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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 26 Recap

Yuan clan concealed such a big secret to deceive and rule the world, would Yin Xiao still follow Yuan clan to treat monsters as the gods? Although the current king is innocent, is Yin Xiao really going to help him to round out the lie? Weishengyan tried to persuade Yin Xiao to betray Yuanyi. Yuan Yi withdrew from the memory, and Linglong next to him was still tracing back. Knowing the truth was indeed more cruel than not knowing. It also meant that what he had to do was more clear.

Before Suchuan, he was in Linglong. Wandering in between, this time he has to stand on Suchuan’s side to fulfill his mission as king. I believe Linglong will understand him, because in the past Linglong also gave him all the trust without reservation, and believes what he did. There is a truth in everything from Zhihuo to Zhaodu, to Suchuan, every time.

Yuan Yi looked at the little golden tortoise in Linglong’s pocket. It was given to Linglong by Zhuqi’s youngest son, Zhuqi. It was also a useful force he was going to seek next. When he left, he troubled Mengzhan to take care of Linglong. Yuanyi went to Zhu first. Xifu, after Huo Tu Xin came, Linglong was still dreaming.

In her dream, Linglong saw her mother Jin’er rushing past, watching her come to Zhihuo, and met Huo Tu Xin. They fell in love. Soon Jin’er was pregnant. After that, she became very alert and easily frightened. I’m always afraid that someone will find here. When it came to the day Jin’er gave birth to Linglong, she never told anyone that the necklace could only live by one person.

On the side of the flame extinguishing wall and the raging fire, Jin’er recalled this short life. The happiest days were Zhihuo, she has no regrets. The monsters in the world are just a pair of poor mothers and children who will shine with maternal brilliance when they are parting. What kind of monsters are they, they are not monsters.

Wu Yuan wrote Huo Tu Xin’s name in the grandfather’s foundry shop and stroked it. The Yin family brothers and sisters in Weisheng Yanfu had their own thoughts under the moon. Yuan walked step by step and pondered. At dawn, Yinxiao received a letter from the Flying Pigeon. The high priest and the envoy of Xisu had passed Pingting.

It was reasonable for them to join forces to protect the king, but Xisu had long been willing to suppress Pingting. This time he will definitely use this to disrupt the situation. , Pingting seems to be in chaos. Besides, when Weisheng Yan got the news, Yuan Yi had gone to find Zhu Xi. The lie of the king of choice between them can be covered up, while Yinshi wanted to expose the lie to the open air. This is why Yin Xiao hasn’t killed it yet. The reason for Weishengyan.

Wu Yuan found the sleeping father and daughter of Huo Tu Xin in Mengzhan. Originally, he planned to help Huo Tu Xin kill the micro-inkstone, but Huo Tu Xin was still the problem with many concerns. Wu Yuan did not want to listen more. Let’s go first. All this night had passed, and Yuan Yi’s figure had not yet been seen. Huo Tu Xin asked Mengzhan to find out that he was going to Zhuxi Mansion at this moment.

At the same time, Yin Xiao also went to Zhuxi Mansion and asked Yinzhuang to keep an eye on Weisheng Inkstone. Weisheng Yan was also honest, without any tricks, and began to tease all kinds of love words to Yinzhuang, just staring at the funnel beside him from time to time.

Linglong in Nianguang Pavilion finally woke up. Something in her pocket kept shining. When Linglong opened a pair of blue eyes, Mengzhan realized that Linglong was controlled, and there was something in this world that could control the god. He guessed it must have something to do with the thing in Linglong’s pocket.

As long as he meets Linglong, there is a way to solve it. It’s just that the god is strong, she loses consciousness and is irrational, destroys all the furnishings of Nianguang Pavilion, and Lisha also comes. People had to hide behind a board, and the three of them seemed very difficult to deal with the offensive of the Lord. At the critical moment, Huo Tu Xin flew over and grabbed Linglong’s pocket. Mengzhan had a head-to-head confrontation with Linglong at this moment. Although she stopped Linglong, she was hurt and fell to the ground.

Yuan Yi sat in the Zhuxi Mansion. After a few days, I didn’t see Zhuxi. He was gray-haired and old. He was only served by the maid, Xueji, and the third son, Zhuxi, also sat aside. Now the situation is different, and the king relies heavily on him, so he candles to his father. The rhinoceros became more and more arrogant, and the swords were light. Unexpectedly, the next moment Yuan Yi will respect the wine glass is actually the candle rhinoceros.

Immediately after the candle was exhausted, the blood was drawn by Xue Ji and died, the guard carried out like a stranger, a dead person who was not important at all. Although the high priest and Yin Xiao came outside one after another, and there was Xue Ji guarding outside, no one dared to disturb Zhu Xi’s conversation with the Lord, but Yin Xiao was not afraid of Xue Ji, but was waiting for Yuan Yi’s decision.

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