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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 6 Recap

A rich man used a lot of money to let the people in the city celebrate the Yuan Festival in advance. He only needed to eat, drink and play for free in the city with only one sentence. No matter where Ling Yi holds a lantern, she doesn’t need to spend a penny.

Unfortunately, such an abnormal phenomenon must not be acceptable to her. Linglu stopped in front of a fortune-telling stall, but she was willing to collect money here, so she drew lots to tell fortunes at will. The diagram shows that within 100 meters, you will encounter this fate of life. Ling Yi turned around and saw Yan Qing standing in front of her.

Because of the appearance of the full moon wolf, Linglu has never seen the full moon, and has never enjoyed the excitement of the Yuan Festival. Yan Qing specially arranged tonight to give Ling Yi a gift. She was able to have a good time all the way. Obviously, she likes it very much.

Yan Qing saw that the time had come, and deliberately took Ling Yi to the high place to watch the fireworks. They approached again and let the hermit wolf appear again. During the fight, Yanqing’s jade pendant fell in half and didn’t care much. He picked up the fragments and quickly chased the hermit wolf.

In the dark, Mia wanted to take people and horses to catch Ling, but she chose to retreat at the moment she saw Yupei. Mia knew at a glance that it was the wolf king jade, so hiding the wolf king’s energy to make the holy stone shine. In his heart was even more indignant and unwilling, the wolf king’s things actually fell on a splash of skin.

Lingyu became a wolf and jumped into the nearby woods without trace. Xiaojin quickly returned to Yanfu for help. Yan Qing led the wolf guard to surround the woods. Yan Yu lured the wolf to appear with the smell of roast chicken, and had already sprinkled medicinal powder on the roast chicken, which made Lingyu fall into a coma again.

After Lingling recovered her mind, she saw Yan Qing and appeared close, and she hurried away like a snake and scorpion to avoid. Many times approaching prove that Yan Qing and Ling Er are too close, which will lead to wolf Yin, and Yan Qing himself also has such doubts. Instead, Yan Jue, who followed secretly, fell in love with the wolf, hoping that she could always exist in Ling’s body.

The wolf likes freedom healthly, and most can’t stand all kinds of constraints. Yan Qing neither admits that he loves Linglu and does not want to return to the border gate, and simply encourages him to come to the door to ask about the werewolves. Yan Qing waited for a long time in the princess’s mansion, and finally bought some fat gouache.

It happened to meet Yan Yu to invite Ling Yu for the family banquet. Because she was afraid that Mrs. Yan would know about Ling Yu’s soul disorder, she had to come forward to the banquet. The two said in the hall that Yan Qing, who loved to be a gentleman on the beam, was clearly heard.

On the family banquet, Yourou had a deep conflict with Lingben. She deliberately took the opportunity to humiliate her. She obviously threw a pot together to have fun, but let Lingli pick up arrows back and forth. Although Yan Yu has the intention to protect each other, it is inconvenient for the official body to entangle with the woman, but it is Yan Qing who arrives to divert the attention of Yourou.

Yan Qing really couldn’t stand the entanglement of Yourou. She simply said the divorce and left straight away.

Unexpectedly, Lingling couldn’t help laughing in private and was grasped by Yourou again. Yourou deliberately threw the arrow on the branch, and the woman climbed the tree, and her face was bound to be lost.

Ling Yi pretended to be wronged but had to give in. In fact, she deliberately found an excuse to be injured, so that she could seek medical treatment in an open face. Unexpectedly, just when Lingling fell down the tree under her feet, she was caught by Yan Qingfei. The two had close contact, and the hermit wolf reappeared again. The straightforward hermit wolf clashed with Yourou on the spot.

Yan Qing knocked Ling Ng unconscious again, dismissed everyone on the grounds of drunkenness, and took her out of the right and wrong place. After experiencing this accident, Yan Qing no longer dared to contact Ling Er, so she vigiled outside the house. It’s just that the sky is cold and the ground is freezing. Yanqing wants to soak in hot water, but unexpectedly, a woman suddenly appeared.

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