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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 28 Recap

Yin Xiao was quietly involved in the environment of Lei Sha. There was nothing but Lei Sha on the swing. She was leaning on Yin Xiao. Sudden events changed the situation a lot. She was bored and needed to rely on Yin Xiao. As she leaned her head over, the two fell asleep in the illusion. Yinzhuang saw Yinxiao and Lisha leaning against each other, and his brother finally had a girl who could be moved and made concessions.

Weishengyan came to Nianguang Pavilion alone, where he used to live. When the master met him, he was still a child. His parents quarreled and scolded, so he hated that drunk and refused to admit it. Human dead ghost father, when father tried to kill him and his mother again one day, it was the master who showed up and took him away from home and came to Nianguang Pavilion. Things changed with time. Nianguang Pavilion was already an empty house. He found Zhuqi’s little beetle and locked the door. Perhaps Nianguang Pavilion would never be opened again.

Li Sha stole the little golden tortoise from Weisheng inkstone, and found that it was probably the spar in this thing that was controlling the divine master. Think about it before that Zhuqi was just the little golden tortoise under the guise of the Weisheng inkstone. The ultimate goal is to send the little golden tortoise. Linglong hands. Yuan Yi and Mengzhan were not there. Lisha and Linglong alone did not know how to study this spar. They agreed that day to look at the memory of 500 years ago, but Linglong fainted and then woke up. Yuan Yi’s missing Mengzhan was dead. Nianguang Pavilion is also in danger, but Linglong is still not afraid, even if she is alone, she will definitely stop Weisheng Yan’s plan.

Linglong ran over to see Weisheng Yan, and put the words on the face, saying that controlling the god is not easy, even if you control Linglong, Yinxiao, would Yinxiao be willing to be someone else’s chess piece and be the king. When Yinxiao traveled, the people knelt down and worshipped, and the notice of the fate of the Yinshi posted on the street proclaimed the great act of the Yinshi to protect the orthodox royal family, quite a bit of supporting the king. Weishengyan wants to overthrow this Yuan clan dynasty and establish a new era, an era that can replace the god-chosen clan, not to mention the disappearance of Yuanyi, how big storms can Linglong rise, and her dad who always becomes a shackle, no For other reasons, these two people Linglong alone will eventually help him complete the god-given ceremony.

Huo Tu Xin and Wu Yuan talked about Linglong’s secret signal, he also pulled Wu Yuan’s clothes twice, and was knocked down by a punch. This code means that Linglong is very good, and generally what happens afterwards is that Linglong hurts others. Weisheng Yanfu, Linglong accidentally saw a person wearing a black cloak came to see Weisheng Yan, and quietly followed and found that it was the high priest. They talked about Yuanyi’s disappearance, and Weisheng Yan also used Linglong as a bargaining chip. The high priest promised that she would attend the ceremony.

Even the high priest gave up Yuanyi and gradually followed Weishengyan to support the new king. Yin Xiao began to control Pingting’s military power. When Zhu Qi brought Black Hunter and the others to get his father’s seal back, Yin Xiao still treated him as the son of a traitor, but he didn’t want to kill him when he was young. Black Hunter blocked the blood flow for Zhuqi, Linglong came to heal Black Hunter and ordered everyone to retreat. Yuan Yi disappeared in Pingting, Pingting has become the target of all the princes’ eyes. No one will let go of such a good reason to take the opportunity to destroy Pingting, and now only Yinxiao can keep Pingting safe.

Yinxiao wants to protect the pavilion, and Weishengyan wants to establish a new king. The result of the god-given ritual is just the best of both worlds. Linglong learns that Weisheng inkstone uses the little golden tortoise to control her, so how can she indulge the god-given ceremony. She brought the little golden tortoise to find the Weisheng Inkstone, anyway, the god master would lose control, so why not get out of control in front of him, by the way, tidy up the Weisheng inkstone, a fanatic who tried to control the god master. He lost his dominance in an instant, anyway, no matter what tricks they played, as long as Linglong didn’t agree to the ceremony, it would not be possible.

Li Sha handed a certain utensil to Yin Zhuang, and they wanted to use this to collect blood and make a key that could open the door of his vault. Huo Tu Xin was also studying how to enter the vault, maybe Yuanyi was hidden in the vault. Weisheng Yan invited Yinzhuang out for dinner on his birthday, and Yinzhuang just wanted to take this opportunity to collect blood.

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