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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 12 Recap

Little Mint saw the wedding shoes, compared her own feet and found that the size of the shoes was very large. She knew that she was not a princess, so she was delighted. On the day of their wedding, Mo Xiuran discovered that the bride was not Luo Feng, but was actually Xiao Mint. He had no other choice but to marry Xiao Mint. After the service, in the wedding room, Xiao Mint admitted that he liked him, and taught him a lesson by turning him into a cat without paying attention.

After Mo Xiuran turned into a human form, Xiao Mint handed the White Soul Orb to him, and Mo Xiuran reminded Xiao Mint that he could not leave here until he returned. There is a custom in Sunset City that the married bridegroom wants to throw the hydrangea. Mo Xiuran announced in front of everyone that he can give away the white soul bead to anyone who grabs the hydrangea.

Later, Mo Yuji and Hu Yanhao both grabbed it, and Mo Xiuran announced that he would split the White Soul Orb into two. Hu Yanhao did not allow it, and snatched the White Soul Orb on the spot. Little Mint in the room heard the movement outside, and she ran out in a hurry regardless of Mo Xiuran’s instructions, and was knocked out from behind.

The identity of Hu Yanhao’s Tengu was exposed, and Mo Xiuran caught up with him. Hu Yanhao wanted to use the power of the White Soul Orb to defeat Mo Xiuran, but suddenly found that there was a huge meat bun in the box. He was deceived by Mo Xiuran. Luo Feng ran to tell Mo Xiuran that Xiao Mint was missing, and Mo Xiuran was anxious and stopped struggling with the tengu.

Little Mint woke up and found that she was tied up. What made her even more surprised was that the expressionless black soldier next to her was her brother Su Zimo who had been missing for a long time. He had obviously become a puppet of Tengu, and he did not respond to Little Mint’s call. Hu Yanhao snatched the Blue Soul Orb from Xiao Mint’s neck, but was burned.

As a human, Su Zimo Muran picked up the Blue Soul Orb and put it into the sachet. Everyone didn’t expect Hu Yanhao to be a tengu, claiming to turn Sunset City over to get him out. Tengu sent someone to send a letter, asking Mo Xiuran to bring the red and white soul beads to exchange for the mint.

Mo Yuji thought about it later, and suddenly thought that the black puppets were afraid of falling primroses. That night, Mo Xiuran exchanged the Red Soul Orb and the White Soul Orb, and at the same time let Luo Feng sprinkle Primrose Powder, and the puppets including Su Zimo regained consciousness. Mo Xiuran chased the Tengu, but it turned out to be a lunar eclipse night, and the Tengu’s skill increased so much that he vomited blood. Little Mint ran over and took away the injured Mo Xiuran. Mo Xiuran was so badly injured that he only woke up once. Xiao Mint was so sad that he cried, tears falling on the blue soul orb, and the spiritual power in the blue soul orb made Mo Xiuran wake up.

At this time, the three of them were defeated by the Tengu whose skill increased greatly. Mo Xiuran, who had absorbed a lot of spiritual power, also greatly increased his skill, and came to defeat the tengu and put him in the white soul orb. Later, Tian Li successfully signed a contract with Sunset City, and Nan Ping Wan also explained that he and Mo Xiuran were only friends of gentlemen.

Xiao Mint asked who sent her the letter, but Su Zimo didn’t know much about it. He guessed that someone might be coveting those soul beads. The city owner gave Mo Xiuran the White Soul Orb as a gift. Nanping learned that Luo Feng was injured in the evening and hurried to see him in his room.

The days of getting along has long brought Nan Pingwan and Luo Feng’s hearts closer and closer, and the two mustered up the courage to shake hands together. Xiao Mint and Mo Xiuran finally had time to watch the sunset in Sunset City. Mo Xiuran untimely proposed to terminate the contract, and the smile on Xiao Mint’s face slowly disappeared.

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