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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 5 Recap

Yan Jue originally came to plead guilty to Ling Ye for lynching. Seeing that the other party seemed to completely forget the enmity of that day, he simply borrowed the donkey from the slope. There is no past kindness and resentment, and there is no obstacle to Yan Jue’s request. Now he pays 100 taels of silver tickets to buy Ling’s to frame Yan Qing.

Yan Qing was discussing the case with Wolf Guard in the room and related matters related to the wolf clan. Ling Yi took the initiative to come to Yan Qing to drink that night in response to the incident of Xia Yan Jue’s play and frame-up. Lingyu used the secret of the hidden wolf and a hundred taels of silver tickets as rewards to help Yan Qing catch the behind-the-scenes black hand.

When the two people reached an agreement, they would meet late until they were unconscious. Waiting for the sun to rise, Yan Qing woke up between Miss Su and the head of the heron. The two women’s breasts were half exposed, which made him get out of bed quickly to clean up the mess. Yan Jueyu brought his father on time. As expected, his father was so angry that he beat Yan Qing severely.

Fortunately, Miss Su and the head of the Heron were unconscious and did not know this situation. Ling Wei followed Yan Jue to the important house to explain the case with her grandfather. Seeing that Yan Qing’s naked upper body was scolded with injuries, she naturally would not miss this opportunity of “vengeance”. Lingyu deliberately excused to treat Yan Qing’s wounds. In fact, all kinds of powerful drugs greeted him. Although it did have the effect of disinfection treatment, it also made Yanqing suffer a lot.

As soon as Lingyu returned from Yanfu, Miss Su sent her housekeeper to invite her to the house for treatment. Lingye stepped into the Soviet mansion and was besieged by several people in black, and Miss Su’s true face was also obvious in front of her.

Lingdong deliberately mentioned in front of Miss Su that she had also appeared in the music workshop. In order to attract snakes out of the hole, Yan Qing appeared from the dark and easily let Miss Su fu.

All this is just the plan of Ling Ye and Yan Qing, but the housekeeper has long disappeared. Miss Su wanted to resist everything for the housekeeper, but she had already been cut off by someone and judged herself on the spot. Miss Su committed suicide for fear of guilt, and her accomplice escaped and was hunted down.

The case was also settled.

In a certain woods, Miss Su, dressed in coarse cloth and linen, went out of the city under the escort of Yan Qing and Ling. She said goodbye. It turned out that the two of them felt that Miss Su’s conscience was still alive. They also took the initiative to remind the rescue of the heron, so they let Miss Su pretend to die and live again in a new identity after saving her life.

As for the housekeeper, Miss Su only knows her name Mia, and she has no wolfish mark on her body, and she knows little other information. The case is temporarily suspended. Ling Yi and Yan Qing went back to the city all the way, demanding that the other party deliver the promised hundred taels of gold, but they did not know that there was a man with a Dou Yi at a tea stand they passed by.

The next day, Yan Qing, in response to yesterday’s appointment, presented hundreds of taels of silver tickets in the Southern Chu Temple and specially changed no fewer than a dozen clothes into the bronze mirror. After hard work, all the passions turned into jealousy at the moment of entering the room of the Southern Chu Temple.

Yan Yu and Ling Neng have known each other since childhood, and can also be regarded as childhood sweethearts, and their feelings are naturally deep. Yan Qing listened to Yan Yu’s story of his feelings with Ling. He was full of unpleasant feelings. He also pretended that the silver ticket did not want to leave, and was even more angry and pretended to have an appointment with the head of the heron.

Yan Qing left angrily, but listened to Ling Er chase after her. She was a surprise smile, but he was listening to the other party’s just hoping that he would bring something to the head of the heron on the way, and his face collapsed immediately. For the sake of face, Yan Qing even did not hesitate to let Xuanyu go to the music workshop first, and let the heron head accompany him to play, so as not to leak in front of the Xiaojin accompanying him.

At night, Ling Yi came back to Yan Qing, but she saw that the lanterns on the street were just beginning to rise, and her eyes were full of prosperity, and everyone had a lantern in their hands. Today is not a festival. Ling Yi took the lantern given by the child, and I don’t know what’s going on for a moment.

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