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Qing Luo (2021) 清落

Qing Luo (2021)
Other Title: 清落

Genres: Historical, Romance
David Liu
Release Date:
March, 2021
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  • Liu Xue Yi as Ye Xiu Du / Yang Xiu Cheng
  • Wang Zi Wei as Yu Qing Luo
  • Daisy Dai as Jin Liu Li
  • Luo Yi as Princess Qing Ning
  • Li Xing Chen as Ye Hao Ran
  • Darrien as Han Shui Shi

Yu Qing Luo gives birth to a son named Nan Nan. Seven years later, she becomes a renowned physician with unorthodox skills. She sets out to find Yang Xiu Cheng, Nan Nan’s father. On her journey, she comes across a man named Ye Xiu Du, the prince of Feng Cang Kingdom. As Ye Xiu Du resembles Yang Xiu Cheng, Yu Qing Luo grew to resent him. However after several encounters, she realizes it was just a co-incidence and began to open up to him. At the same time, Yu Qing Luo’s skills and talent attracted unwanted attention and she gets swept up in conflicts. Yu Qing Luo and Ye Xiu Du work together to defeat the opponents.

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