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Love like White Jade (2021) 白玉思无瑕

Love like White Jade (2021)
Other Title: 白玉思无瑕, Bai yu si wu xia, Flawless White Jade

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance
Peng Yu (彭宇)
Zhu Xin Yi (朱心怡), Wang Yao (王耀), Xu Bu Zhi (徐不知)
 Mango TV
Release Date: 
Mar, 2021
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  • Wan Peng as Shui Wu Xia
  • Gala Zhang as Jiang Bai Yu
  • Liu Yu Han as Jiang Tian Lin
  • Fortuna Yu as Qi De Long
  • Peng Yu

Shui Wuxia, a maid at Langya Pavilion, gets engaged by Jiang Manor to assist Mister Zuo’s studies and martial arts training. The proud and valiant Shui Wuxia clashes with the arrogant and playful Jiang Baiyu. Both also hide a secret – Shui Wuxia is looking for her long lost twin brother, while Jiang Baiyu is looking for the cause of his father’s death. Fate brings them together; Jiang Baiyu changes his wanton habits and Shui Wuxia starts to see his sincere and determined heart.

Finally, the truth is revealed. The one who captured Shui Wuxia’s brother and killed Jiang Baiyu’s father is the same person. In the face of crisis, they work together and unveil the schemes of the perpetrator, returning peace to the citizens of Jiang Continent.

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