had a personality. The book Mao Zedong read was the “Communist Manifesto”. At that time, only part of the content was translated from Japanese, but this also aroused Mao Zedong’s great interest. Li Dazhao suggested that he should participate in more book clubs and seminars at Peking University, so that he can absorb more different ideas and broaden his horizons.

Mao Zedong mentioned the Jindehui, and he realized that Peking University’s renewed mention of moral construction has a special meaning, and the new morality has not yet formed. In this impetuous age, only self-disciplined talents can stand out and accomplish great things. Li Dazhao applauded unconsciously listening to the young man’s insights, and praised Chen Duxiu, no wonder he said that he must achieve great things.

Tang Erhe, the principal of Beijing Medical College, handed it to Cai Yuanpei with the flyer he picked up from the street to remind him that the situation had deteriorated and it was best to cut the source. Chen Duxiu and “New Youth” have been pushed to the forefront, but Cai Yuanpei still expressed his belief that Chen Duxiu will not succumb to those who are unpredictable.

Cai Yuanpei came to the office to look for Chen Duxiu early the next morning, but saw him lying on the table asleep again, apparently he hadn’t returned all night. Cai Yuanpei couldn’t bear to wake him up, so he sang a song to wake him up. Chen Duxiu woke up in a daze, Cai Yuanpei insisted on asking him to go home for a holiday today, and he must not stay up all night to write a manuscript without going home. He was very physically broken like this.

Li Dazhao listened to the students’ discussion on Marxism in the Red Mansion. Deng Zhongxia gave a speech on this topic. He described the October Revolution in Russia and the public ownership promoted by Marxism. Chen Yannian and Mao Zedong and others commented on October. The significance of the revolution and the pros and cons of anarchism and Marxism launched a fierce discussion. Li Dazhao looked at the students so seriously and expressed their sincere pursuit of knowledge and ideas.

When Chen Duxiu returned home, he saw a group of hooligans shouting at the door that Chen Duxiu was a hypocrite. Chen Duxiu calmly stepped forward, and those people hurriedly shut up and escaped. Pushing open the door and watching his wife silently cutting vegetables, Chen Duxiu just wanted to explain, Jun Man steadfastly told him that it was inhumane, and if she cried because of these mosquitoes and flies, then she would not be the one he used to be. Gao Junman who is looking for. Seeing his wife holding the sleeping child, Chen Duxiu leaned over and fell asleep in his wife’s arms. Junman was crying silently, his eyes filled with distress for her husband.

Li Dazhao happily came to Mao Zedong and told him that he had signed up for him as a member of the Peking University News Research Association. In the afternoon, the seminar would give a speech by Shao Piaoping. He came to give Mao Zedong the attendance certificate. This Shao Piaoping is as quick as a knife, and is also a person who is keen to propagate new ideas. Hearing his speech will definitely benefit a lot. In the “New Literature Report”, Shao Piaoping was dressed in a suit, elegant and free. He asked everyone what basic qualities are needed to become a qualified journalist in today’s society and encouraged everyone to speak freely.

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