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To Be With You 约定 Episode 21 Recap

Under the coercion of Fang Xiaoyu, Xixi simply shook the matter of opening an online shop. Xu Guagua and the elephant went to Xixi to settle their accounts. The three carefully calculated that if Fang Xiaoyu could help, it would be a good thing. After all, the photos of Uncle Elephant did not meet the shop opening standards.

Xu Guagua accepted Fang Xiaoyu’s conditions and explained that a photo of the owner of the ID card was urgently needed. He did not expect Fang Xiaoyu’s method to be taken with Fang’s father. Everyone felt unbelievable about this. In addition, the upper father’s legs were disabled, so there was a bank card in his hand that was used to get subsistence allowances, which happened to be used to operate the online store.

Now that everything is well prepared, Xu Guagua named the online shop Big Watermelon Shop at the suggestion of several people and redistributed the staff. The three boys are responsible for selling goods. Fang Xiaoyu’s math scores are very good. She manages incoming and outgoing accounts. At the moment, the most important thing is to register an online store. Elephant and Xixi are outside the door. Xu Guagua and Xiao Yu secretly used Li Xiaorong’s computer to register. It happened that Li Xiaorong came back from the outside. At the critical moment, the online store registration was successful, and Li Xiaorong had not noticed the abnormality.

With the arrival of the summer vacation, Xu Guagua and others began to prepare the goods for the online store. Because the price of Guaya’s handmade glutinous rice cakes was very low, Xixi and Xu Guagua analyzed this. Xixi was influenced by his father’s businessmen’s thinking and believed that the goods on the shelves must be higher prices, such as wild honey or wild goose eggs, but Xu Guagua felt that small profits but quicker sales were the reason.

After several twists and turns, Xixi’s ideas were not implemented successfully, but they were exhausted. Xu Guagua and everyone expressed their dissatisfaction. Just when a few people were clueless, Xu Guagua secretly went online to order the glutinous rice cakes by netizens. The first business was like a booster, and the children were very excited.

When Li Xiaorong checked the computer, he accidentally saw Taobao’s ordering message and found that someone had registered the online store with the student’s parents, and then mistakenly thought that Xu Guagua had stolen the identity information of others, so he planned to stay and investigate. Early the next morning, Li Xiaorong came to Fang’s house to find Xu Guagua, and asked about opening an online shop in person. Xu Guagua did not know how to respond. Seeing that Li Xiaorong had said that Xu Guagua had no place for himself, Fang’s father pretended to be unconscious and help him out. .

Everyone believed that they were true, and they were in a hurry. Xu Guagua took Fang Xiaoyu to the village doctor. After the children left, Fang’s father woke up immediately and enlightened Li Xiaorong that he should learn to understand the thoughts and thoughts of the children in the mountains. Father Fang has been a private teacher for 15 years and knows how to educate children in the mountains. He acquiesces that children use their ID cards to open online shops, just knowing that the children’s true intentions are not for money.

Under Fang’s father’s proposal, Li Xiaorong was willing to understand and support the children’s “career”. In the next few days, she silently followed the movements of Xu Guagua and others. In order to solve the first order, Xu Guagua tried every means to find a courier to send the glutinous rice cakes. However, the express delivery in the village did not connect to the logistics of the online store. So when Xu Guagua was unable to send the express, Li Xiaorong had secretly helped.

At the same time, Secretary Wang invited Ada, a courier, to negotiate the establishment of a delivery point, but Ada knew that there was no business in the village all year round. Even if Ada knew that Secretary Wang was a good leader, he could not run through more than a dozen villages every day. Come to the village specially.

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