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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 31 Recap

Kudi Liuli warned Zhuo Jinniang not to focus on calculating others, otherwise there would never be a chance of winning, Zhuo Jinniang gritted her teeth with anger. Hearing the dispute between Zhuo Jinniang and Ku Di Liuli, Pei Xingjian hurriedly called Ku Di Liuli aside and advised her not to fight Zhuo Jinniang. This caused a murderous disaster. Pei Xingjian had to leave the capital for a while on business, and he couldn’t help it. To protect Kudi Liuli, Kudi Liuli did not buy it at all.

Li Shimin’s health was deteriorating, sometimes clear and sometimes confused. He slept for three days before waking up in a daze. Yang Fei asked the emperor Zong to learn more about Li Shimin’s condition and learned that he was dying, and the emperor Zong was unable to recover. Mention this. Li Ming and Concubine Yang discussed to get rid of Wu Cairen and Li Zhi as soon as possible, otherwise their major events would be delayed.

The master refined the red flame elixir and sent it to Li Shimin. He also asked Li Shimin to divination on the auspicious day of tomorrow night. Li Shimin insisted on coming to the main hall. The master took all his disciples and proceeded with the practice here. He kept claiming that God wrote the divination results. On a piece of paper, it read “The female protagonist Wu clan after three generations of Tang”, Li Shimin was shocked, the master fanned the flames on the side, and persuaded Li Shimin to get rid of the concubine of the harem Wu as soon as possible to avoid chaos in the court.

In fact, this was carefully arranged by Li Ming, in order to make Li Shimin feel jealous of Wu Cairen. Wu Cai asked someone to find silver danica. Please ask Gao Naiyi to give it to Li Shimin to refresh her mind, Gao Naiyi asked her to give it personally tomorrow. For Li Shimin, Wu Cairen just wanted to send it a little earlier, and the high internal servant called Wu Cairen aside and told her about Li Shimin’s finding a master for divination.

The Wu Cairen approached Li Zhi to discuss countermeasures at the first time. Li Zhi firmly believed that Li Shimin would not believe these wicked words to confuse the public, but Wu Cairen did not dare to be careless. Li Shimin gave her a lot of gold and silver jewelry in the past two days, just because he had a heart for her. Guilty, Wu Cairen concluded that Li Shimin would take her life before the deadline. Li Zhi wanted to go to Li Shimin to make it clear that to expose these absurd words of the master, Wu Cairen and Pei Xingjian desperately blocked them, and Pei Xingjian considered repeatedly thinking of an expedient solution. .

The concubines asked the second question and asked Zhuo Jinniang and Ku Di Liuli to make a dress to match the red shawl. They pointed out that it should be simpler. Zhuo Jinniang couldn’t figure it out and asked Deng Qiniang about Ku Deng Qiniang didn’t know about Di Liuli’s creativity, but Zhuo Jinniang was scolded by Zhuo Jinniang. When Ku Di Liuli saw Deng Qiniang running out crying, he was very embarrassed.

Li Shimin’s health is getting worse and worse. He has been in a coma all day, occasionally waking up, Wu Cairen invited a spiritual pill from a worldly expert, and asked Li Shimin to take it on time every day. Gao’s internal servant has sent someone to carefully check it. They are all made of precious medicinal materials. Li Shimin suddenly discovered that Wu Cairen’s arm was injured. He asked the whole story hard. Wu Cairen had to admit that a worldly expert would use the blood of a noble woman as a medicinal primer. She did not hesitate to cut it. Li Shimin was deeply moved by taking blood from his broken arm to refine the pill for Li Shimin.

Zhuo Jinniang felt that Deng Qiniang was unreliable, so he sent Abi to monitor Kudi Liuli’s every move, and asked her to look through Kudi Liuli’s sewing box, trying to find out the pattern of Kudi Liuli’s dress, but found nothing, Abi It was found that Kudi Liuli had been leaving early and returning late lately, and she often stayed up late to work. Zhuo Jinniang concluded that Kudi Liuli would make cumbersome and gorgeous dresses, so she invalidated the previous design and started doing it again.

Deng Qiniang came to talk to Kudi Liuli overnight. Kudi Liuli was wary of her. Deng Qiniang made it clear that Zhuo Jinniang no longer trusted her. She was just curious about where Kudi Liuli would go every morning and evening, and the clothes she designed. The skirt is very curious. Kudi Liuli is worried that Zhuo Jinniang will be messing up again.

She hid in Buluyuan to make clothes every day, and she made a simple white dress, but she deliberately made a very busy look, just to confuse Zhuo Jinniang. , Zhuo Jinniang would make more cumbersome and gorgeous dresses, which violated the requirements of the concubines and would only get half the result with half the effort. The result was in vain. Deng Qiniang couldn’t help but admire Kudi Liuli’s magic.

Li Shimin served the elixir sent by Wucai for a few days, and his condition improved a little bit. He was in a good mood and immediately sent a high servant to double the reward for Wucai. Wu Cairen had already made up his mind to escape into the empty door. She turned a blind eye to Gao Nai waiter, and asked Yu Liu to bring the scissors to her hair.

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