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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 10 Recap

Linglong applied medicine to Yanqing and accidentally touched his heart again, causing Langyin to be awakened. A dispute between the “three people” attracted a divine envoy. When the door was opened, Yan Qing was pressing on Linglong. I thought I had escaped a catastrophe, but the bedding on the ground became a flaw, but Linglong was anxious and wise, pretending to quarrel with Yan Qing and deceived the envoy.

This operation inevitably requires Wolf Yin’s cooperation, and Yan Qing tied Linglong to the pillar, so that he could have a chance to make a good deal with Lang Yin. The “three” reached an agreement, and the wolf hiddenly needed to cooperate with Linglong at any time, and Yan Qing would return to Nanchu with her to complete the mission.

That night, sleeping in separate beds aroused suspicion again, Linglong could only compromise. Although she slept in the same bed, Linglong insisted on putting three bowls of water in the bed to prevent the inflammation from crossing the boundary. Unexpectedly, when Linglong was asleep, she almost knocked over the water several times, causing Yan Qing to sleep all night, and simply sat on the bedside and stayed up all night.

When they got up early the next day, the two had red spots on their bodies, and they hurriedly went to the envoy to announce the good news. During this time, a woman hid in the door and watched them secretly. Linglong and Yan Qing continued to collect medicine at night, but the woman secretly followed behind her and couldn’t escape Yan Qing’s ears. After questioning, she found out that this woman was Xiu Niang.

Shortly after Xiaoju, who originally lived in the same room with Xiuniang, entered the cave, Xiuniang saw Xiaoju’s bloody clothes fragments in the creek connecting the cave. Xiuniang concluded that Xiaoju was dead, so she secretly plugged her nose to let the erythema that had appeared gradually fade away, so she could save her life.

The three people negotiated and decided on a rescue plan. Early the next morning, Yan Qing and Linglong persuaded the envoy to hold a wedding for them. On the day of the wedding, Linglong was responsible for touching the scene to miss her parents, and to test whether other people wanted to go home. Yan Qing, on the grounds of giving Linglong a surprise, asked the envoy to go down the mountain to buy many fireworks for him.

Yan Qing used the excuse to pick flowers to decorate the new house, and once again bought many herbs. After nightfall, everyone was holding a wedding for them, and Yan Qing also deliberately reminded everyone to miss his family again. At the banquet, Yan Qing deliberately intoxicated the divine envoy, releasing fireworks first to complete the previous Spring Festival, Linglong had never seen the splendid fireworks, and second, to release the signal flare to prevent being discovered.

After applying the medicine again, erythema grew on the two of them, and they successfully infiltrated the Forbidden Area of ​​Back Mountain. Unexpectedly, seeing the mountain gods still have to bathe and change clothes, the two of them are thinking about how to restore the hidden weapon powder they carry with them, and the divine envoy suspects them because of the long delay.

Linglong had no other choice but to take the initiative to push Yan Qing into the bathtub. She wanted to make an excuse that she couldn’t help but delay the intercourse, but the girl’s reservedness made her unable to make up her mind. At the time of the crisis, Lang Yin couldn’t bear the exquisite and timid, and appeared in time, and proactively kissed Yanqing’s lips, which did not let the divine envoy see the clue.

Linglong sprinkled a lot of powder along the way and threw the fragments of her wedding dress into the stream. Xiuniang, who was guarding outside the cave, saw the signal flow out, and immediately set the village on fire, leading the villagers to escape on the grounds of the fire. It’s a pity that they didn’t run far, and several envoys surrounded them.

Inside the cave, the so-called divine envoy finally appeared, and it was Mia who ran away last time. After going through some rituals, everyone seemed to be fascinated and let the men in black cut their wrists. The blood flowed into the transparent crystal, and Linglong knew at a glance that this was a Southern Chu strange technique.

Yan Qing used a hidden weapon to injure Mia, which allowed everyone to regain their consciousness. The villagers scatter the birds and beasts, and Mia also recognizes Linglong and Yanqing, and the two fight together.

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