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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 18 Recap

Seeing that everyone prepared a birthday party for Wu Bai, Ai Qing knew that today was his birthday. She was sorry that she had not prepared anything, but Wu Bai said that she was the best gift with him. He slowly approached her and was about to kiss her. 97 suddenly came in and shouted that he would show you his Wu Liao. Seeing them like this, he immediately turned around and left with interest. Ai Qing asked Wu Bai to go out to have a look.

At this time, Xiang always brought Aiqing a piece of cake. He asked her if she hadn’t considered continuing a string after so many years of separation with Wang Hao. Aiqing asked him to say the key points. He asked Aiqing how he was doing, but Aiqing thought he was joking. Mr. Xiang was about to continue to say that Shen Zhe came in. He told Mr. Xiang to lead his cousin and then led him.

Mr. Xiang said that from today on, he would officially chase Aiqing. Shen Zhe heard that Mr. Xiang was still chasing after the year. Xiang quickly covered his mouth and asked him to whisper how Han Shangyan’s corner could be dug up casually.

At this time, Wang Hao came, and Xiang wanted to continue to confess to Aiqing. Wu Bai behind him patted him on the shoulder and said that Aiqing already liked someone. Xiang asked curiously who he was. Aiqing laughed and said that he was not jealous. He smiled with Wu Bai. Wang Hao immediately knew that she was talking about Wu Bai when he saw this scene.

At the dinner table, Wang Hao bowed his head and drank sultry wine. Su Cheng, the leader of K&K, couldn’t help but think of the past. She was pregnant after breaking up with Wang Hao. Later, she took her daughter to Wang Hao and said that she was ill and begged him to stay with her. At that time, Wang Hao was in love with Ai Ai Qing happened to see this scene and couldn’t help but ask Wang Hao that she was really. His daughter?

After so many years in a blink of an eye, Su Cheng felt very guilty. She called Wang Hao aside to apologize to him. If she hadn’t hadn’t had any way out and forcibly given Xiao Ai, he would not have broken up with Ai. Wang Hao said that it was over. Don’t mention it any more. Su Cheng wanted to take Xiao Ai abroad to raise her. Wang Hao was very angry when he heard this. He asked her daughter if it was a thing. She gave birth to her.

She threw it to him if she had no way out. Now she wants to take her daughter back. Have she considered Xiao Ai’s feelings? Su Cheng cried and explained that he wanted to make up for it, but Wang Hao did not agree with her to take Xiao Ai away. At this time, Xiao Ai called him and he hurried away.

Aiqing and Wu Bai went to get the information. Wu Bai said that his room was messy and asked her to wait outside. He said that he went first to cover a cabinet with clothes. In fact, it was full of posters about Aiqing. He was embarrassed to be seen by her. Then Aiqing came in and asked him why he had been leaning against him. Wu Bai moved aside. At this time, the clothes behind him fell off the box showing love.

Aiqing walked over curiously and was looking up and down what was in it. Unexpectedly, the administrator’s permission to open the box automatically opened. She thought the box was broken. Wu Bai explained that he had set the same permissions for her on all his locks, except for the secret of the club. He did not limit her.

Wu Bai said that she could see it if she wanted it. Ai Qing laughed and said that she didn’t look at it. He said that she would not look at his little secret. Wu Bai gave Aiqing the model information he sorted out and sent her home. Aiqing was buried in his work in the room.

Wu Bai called and said that he had no experience in having a girlfriend for the first time. If he did something bad, she remembered to tell him. Aiqing said that he had been doing well. She felt that before Wu Bai left, she walked out of the room and found Wu Bai standing in the rain. She hurriedly asked him upstairs to find a suit for him to change, which was the one he took for her when she took a bath at the base.

At this time, my father and sister came back. Aiqing hurriedly sent a message to her sister that Wu Bai was in her room. Ai Jing urged her father to hurry back. Dad asked Aiqing, and she said that her sister had gone out. He wanted to see if the window of Aiqing’s room were closed. As soon as he pushed the door and locked, he asked what was going on.

Ai Jing said that she had been locked by the strong wind, and said that Aiqing had a key. Dad was about to leave. As soon as he touched the spare key in his pocket, he turned to the door of Aiqing’s room. Ai Jing quickly reminded her sister loudly that Aiqing and Wu Bai quickly hid behind the curtain of the cloakroom.

Dad came in and closed the window, opened the cloakroom for ventilation. The curtain was about to pull the wardrobe and was pulled by Ai Jing. She pushed her father out to urge him to play cards quickly. Finally, there was no danger. Ai Qing heard that her father was leaving and was about to go out. Wu Bai said he would kiss her before going out, and then kissed her lips.

The next day, Ai Qing went to the hospital to see Shen Zhe’s mother in hospital. Wu Zhouzhou was also in the ward. She sang and made Shen Zhe’s mother sing and made Ai Jing angry. Wu Bai drove Aiqing to a beautiful place. Aiqing went to the front desk of the hotel.

She originally booked two rooms, but she didn’t expect that the room was tense and the front desk changed it into a large room for her. She didn’t pay attention to the information sent by the hotel on the way. The receptionist asked her if she could not live. Aiqing hesitated. Wu Bai laughed and said that they lived.

Then Wu Bai and Ai Qing came to the lake hand in arm to see the scenery. The sun was very bright. Ai Qing couldn’t help but put his hand in front of her to cover it. After seeing it, Wu Bai went to her and covered her with his hand.

Aiqing asked him to bow his head. Wu Bai looked at no one around and did so. She asked him to lower his head and closed his eyes. Ai Qing approached his lips but suddenly naughtyly took off his hat. Wu Bai couldn’t help laughing. He asked her why he took off his hat. She said that the sun was too big that she didn’t wear sunscreen. Wu Bai helped her put on her hat, and then took it. Picking up and saying that he was also afraid of the sun.

Ai Ai smiled and asked him to hold her all the time. She shielded the sun for him. Last time the movie was not seen, Aiqing specially prepared a projection for Wu Bai. She also brought out a small cake, which made Wu Bai and his unknowns look like. Wu Bai asked where she was. Ai Qing laughed and said that she was here. Wu Bai picked up a little red heart decorated around the cake and said that she was here, and then put it next to the unknown.

The handsome little man took a picture on his chest. He told her that it was his best birthday. At this time, Aiqing told him that there was a last surprise.

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