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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 8 Recap

Mo Yuji understood his intentions for Xiao Mint and decided to pursue her well. He specially drew a picture of Little Mint and her brother. Little Mint was very happy. Mo Xiuran saw the way they got along with each other, and he was very angry. He was even more angry when he remembered that he had just read the poem Xiao Mint but nauseated. Luo Feng showed him some books.

After reading the contents of these books, Mo Xiuyan was moved to tears. Then he decisively used the scenes in these love stories to launch a love offensive against Little Mint. He asked Luo Feng to catch the butterfly and decided to give little mint a gorgeous confession.

It’s just that as soon as Little Mint came over, her attention was attracted by Mo Yuji, who was playing the piano. Mo Xiuyan was about to go up and compete with Mo Yuji. He accidentally knocked down the cage. The butterfly flew out and was attracted by the sachet on Mo Yuji’s body. The butterfly that was finally caught has become the icing on the cake of little mint and others.

Mo Xiu dyed and scratched the tree. Nanpingwan invited them to go to the market together, but Mo Yuji declined, because he wanted to go to Guqin Shop with Xiao Mint. She invited Mo Xiu Ran to go, and Mo Xiu Ran gritted his teeth and agreed.

Luo Feng took out Huanglian and proposed to give Mo Yuji medicine, but Mo Xiuyan wanted to do the opposite. Luo Feng helped him look like Mo Yuji, and he himself pretended to be Mo Xiuyan. Nanpingwan came to invite him to go shopping together. “Mo Xiuyan” lied that he was ill.

Unexpectedly, Nanpingwan invited Langzhong to see him. “Mo Xiurane” immediately promised to go out with her. Mo Xiuyan, who pretended to be Mo Yuji, deliberately pretended to be weak, hoping to cause Xiao Mint’s disgust with Mo Yuji. They met Nanpingwan and “Mo Xiuyan” in the street. Xiao Mint used Xiaomi to test and found that Mo Yuji was actually Mo Xiuyan’s disguise.

Xiao Mint intends to teach Mo Xiuyan a lesson. In the Guqin line, she specially asked “Mo Yuji” to play the piano. She didn’t expect that “Mo Yuji” could play the piano. It was considered that he had lost his cat shit.” Mo Yuji” muttered in his heart. He heard Mo Yuji play the piano and wrote it all down intelligently.

As soon as the four people came out of the piano, there were several women who were said to have admired Mo Yu for a long time. Little Mint took the opportunity to say that “Mo Yu was quiet” to attract bees and butterflies, which was insulted to family customs, and let “Mo Xiuyan” teach him a lesson. Mo Xiuyan was extremely scared, but he had to do a full set of dramas, punched “Mo Yuji” in the face, and saw Xiao Mint very happy.

After eating the soup with Huanglian, Mo Yuji’s two servants almost never left the hut. Later, they learned that it was done by Mo Xiuyan. Mo Yuji did not take a step back this time. Mo Xiuyan repeatedly lost, and he continued to fight again, prepared a lot of chrysanthemums, and waited for the little mint to come back and danced in front of her.

In the eyes of little mint, it is extremely weird. Little Mint took advantage of his lack of attention and turned him back into a cat with blue soul beads, claiming to Mo Yuji that he had secretly owned a pet. Nanfeide told Nanping Wan that Mo Xiuran and Mo Yuji had strangeness these days, and seemed to like little mint.

Nanping was unbelievable in the evening. Nanfeide said that he saw Mo Xiuyan buy a room of white flowers for little mint yesterday. Mo Yuji felt that the cat was so irritable that it might be when it was estrus, so he made his own initiative to find a partner for Xiao Soy Sauce, and offered to help Xiao Mint tutor it for two days. At that time, he would definitely return a meek and clever cat to her. Little Mint had the idea of teaching Mo Xiuyan a lesson, so he gave the cat to Mo Yuji.

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