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Qing Luo (2021) 清落

Qing Luo (2021)
Other Title: 清落

Genres: Historical, Romance
David Liu
Release Date:
May, 2021
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  • Liu Xue Yi as Ye Xiu Du / Yang Xiu Cheng
  • Wang Zi Wei as Yu Qing Luo
  • Daisy Dai as Jin Liu Li
  • Luo Yi as Princess Qing Ning
  • Li Xing Chen as Ye Hao Ran
  • Darrien as Han Shui Shi

Yu Qing Luo gives birth to a son named Nan Nan. Seven years later, she becomes a renowned physician with unorthodox skills. She sets out to find Yang Xiu Cheng, Nan Nan’s father. On her journey, she comes across a man named Ye Xiu Du, the prince of Feng Cang Kingdom. As Ye Xiu Du resembles Yang Xiu Cheng, Yu Qing Luo grew to resent him. However after several encounters, she realizes it was just a co-incidence and began to open up to him. At the same time, Yu Qing Luo’s skills and talent attracted unwanted attention and she gets swept up in conflicts. Yu Qing Luo and Ye Xiu Du work together to defeat the opponents.

The TV series “Qingluo” is directed by Liu Zhenming, starring Liu Xueyi and Wang Ziwei, with Dyss special starring, Luo Yi, Hu Wei, Li Xingchen, Zhang Haohan, Zhang Dayuan, Fu Shuyang, Xu Heni, Li Mingxuan, Fu Xiaodong, Liu Qi, Li Muzi , Xu Peng and others appeared in the costume sweet pet online drama. The drama is adapted from the popular novel “Pat Father Son Ghost Doctor Niangqin” with more than 300 million views on the whole network. It tells the story of the medical ghost hero Yu Qingluo taking her son Nan Nan to revenge alone and finding the son’s biological father Ye Xiudu story. Medical ghost Yu Qingluo gave birth to her son Nan Nan alone. Seven years later, she developed her unique medical skills and became a well-known ghost doctor. In the process of finding a father for his son Nan Nan, he got acquainted with the prince of Feng Cang Kingdom, Ye Xiu.

Because Ye Xiudu looked exactly like his enemy Yang Xiucheng, Yu Qingluo was deeply disgusted by him, and after many trials, he confirmed that it was just a coincidence, and at this time Ye Xiudu had a deep love for her. Facing Ye Xiudu’s unconditional protection and favor, Yu Qingluo gradually indulged in it. At the same time, Yu Qingluo was forced to get involved in the dispute because of his status as a ghost doctor, and together with Ye Xiudu, fought with all the other forces, and finally unexpectedly discovered that Ye Xiudu was the biological father of his son Nan Nan. In the process of the two getting along, Yu Qingluo fell completely into the deep affection of Ye Xiu’s independence, and finally the two love each other, and a family of three whistling through the mountains and forests, hand in hand for the rest of their lives.

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