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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 5 Recap

Xie Dajiao’s promotion plan was very successful. It not only attracted the folks to visit Dajiao Supermarket, but also successfully disrupted the promotion of Taobao service station. Seeing that the things in the supermarket are being taken away one after another, Wang Yun feels very distressed about it. However, Xie Dajiao thinks that doing business requires knowing how to choose, and only by giving the benefits to everyone can we maintain a long-term relationship.

Because of Xie Dajiao’s cross-cutting, Liu Qian, Dong Yang and others were depressed, and simply went to the village committee for help. As a result, Du Xiaoshuang wanted to make enzyme compost in Xiangya Mountain. Old Xu said that Li Daguo knew a Professor Liu who specialized in microbiology research, so Du Xiaoshuang personally approached Li Daguo to inquire about Professor Liu’s contact information.

Nowadays, Li Daguo’s water plant is facing a shortage of funds, so he hopes that the village committee can come forward to fund it. Du Xiaoshuang considered Li Daguo’s real situation, so he agreed. Just when Du Xiaoshuang had just entered the office, he saw that Dong Yang and Liu Qian were looking for it because of the broadcast. Du Xiaoshuang supported the Taobao service station as the main project in the village, but also suggested that they consider the problem from the standpoint of Xie Dajiao, and Remind the other party that they can go to the Ivory Villa for cooperation.

Liu Qian accompanied Dong Yang to the Ivory Villa, and suddenly found that Dong Yang seemed to have a crush on Zhang Zhongwei. Originally, Zhang Zhongwei wanted to reject Dong Yang and others’ intentions, but when he heard that the products they supplied did not conflict with Bigfoot, he agreed to consider cooperating, especially when he learned that Du Xiaoshuang had instructed him.

After the matter was over, Liu Qian first found an excuse to go out. Dong Yang changed his mind to Zhang Zhongwei, and wanted to talk to him about some personal matters. He took this opportunity to confess, but Zhang Zhongwei was the first to interrupt the conversation to avoid the embarrassment of being confessed.

As usual, the teacher spot-checked yesterday’s learning content, but Xie Tengfei actually mentioned in class that King Luo Bin was an allusion from the Northeast of the Tang Dynasty, which caused everyone to burst into laughter. In his spare time, Xie Tengfei was playing with his classmates. Pi Zhigao laughed at him with what happened in class. The two broke into a fight. The principal came to fight and was injured by mistake. Wang Xiaomeng was called to the school and learned the cause and effect. Shame.

Xie Guangkun gave Tenglong and Tengfeng a tutoring homework. It was obviously just a simple math problem, but it happened to make him rise to the status of Xie Tengfei. It happened that Wang Xiaomeng had just arrived home and was very upset about it, so he pulled the child into the room to correct it. Xie Guangkun disagrees with Wang Xiaomeng’s behavior. From the bottom of his heart, he believes that Xie Tengfei is not his own family, but the child he picked up. Instead of resenting Wang Xiaomeng and Xie Yongqiang when he grows up, it is better to know the truth early.

Because of this, Wang Xiaomeng didn’t feel that Xie Guangkun was of good intentions. She proposed to split the family on the spot, and then went back to her natal family to explain the situation, and first ventilate her parents. Wang Laoqi supported her daughter’s approach, but her mother reminded her to discuss with Xie Yongqiang. That night, Wang Xiaomeng and Xie Yongqiang mentioned the separation of the family, but Xie Yongqiang had no plans to separate the family, but promised to consider it carefully.

Zhao Si waited at home for his son to take Liu Ying back. He didn’t expect to wait for someone to come, but Zhao Yutian returned empty-handed. Zhao Yutian wanted Zhao Si to apologize to Liu Ying, so angry that Zhao Si turned and went back to the house, saying nothing would save face. Xie Guangkun wanted to intervene in the affairs of Wang Xiaomeng’s Tofu Factory. In order to protect his daughter’s ideas, Wang Laoqi came out with a shovel to intimidate him, and Xie Guangkun fled when he saw this.

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