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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 7 Recap

After diagnosis and treatment, the second uncle Yuting said that the little mint was no longer harmful, but because of the internal invasion of cold poison in the body, you must not be cold before taking the medicine.

Princess Nanpingwan volunteered to help Xiao Mint catch medicine. Mo Yuji said that she was not familiar with Tianli’s pharmacy, so she took over the task of grabbing medicine. Little Mint was injured and unconscious. Mo Xiuyan was very worried.

He took care of little mint untiedly, and remained beside her after turning into a cat. Because little mint was unable to drink medicine by himself in a coma, Mo Xiuyan personally fed her medicine mouth to mouth. Only now does he know how important the safety of little peppermint is to him.

When Little Mint woke up, she saw Mo Xiuyan, who was sleeping beside her. She probably knew that Mo Xiuyan was taking care of herself. Mo Xiuyan woke up, and Xiao Mint deliberately pretended to sleep. Mo Xiuyan wondered why she hadn’t woken up after two days. She muttered a few words, and Xiao Mint no longer pretended to sleep.

Seeing that little mint woke up, he asked her to drink the medicine quickly. Little mint was unwilling. He actually fed her medicine mouth to mouth again. Little mint stared with shock. Nanpingwan and Nanfeide held a banquet in the box of Manxianglou in order to thank Mo Xiuran and Xiao Mint for their life-saving kindness. Nanpingwan learned that the red soul beads were useful for Xiao Mint to find his brother, so he gave her the red soul beads.

Nanfeide remembered that he had seen a white soul pearl similar to the red soul beads in his hometown. Xiao Mint was overjoyed and immediately promised to visit Sunset City, Nanpingwan’s hometown. Mrs. Yu, who eats Zhai Nian Buddha, finally stopped interrupting Mo Yuji in doing anything, but she reminded her son that there were some things to fight for or fight for.

Mo Xiuyan went to the puppet sister because he helped Xiao Mint find the red soul beads. The puppet said that it seemed too smooth to find Qihunzhu, so they should be careful. Mo Xiuyan woke up after sleeping all night and found that he was on fire. When facing little mint, he deliberately took a fan to block it.

Little Mint grabbed the fan in his hand and leaned forward to him very close. Mo Xiuyan’s heart beat faster and couldn’t help closing his eyes and looking forward to her tender kiss. But little mint is not to kiss him, but to quickly put mint into his mouth, saying that it can eliminate fire. Luo Feng came over and found them very close, and immediately turned around and left. Luo Feng thought that Mo Xiuyan fell in love with little mint. Mo Xiuyan refused to admit it. Luo Feng bet with him that he changed another ya to serve Mo Xiuyan, and Xiao Mint was sent to buy the things to Sunset City.

On the way, Xiao Mint met Nanpingwan. The two sat down and talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Mo Xiuyan. Xiao Mint said all about the shortcomings of Mo Xiuyan, but in Nanpingwan’s ears, he was outstanding. He was a chivalrous and tender man with flesh and blood.

After Mo Xiuran went to the schoolyard to select elite soldiers, he returned home. Little Mint did not return for a long time, and he looked a little unhappy. Luo Feng has determined that he likes little mint, otherwise he won’t see her for a few hours, and Mo Xiuyan will be in a bad mood. He was upset about losing the bet and sent Luo Feng to run the lap. The next day, Xiao Mint was worried that he would be angry and embarrassed himself, so he sat in the same carriage as Mo Yu.

Mo Xiuran also squeezed into the pony cart with them, and the four of them looked at each other in speechless despair, and the atmosphere was very awkward. Mo Yu silently recited a poem that Su Zimo liked, comforting Xiao Mint that Su Zimoji had their own appearance, and he would avert danger.

The atmosphere was relaxed, and Xiao Mint laughed. Mo Xiuyan was unwilling to lag behind, collected memories in his mind, and also recited a poem, but it was a little out of touch with the atmosphere at this time. Due to the bumpy journey, little mint was a little nauseous. Mo Xiuyan carefully asked Luo Feng to stop the carriage.

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