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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 27 Recap

Pingting has been under the leadership of Zhuxi for many years, and now only a few sons have died, so many people can’t wait to feel that Pingjianghou is lonely, but Yuanyi has not forgotten that this is also why he can come to Zhuxi Sit down and talk about the reasons. Zhu Xi did not expect that what he said was so direct. Yuan Yi’s purpose was clear. He could not forgive Zhu Xi, because the god was also the sins of the Yuan clan. What he wanted was the power of Pingjiang, the power of Zhu Xi. Wang Zhao gave the order, and the candle rhinoceros knelt down to bear the seal, and there was a mark of a pearl in the forehead, and the candle rhinoceros took the place of Feitian. After that, Suchuan no longer has a god.

As soon as Zhu Xi walked out of the temple, everyone saw the mark on his forehead kneeling, but Yin Xiao, after Zhu Xi uttered the first sentence, the starburst was killed instantly. Because he is also the theology of the king’s seal, it is reasonable to kill an anti-thief who attacked Zhaodu and murdered the king. Huo Tu Xin carried Linglong back to Weisheng Mansion, not only talking to Linglong but also to himself, he was comforting and taking care of Linglong who was not awake. The really happy person is Weisheng Yan, Yuan Yi disappeared from the Zhuxi Mansion, Zhu Xi is dead, and Pingting is in chaos at the moment, the king of Yinxiao has to do it if he doesn’t do it. What Weisheng Yan needs to prepare is the god-given ceremony.

Linglong finally woke up. Huo Tu Xin already knew that Jin’er was made by Weisheng Yan with a market infant, so at the moment Linglong said that he was not too shocked, on the contrary, just a sigh. At this moment, Linglong was a little confused, and several pictures flashed, Huo Tu Xin was even more anxious to find Yuan Yi, which made Linglong feel something wrong, did she change her body, and Mengzhan disappeared, she did it again what. When Weishengyan and Yinzhuang talked about Yinxiao killing the new prime minister, Linglong came in angrily. He could guess that Weishengyan controlled her, but the pocket was all Linglong’s own things, nothing. Persuasive, Weisheng Yan said that she was out of control.

Linglong had seen how she could still believe him in her past memories. She had seen Weisheng inkstone killing the old pavilion master 17 years ago, and now he controls Linglong to kill Mengzhan with a knife. She definitely won’t let Weisheng inkstone come. Yinzhuang was afraid that Linglong would lose control and would want them to stay, not to mention Yuanyi’s disappearance, and no one could stop the divine master.

Neither Yinzhuang nor Yinxiao would let Linglong leave here. Now Linglong knows what Yin Xiao is doing today. He killed the newly sealed candle rhinoceros. This is disrespectful to the Yuan clan, which means that he is no longer standing on Yuan Yi’s side. Prepare a god gift ceremony for him, when the god Lord lights up the Pillar to announce to the world the new king of Suchuan.

Huo Tu Xin watched as his daughter became a bargaining chip in power, pulling Linglong to leave. After leveling a few families, Yin Xiao’s starlight fragments surrounded them, and now they have to use swords to talk. At this point, Wu Yuan quietly put the knife in front of Yinzhuang’s neck, Weishengyan and Yinxiao were tight, Yinzhuang could use the power of mind, but he stopped when he heard Huo Tuxin’s words. Wu Yuan put on the silver makeup because of Huo Tu Xin’s words. Yin Xiao retracted the sword and pointed to Wu Yuan instead. Linglong couldn’t bear the situation so stalemate. She immediately stopped and healed Yin makeup’s injury. She promised to stay here. In order to make Huo Tu Xin feel relieved, he tugged both of his hemlines, this code meant that it was all right.

The soldiers on the Candle Rhinoceros Mansion brought their seals and cast them under the gate of Yinxiao, just like a posture of switching to Mingzhu. When Li Sha came to the mansion, Linglong followed her to Nianguang Pavilion, where it was pitch black, empty and lonely, there was nothing left of being destroyed, and Linglong kept crying there, all of which was caused by her. Huo Tu Xin was in the foundry shop and saw half a piece of burnt paper with his name written on it.

It should have been discovered long ago. Wu Yuan’s mind is delicate and calm, and it is indeed hard to see. But even if he found out, he didn’t know if he could respond. Yin Xiao has been testing in his heart, all this is not unexpected, it is just a big game of Weishengyan, perhaps even Yuanyi’s disappearance is in his calculations.

Yinzhuang went to the foundry shop, and she wanted to meet Hutu Xin to end it, not for anyone, but for herself and her own mind. What Huo Tu Xin said that day didn’t feel even if there was a trace of against her will, she was satisfied enough. He asked Huo Tu Xin to open the door if he violated it. When the door opened, Wu Yuan, who opened the door, watched Yin Zhuang’s face change from joy to loss, and then calm until he returned to the old unsmiling smile. Yin Zhuang did not stay and chose to leave. .

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