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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 9 Recap

Mo Yuji’s servant took the little tiger spot to breed with the little female cat. Unexpectedly, he scratched the little female cat without thinking about hitting it. He proposed to Mo Yuji to steal beams and change columns, but Mo Yuji knew that Tiger Spot was Xiao Mint’s favorite pet, and he could not do such things such as stealing beams and changing columns. Nanpingwan instigated Mo Yuji to take Xiaohuban to sterilize Wulangzhong. Luo Feng told Xiaomint in time.

The two ran to stop it quickly and finally rescued him from Hukou. Outside the sunset city, a masked man gave instructions to his men’s black masked dead man, and prepared to act when Mo Xiuyan arrived.

Mo Xiuyan was sulky alone. Little Mint climbed up the roof with great difficulty to apologize to him, and gave him a peppermint-flavored sachet he sewn himself. Mo Xiuyan didn’t want it. Little Mint pretended to throw it away and was robbed by Mo Xiuyan. Seeing that Mo Xiuran always targeted Mo Yuji, she thought there was any misunderstanding between the two, and Mo Xiuran blurted out her confession in a hurry.

Little Mint was choked, Luo Feng released colorful butterflies to help him. Mo Xiuyan slowly gathered up Little Mint’s face. Helpless kisses were interrupted one after another. Little Mint saw Mo Yu silent and ran away. Mo Yuji asked Mo Xiuyan to drink.

At first, Mo Xiu Ran was unwilling. He forced Mo Xiu Ran to agree to drink with himself. As a result, Mo Xiuyan was so drunk. When little mint came, he was already drunk and could not score between the southeast and northwest.

Nanping also came to join in the fun, and in the end, except for Xiao Mint, the other three were drunk. Nanping’s rhetorical question after drinking in the evening made Xiao Mint unable to help but think of what he looked like today. Later, Xiao Mint asked Luo Feng to take Nan Ping back to rest late. Mo Yu was drunk, but his consciousness was sober. He apologized to Xiao Mint for taking Xiao Huban to Wu Langzhong. Xiao Mint said it was not his fault.

Nanpingwan regarded Luo Feng as Mo Xiuyan and said a lot to him. Nanpingwan woke up and saw him and scratched his face angrily. People speak truth after drinking, and the grand Prince of Jade Beaver is no exception. He sincerely expressed his love for her to Little Mint, who did not know how to respond for a while. Just then, Xiao Er knocked at the door, and the assassin outside the door launched an attack on Mo Xiu Ran.

Because of saving little mint, Mo Xiuyan was stabbed in the back. Luo Feng brought the guards, and the assassins fled. Little Mint wrapped his wound. Mo Xiuyan hugged her. As he was waiting for a kiss, Luo Feng came in. Little Mint was sober. She punched Mo Xiuyan in the face.

When he met these people yesterday, Mo Xiuran noticed something was wrong. The gang did not seem to feel pain, like puppets manipulated by others. As far as he knows, Tiangou has a special skill, which is puppetry.

Nanfeide asked whether the dog would escape like a brocade carp on this day. The answer to this question will be solved easily after finding the white soul beads. This time, the leader in black was so angry that he gave the puppet a medicine again. Xiao Mint and his party finally entered the sunset city. General Hu Yanhao came to greet him. Nanpingwan and Nanfeide complained that he was like a dog skin plaster.

At the banquet of the sunset city owner for Mo Xiuran and his party, the city owner decided not to talk about state affairs, and Nan Feide proposed the white soul beads. He looked pale, because the white soul beads were on the dowry list he prepared for his little daughter Nanpingwan.

In addition, the city owner also prepared a selection competition for Nanping Evening, inviting Mo Xiuran and Mo Yuji to participate. Mo Xiuyan agreed in front of little mint, which surprised her.

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