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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 9 Recap

The envoy led the people to camp on the spot, Linglong pretended to have abdominal discomfort, and secretly met with Yan Qing who was in the woods. Before speaking a few words, she was interrupted by the found envoy. That night, a figure flashed outside the tent, Linglong stepped forward to realize that the other party was not Yanqing, but the movement also attracted the envoy.

The man escaped all the way and was rescued by Yanqing, only to realize that his beloved Xiuniang was forced by his father to marry others. As a result, his husband sent Xiuniang on the way of a saint for reward. The man came to save the embroidered mother tonight. Yan Qing felt the man’s affection and took the initiative to help.

Yan Qing escaped in the forest alone, deliberately caught by the envoy, and then told the story of the man’s experience, who knew that the envoy took the initiative to invite him to join the ranks of the holy boy. Yan Qing couldn’t ask for it, but Linglong was extremely angry when she learned that he had lied to her for life, but for the overall situation, she had to cooperate with Yan Qing.

Everyone came all the way to a village, this place was like a paradise, including the people who were sacrificed before also lived here. When everyone heard that they were living here, not only did they live a carefree life, they didn’t have to work, and they began to feel even more grateful that they were selected.

After Yanqing went around and found that the broken dragon stone at the door of the village couldn’t be opened even if it was put down, the forbidden area of ​​Houshan was guarded and could not be entered. There is a locked room in the middle of the village. No one is allowed to enter. You can only enter for an hour when you are meditating at night.

The envoys forgive them for their lover’s finally getting married, and deliberately prepared a separate room with only a big bed in it. In order not to show her stuff in front of the divine envoy, Linglong could only hold back even if she didn’t want to, but Yan Qing was successful and couldn’t wait to make the bed. Unexpectedly, Linglong made three chapters on the spot, and Yan Qing had no choice but to hit the floor.

For the first time in meditation, Linglong and Yan Qing knelt in the last row. There was a large tank in the front of the house covered by cloth, and they couldn’t see what was inside. The crowd bowed to the tank, and as the envoy lifted the cloth, many white powder-like things floated in the air, making everyone feel refreshed.

In order to find out the secret in the tank, Linglong and Yanqing sneaked into the house the next day and found a red herbal medicine soaked in it. Even Linglong could not recognize what it was. When the two of them were puzzled, the envoy respectfully led several people in black to look at the herbal medicine.

Linglong and Yanqing easily evaded the black-clothed men’s pursuit, and these people were obviously the subordinates who had mistreated Mia. Yan Qing didn’t understand for a while, what exactly Mia wanted to do with a group of people who ate for nothing. And the envoy suddenly came to check everyone’s progress, everyone was covered with red spots, only Linglong and Yan Qing, who held their breath while meditating, did not respond.

Two of them were covered with red spots, and one of them even left wolf paw marks on the pillars. It was obviously red herbs that made ordinary people into wolf clan. According to the envoy, these two people have passed the mountain god test and can enter the Houshan Forbidden Area to see the mountain god.

In order to find out why, Linglong and Yanqing went to the nearby woods in the middle of the night to find herbs that could make people suffer from erythema. On the way, Yan Qing stunned the patrolling person, released the restraint for the giant wolf, and restored his freedom. Unexpectedly, the giant wolf didn’t listen to what Yan Qing said, and attacked him ferociously, but exquisitely and carefully, pulled out the three needles from the giant wolf.

The silver needle was removed, the giant wolf returned to its normal size, and under Linglong’s instructions, it killed the patrolling person and ran into the woods without a trace. The two were successful, and Linglong began to make medicine after returning, but Yan Qing deliberately made an excuse that the herbs could not be applied all over his body, so she asked Linglong to help.

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