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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 8 Recap

In response to Ling’s multi-soul disease, the Missa is ready to use hypnotic therapy. But Ling’s life has lived in hot water since childhood. It is impossible for her to relax her mind in deception, and hypnosis is naturally difficult for her. Mass tried for a long time and almost made three people, including herself, drowsy, but Ling Er was still unaffected.

Yan Qing, who came all the way, looked at the garrison outside the magic doctor’s door. One of them was the confidant of the prince. Naturally, he could not let him know about the multi-soul disease of Ling. Yan Qing deliberately led the wolf guard to clash with him, forcing the guard to retreat into the forest to camp.

Yan Qing excused their scene to fight, and there were countless internal injuries and old diseases. This time, he also came to seek a magic doctor. Naturally, Yan Yu did not believe his nonsense, but she did not have the emotion of rejection. When Yan Qing learned about Lingyu’s recent situation in Yan Yu’s mouth, he immediately pulled her voice to provoke and led Ling’s pursuit and fight with him, which made the Missa hypnosis a success.

The wolf’s uncontrollable appearance tells the reason why she exists in Ling’s body. It turned out that Linglu seemed to have something very important to return, but she forgot the past, and the wolf’s appearance was to complete the task for her. Wolf Yin remembered that she had no birthmark, but she was about to talk about the secret of that night, but suddenly had a splitting headache and then fell into a coma.

Massa concluded that Ling’s polysoul disease was stimulated by childhood and could not accept the inner pain, which selectively forgot, but this potential pain invisibly led to the wolf’s hidden. If you want to completely cure polysoul disease, you need to let Ling Er return to Nanchu and recall the past, but as a proton, it is naturally impractical.

Unable to cure it for the time being, Massa decided to suppress Lang Yin with hypnotic therapy, and Ling Yi could not be hypnotized when she was concentrated, which required Yan Qing to guide her to release her nature wantonly. During these days, Yan Qing provoked Ling Er in various ways and deliberately provoked her to fight with herself, which made the treatment quite effective.

One day, a faint man suddenly appeared at the gate of the Missa. Lingdong heard that he was coming to save his daughter. She knelt here for three days and nights, and she felt compassion and help for the stranger. But when Missa saw this man, he was furious. It turned out that the medicine he asked for was poison that people could not get up in bed for three or five years.

This man’s name is Leng Erhe. A few years ago, people in the village kept dying of illness. They were diagnosed and treated by a magic doctor, but they were told that they had offended the mountain god to cause disaster. Only by sacrificing children and boys to the mountain god every year can they seek good luck and avoid evil and be blessed by the mountain god. This year, it was Leng Erhe’s daughter.

He would rather stay in bed for three or five years than give it to the mountain god who did not know life and death.
Everyone came to his house incarnate Leng Erhe relatives. Ling Erhe often saw Leng Erhe caring for his daughter, and even volunteered to sacrifice in his place. Although it is to find out the truth, it is also extremely dangerous. It can be seen that the word father is Ling’s heart knot.

Yan Yu promised that Ling Yi would be willing to accept the replacement if she could let the wolf appear and fully cooperate with her actions. But Lang Yin has been suppressed by Massa, and Ling has no other way, so she has to think of approaching Yan Qing to achieve her goal.

For this reason, Lingying not only saw Yanqing’s naked bath, but also stunned the other party at night. She wanted to reach out and touch Yanqing’s chest, but she couldn’t put down her daughter’s house.

After a farce, Yan Qing and Lang Wei were secretly protected, and Ling Yi successfully replaced Leng Erhe’s daughter and was taken away by the so-called god messenger. During this period, God gave the sacrificed people the expectation of a better life, and these peasant children, who could only eat rice during the Spring Festival, now have meat to eat, began to feel that it was a very happy thing to be sacrificed.

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