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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 7 Recap

A pair of jade hands were put on Yan Qing’s shoulders. Yan Qing looked back and saw that Ling Ying broke in. She lay down tenderly like water and looked at Yan Qing in all kinds of customs. Lingyi took the initiative to take off her shoulder clothes. The wolf’s roaring moon birthmark on her skin attracted Yan Qing’s attention, and he immediately recognized that the person in front of him was a wolf.

Lang Yin deliberately seduced Yan Qing, and then hid in his body again. When Ling Er recovered her mind, he picked up the bottle beside him and hit Yan Qing’s head. The two men chased, Yan Qing wanted to explain but couldn’t care about dressing. It happened that he was hit by Yan’s father and others.

Yan Yu was worried about Ling’s reputation and asked her to avoid right and wrong for the time being. Yan Jue took the opportunity to make Yan Qing difficult, causing Lord Yan to whip Yan Qing again. The prince and Yourou’s father wanted Yan Qing to have an explanation, but he pretended to faint directly.

This kind of trick can deceive his mother, but it can’t fool Yan Yu. A gentle slap made Yan Qing, who pretend to be dizzy in bed, jumped up in pain. This matter is related to Ling’s reputation, but also to the relationship between the two countries. Once Nanchu takes advantage of this matter to make a big deal, the Yan family guards Xijue for generations, which is a first-class crime of negligence.

At the same time, Ling Wei was sitting in front of the bronze mirror arguing with the wolf, but she came to provoke the jealousy of the wind. Even if Lingyu took suppressive drugs in advance, Lang Yin still appeared when Yourou threatened to take action.

In Yourou’s eyes, Lang Yin and Lingyu held each other in hand. Every time they took action, they could easily control themselves. For a moment, they were angry and kicked Lingdeng’s abdomen. The wolf’s hidden hand was always stopped by Lingyu, and he felt bored leaving, and this foot, Lingyu must be unable to resist, was kicked to spit blood on the spot.

Previously, my uncle had found a magic doctor named Missa in the deep mountains, and Ling did not recover the internal injury for treatment. When Yan Yu reconciled with him, the grandfather now agreed to Ling’s medical treatment. Although Yan Qing also intended to go together, he could not erase face after all, and he did not want to let Ling’er suffer from illness because of himself.

Leaving aside her unknowing feelings, Yan Qing really wanted to dig out her connection with the wolf from Ling. The hermit wolf symbiosis with Ling’s urination since childhood. Only when the her her her her wolf appears, the birthmark will appear under her shoulder, and when her body is in her main palm, the birthmark will disappear. There are too many puzzling things.

Yan Yu accompanied some soldiers to protect him and went to the west cold mountain for medical treatment together with Ling Yi. On the way, Yan Yu suddenly mysteriously led Ling Ye to a wooden house in the mountain, which was full of peach blossom trees, several female waitress, and Ling Ye’s favorite food.

Ling Yi has never been outing. If it is in the city, it will attract people’s attention. Now she has the opportunity to fulfill her wish. Thinking that Ling’s internal injury had not healed, Yan Yu took the trouble to decorate the wooden house as a suburb, and his heart was really touching.
After this episode, everyone came to the Massa’s residence.

When Yan Yu saw several shouts and no one answered, she pushed the door in alone. Soon after, Yan Yu was pushed out by a young man, who was the Missa, but the magic doctor was usually also an eccentric person.

Ling Yu did not give up, but deliberately stimulated the mass with her own strange disease. When Lingyu let the wolf disappear in public, Massa was really interested in her illness. She not only quickly cured her internal injury, but also was willing to leave Yan Yu and Xiaojin to live here at will.

Unfortunately, after the wolf appeared once, he learned that Ling Yi was going to seek medical treatment to deal with her, so he refused to appear again. Some questions can’t be answered from the wolf’s hidden words, and Lingyu’s trip is only one month old, but the Missa is not worried, but she is more eager to start trying to treat.

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