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To Be With You 约定 Episode 22 Recap

Li Xiaorong went to Guaye to buy glutinous rice cakes for his parents to try. Xu Guagua was excited when he learned that Li Xiaorong was going to mail glutinous rice cakes, so he decided to take Xixi and follow Li Xiaorong to the courier point in the town, but he did not know that Li Xiaorong had already seen their actions. Inside, and bought tickets in advance, deliberately pretending to sleep in the car.

After going over the mountains and taking the shuttle bus, Xu Guagua and Xixi thought they were hiding well. Seeing Li Xiaorong sending the express, they couldn’t hide their joy. Xixi knew that Xu Guagua was carrying his change, so he took him to eat the Xiaolongbao first. It happened that Li Xiaorong received a call from Secretary Wang and, under the entrustment of the other party, took the initiative to retrieve the computer case from a settlement point.

After eating the dumplings, Sisi was still not enough, and Xu Guagua left some to bring to the elephant and Fang Xiaoyu. The two boys came to the courier station to mail glutinous rice cakes, but they did not expect that the money in their pockets was not enough for the freight. Fortunately, Ada was willing to lend a helping hand to make up the remaining debt.

Although the dumplings were successfully sent out, Xu Guagua was already penniless. He and Xixi could not go home by car and could only walk together. Li Xiaorong learned of this from Ada, and he simply bought tickets for the two children in advance, and told the driver to pay more attention to the two children and let the two children take a ride home.

Xu Guagua didn’t know about this. When he and his friends saw the first order received, they were very happy. They yearned for a large sum of money to be accounted for, and soon they could go to Guangzhou by car. However, everything is not as smooth as expected. Although the online store has been placing orders continuously, the balance of payments is not profitable.

Everyone racked their brains to find a way, so they decided to seek help from Uncle Elephant, and to help Uncle Elephant open up wasteland, get free access to the city, thereby reducing expenses. During this process, Xu Guagua and the others accidentally discovered a mobile communication base station built in the mountains. The villagers had never seen such a rare thing. It was all speculations. After Li Xiaorong came out to explain, they figured out what happened. thing.

The communication base station is one of the poverty alleviation measures that Secretary Wang is intensively promoting. Since the base station has just been completed, it will take a holiday to complete it. The villagers expressed their dissatisfaction when they learned that the installation of broadband requires monthly payment. However, Secretary Wang was willing to pay the network fees for the applicants in order to encourage everyone to open a shop on the Internet until they made a profit.

Secretary Wang wants the villagers to get rid of poverty as soon as possible, so she has been working hard to develop the rural e-commerce economy. She invited Li Xiaorong to stay in the summer and personally teach everyone online knowledge. Li Xiaorong had this idea, but no one has called for it. Secretary Wang and Li Xiaorong promised to persuade the villagers to sign up for classes with a three-day time limit.

In a blink of an eye, three days have passed. Except that Fang’s father is still working hard to learn network knowledge and a tutorial on operating an online store, no news comes. Li Xiaorong believes that the villagers are more resistant to learning online lessons, so they don’t want to wait any longer, and plan to pack their bags and go home tomorrow.

Now that Xu Guagua’s online store has no one to place an order for ten consecutive days, Li Xiaorong infers from her own experience that the online store is completely pornographic, and she does not need to stay here. However, Xu Guagua still insisted. I believe that someone will still place an order in the future. As a result, the order did not come. What was waiting was the sad news of Xixi.

Because everyone frequently used Xixi’s father’s mobile phone, the phone owed more than 100 yuan for the phone bill. Xixi was beaten up and is now angrily looking for Xu Guagua to settle accounts. When the elephants were caught between the two of them, Xu Guagua and others heard the news that Li Xiaorong was about to leave, and immediately ran to stay. Even Secretary Wang suddenly rushed over and said that the villagers had been organized for class, and a group of people led Li Xiaorong to run. To the place of class.

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