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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 6 Recap

Due to the widespread interest in rural stories, Song Xiaofeng and Erya told Xie Guangkun’s story through live webcasts. Although they are called by a pseudonym, all folks who are familiar with Xie Guangkun can understand one or two of them. Liu Neng realized a trick through this live broadcast, so he urged Liu Ying to deliberately use the method of separation to scare Zhao Si.

Under the arrangement of her father, Liu Ying personally called Zhao Yutian to propose a separation, and said that if she refused to separate, she would divorce. Just as Zhao Si and his wife Wang Meilan were discussing to bring Liu Ying back as soon as possible, Zhao Yutian came in depressedly from the door and truthfully conveyed Liu Ying’s meaning.

The key reason for Zhao Si’s refusal to separate the family is nothing but shame, but Zhao Yutian believes that no matter whether the two parties are right or wrong, Liu Ying should be returned first. However, Zhao Si insisted that he had done nothing wrong. Just as the family had different opinions and could not stop arguing, he didn’t expect Xie Guangkun to be aggressive and directly asked about moxibustion.

Since Xie Guangkun left the tofu factory, he was ridiculed by the neighbors and villagers on his way home, and even privately talked about buying moxibustion sticks for his daughter-in-law to help her conception. Xie Guangkun thought that the wind was spreading from Zhao Si’s mouth. Zhao Yutian hurriedly helped his father when he saw it, but didn’t want to involve more misunderstandings, so that Zhao Si’s mouth could not be explained clearly.

Zhao Si denied disclosing the moxibustion incident. After all, it was a family scandal that could not be publicized. Xie Guangkun was dubious and puzzled until Xie Yongqiang got off work and chatted with Wang Xiaomeng about the live broadcast. The two were worried that Xie Guangkun would find Song Xiaofeng to settle the accounts, and it would be upset, and now only soldiers can come to cover the water.

Xie Guangkun found that the villagers were discussing the gossip about the separation of the family again, mistakenly believing that Wang Xiaomeng was deliberately spreading it out, and accused her, especially when he learned that Xie Yongqiang was also considering the separation of the family. , Threatened him to break up and sever the relationship. Xie Yongqiang and Xie Guangkun insisted on their own words, and in the end Zhao Jinfeng came to stop the farce.

Zhao Si took advantage of the night to find Liu Neng, hoping that he could persuade Liu Ying to come back and apologize for what happened before, but Liu Neng didn’t appreciate it at all. Afterwards, Liu Ying drew up the family separation agreement. Wang Meilan felt that the content of the agreement was inappropriate, but Liu Ying said that she did not want to divorce or separate the family, because Zhao Si forced herself to have children, and she only wanted to achieve something in her career. Will make this bad decision.

Early the next morning, Wang Xiaomeng and Xie Yongqiang went to work. They didn’t want Xie Guangkun to be blocked at the door, and planned to take Xie Yongqiang to confront Song Xiaofeng. Xie Yongqiang was accustomed to his father’s tricks and did not stop him. Feng Qingyun reminded Xie Guangkun to be careful in fighting. Xie Guangkun couldn’t come to Taiwan because of Xie Yongqiang’s attitude.

Liu Neng thought that Liu Ying had told Song Xiaofeng about the separation of Wang Xiaomeng. However, Liu Ying directly denied it and immediately called Zhao Yutian to remind him to come over as soon as possible to handle the separation. Zhao Yutian was so angry that Zhao Yutian directly hung up the phone. After repeated consideration, Zhao Yutian took the initiative to pick up Liu Ying and promised to do Zhao Si’s ideological work, promising not to force Liu Ying to have children.

Zhao Si reconvened the family meeting, and Zhao Yutian expressed his support for Liu Ying’s separation of the family, unless Zhao Sifu went soft and asked Liu Ying to come back. However, due to the face problem, Zhao Si hesitated to agree. At this moment, Liu Neng called Zhao Si to meet.

Xie Guangkun wandered around in the village. He overheard tourists talking about his home, and he immediately went forward to reason with others, but he was almost recognized. When Wang Xiangxiu went back to the village to visit Xie Dajiao, he happened to meet Xie Guangkun to buy a hat. Ma Zhong wanted to remarry Wang Xiangxiu, so he went to the village committee to ask for help from Old Xu. Old Xu accused Ma Zhong of not being jealous of Wang Xiangxiu.

At the same time, Du Xiaoshuang and Old Xu talked about the water plant, and Old Xu promised to help Li Daguo find a solution. Zhao Si quickly reunited with Liu Neng and Xie Guangkun, and the three of them carefully combined and decided to settle accounts with Song Xiaofeng.

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