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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 56 Recap

Zidan was greatly irritated by what Su Jiner said. The imperial physician hurriedly came for treatment. The officials who heard the news also rushed to Zidan’s bedroom and asked the imperial physician about the situation. The imperial physician said that Zidan had suffered a sword injury. ,

Hurt my heart, just got irritated, and the old disease relapsed for a while, the imperial doctor had already taken medicine to Zidan, this time it didn’t matter, but I definitely can’t get irritated anymore. The imperial doctor left after speaking. Wen Zongshen hurriedly asked the imperial guard Zidan how he was irritated. The imperial guard said about Su Jiner’s meeting with Zidan. Wen Zongshen learned that Zidan was doing this because of Wang Yan, and was a little disappointed. Zidan waved back from everyone, and he was silently sad on the bed. He couldn’t believe that Wang Yan could actually die for Xiao Qi.

He and Wang Yan’s more than ten-year-old childhood sweethearts were not as good as Xiao Qi. He was planning for so long, fighting for power, and sitting. Ascending to the throne, becoming the person he hated the most, in order to get Wang Yan back to his side, but Wang Yan just left. Thinking of this, Zidan was distraught and felt that the throne had lost any meaning.

Xiao Qi went to Mianyu Mountain to search for Wang Yan’s whereabouts. He happened to meet the Forbidden Army who had been ordered to search for Wang Yan’s whereabouts. Now it is life to see people, death to see corpses, everyone is talking about Zidan’s friendship with Wang Yan, thinking that Zidan wants to marry Wang Yan by doing this.

In Jiangnan, Aunt Xu and A Yue finally found Wang Su, and gave Ma Jing to Wang Su, and asked Wang Su to help him find a family to raise him. Wang Su agreed. Only Gu Caiwei can trust him in Jiangnan. He quietly I took Ma Jing to the Gu Mansion, hoping that Gu Caiwei could take care of Ma Jing.

However, Gu Caiwei said that she was not married yet, and suddenly there was a child. I am afraid there will be rumors. Gu Caiwei asked who this child was, and Wang Su lied about this. Gu Caiwei was a little angry when she was having fun in the capital. She was an illegitimate child by accident. She was affectionate to Wang Su. When she learned about it, she was very disappointed with Wang Su, but she didn’t know how to speak. Jing drove away Wang Su indifferently.

What Wang Su didn’t know was that Jin Quan had followed Wang Su to Gu Mansion and learned that Ma Jing was in Gu Mansion. On the other hand, Wang Lin’s men also told Wang Lin that Wang Su had gone to Gu Mansion. In the middle of the night, Jin Quan sneaked into Gu’s house and took Ma Jing secretly, but Wang Lin’s men had been prepared to intercept Jin Quan and take Ma Jing away.

Hulan, Helanzhen took Wang Yan to a field of flowers. This was a gift Helanzhen carefully prepared for Wang Yan. He advised Wang Yan not to stick to Xiao Qi, who was already dead. Wang Yan asked Helanzhen how Xiao Qi died. He Lanzhen said that Xiao Qi made too many enemies and was murdered. He said that he hadn’t seen Xiao Qi being murdered with his own eyes, so Wang Yan felt that He Lanzhen was lying to himself.

Wang Qian, who is now Helantuo’s wife, saw that Wang Yan and Helanzhen were very close. She still hated Wang Yan for letting herself marry Hulan. She now has Helantuo’s child, so she went to Fang Shi After learning that Master Fang had a poisonous scorpion, Wang Qian felt vicious again.

Wang Qian pretended to be a reformed person to visit Wang Yan. She pretended to say that she was afraid that Wang Yan could not sleep well with animal skins and brought Wang Yan a quilt. In fact, she secretly let her servants stay on Wang Yan’s bed. The poisonous scorpion was released. Seeing that Wang Qian’s attendant looks abnormal, Alima secretly reported the situation to Helanzhen.

Fortunately, Helanzhen arrived in time. Otherwise, Wang Yan would be stung by a poisonous scorpion. Wang Qian was a little bit chilly, and then she realized that Wang Qian had returned. Hating myself. Wang Yan thanked Alima for saving her life, but Alima said that she ran into Wang Yan and asked Wang Yan to forgive him. Before, Wang Yan and Xiao Qi went to the grassland to celebrate the Moon Rising Festival.

At the bonfire party, Alima Xiao Qi was also invited to dance. Only then did Wang Zhang remember this incident. She asked Alima about Xiao Qi’s news again, but unfortunately Alima didn’t know much about it. He Lanzhen killed Fang Shi under He Lan Tuo’s and warned He Lan Tuo. He Lan Tuo quickly stated that he had no intention of killing Wang Yan. After He Lan Zhen left, He Lan Tuo asked Master Wang Qianxing to question him.

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