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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 11 Recap

Mo Xiuran rescued Xiao Mint, but still insisted that he cared about her, and shook away with the broken steps. Then Mo Yuji came over happily with the jade hairpin. That night, Hu Yanhao, Mo Yuji, and Mo Xiuran each took out three items. The city lord’s wife wanted to use Mo Xiuran’s steps to break him as an excuse to prevent him from being promoted, but Mo Xiuran had already found the best in the city. The skilled craftsman will repair it step by step, there is no trace of cracks at all. Mrs. Cheng Zhu stopped making a sound, and the city lord broke the embarrassing atmosphere and no longer mentioned the matter, but ordered people to come up to sing and dance.

Mo Yuji sat next to Mo Xiuran. He guessed that the tengu might be the contestant, the organizer, and Lord Xiao, and Mo Xiuran told him not to interfere in this matter. Master Xiao asked Xiao Mint for questioning alone, mentioning whether she had any enemies in Sunset City, but Xiao Mint denied it. Master Xiao thought that today’s assassination might have something to do with her brother Su Zimo. Little Mint returned to the banquet and found that the banquet had been over, and the drunken Hu Yanhao complained that Princess Nanpingwan did not like him. Xiao Ming asked the drunk Hu Yanhao and learned where Mo Xiuran was going.

Mo Xiuran sat on the rockery thinking about these strange things, Xiao Mint came to him, Mo Xiuran accidentally saw a red light on Xiao Mint’s forehead. The puppet had told him before that Tengu could read human hearts and manipulate puppets. Once he reads hearts, the Yintang will flash a red mark. Mo Xiuran asked her why she left the meeting, and Xiao Mint told Master Xiao to tell her to go. Mo Xiuran told her not to leave without her permission in the future, and also to be careful of Master Xiao. The drunk Nanping night was dissatisfied with the arrangement of his parents, and shot an arrow from the side depressed, hurting his hand.

Luo Feng immediately ran over to check and bandaged the wound for her. Nan Ping uttered truth after drunk, she liked Mo Xiuran, but he turned a blind eye to her kindness, Luo Feng didn’t say anything, just listened silently by the side. The next day, Nan Pingwan took out the White Soul Orb from his dowry and gave it to Mo Xiuran. Mo Xiuran mentioned that he had a way to catch the Tengu. Nan Pingwan said that he could do his best to help him. Soon, the third level began, they need to go to the sunset forest to get the falling cherry blossoms in the sunset city. The journey to the Sunset Forest is far away, Master Xiao will be waiting for you at the end.

On the way to the Sunset Forest, Xiao Mint took the initiative to talk to Mo Xiuran, but Mo Xiuran reminded her to look at the way. Not long after the group entered the sunset forest, Xiao Mint saw the mark he had made before and told everyone that they were back to the original point. Considering the safety of Little Mint, Mo Xiuran wanted to take this opportunity to get Xiao Mint and Mo Yuji out, so He Luo Feng left here and did not walk with them anymore. When the two were looking for a way out, Mo Xiuran and Hu Yanhao came to the end. Hu Yanhao wanted to make a deal with Mo Xiuran, but soon a group of dead men in black attacked them.

Mo Xiuran caught up with Lord Xiao and found that he was not a tengu after checking his pupils. Mo Yuji and Xiao Mint also came here. Xiao Mint picked up the lid of the box to block the dead man’s knife. The other party suddenly had a headache and bought time for Mo Xiuran who came to rescue Xiao Mint later. Little Mint took the lead in getting the Falling Cherry Blossoms, but she gave the flowers to Mo Xiuran, hoping that they could reconcile. Mo Xiuran finally got the cherry blossoms. The city lord planned to hold a banquet for their wedding tomorrow. Xiao Mint by the side drank unhappily. Not long after, Xiao Mingmin came to Mo Xiu dyeing room to look for him drunk.

Little Mint didn’t want him to marry the princess, so he didn’t hesitate to trade out the Blue Soul Orbs, but Mo Xiuran insisted on catching Tengu, and he didn’t want Little Mint to take risks because of this. The next day, the wedding was held, Luo Feng dressed as a princess and Mo Xiuran were married, Mint woke up with a hangover, walked out of the door, and found something in the hands of a passing maid.

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