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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 10 Recap

Luo Feng couldn’t believe that Mo Xiuyan really wanted to participate in the selection competition, and Mo Xiuran said that this was a slow-up plan.

At worst, after obtaining the white soul beads, just let Luo Feng and Nanpingwan Princess marry. Little Mint can’t believe it. Mo Xiuyan only confessed to himself yesterday, and today he decided to participate in the selection competition. She comforted herself that Mo Xiuran did this for the white soul beads, and was preparing to open the door to find Mo Xiuran.

Unexpectedly, Mo Xiuran saw her figure and deliberately said a crazy narcissistic word, which made Xiao Mint leave very angry. She decided to use her own ability to get the white soul beads.

It happened that Mo Yuji came to her, and the two immediately hit her off and decided to cooperate to get the white soul pearl. At the beginning of the selection competition, the first level is the talent display, which is embroidered with the theme of “in pairs”.

The preparation time of each player one day will start to compare at about tomorrow. The city owner took out the dowry and white soul beads, and there was no Tiangou line in the white soul beads. Mo Xiuran was angry at Xiao Mint’s unauthorized formation with Mo Yuji. Luo Feng scolded Mo Yuji in line with his words. Luo Feng learned that Xiao Mint had invited the best embroidery girl in the sunset city to open a small stove to make up lessons for Mo Yu. Mo Xiuyan also wanted to join in the fun.

Luo Feng and Mo Xiuyan came to Xiuchunfang. Xiuniang personally taught him and Mo Yuji. Both of them embroidered well. Then, Xiu Niang left on the pretext of getting them the treasure of the town store, but in fact, she put the dark paraquat poison on the needle, and as a result, she accidentally poisoned herself to death.

Mo Xiu dyed and asked Luo Feng to take the needle to check. As expected, the ivory needle was poisonous. Luo Feng also investigated that there was a masked man who instructed them to poison and kill. He guessed that the mask and the assassin of the inn should be the same group of people, and the mastermind behind the scenes was most likely Tiangou.

Mo Yuji and Mo Xiuyan’s embroidery are comparable, but the city owner’s wife favors Mo Yuji and publicly announced that he was the champion of this round, even if Mo Xiuyan’s votes were higher than him. Mo Xiuyan lost the game and couldn’t get the understanding of little mint.

He was depressed and sad. Little Mint later learned that Mo Xiuyan actually wanted to win the white soul beads as a surprise for her. The man in black has learned that little mint is Mo Xiuyan’s weakness, and he decided to start again in tomorrow’s game.

The second round of the competition is an intellectual inspection. Players need to find any of the three items in the city owner’s house: jade hairpin, wooden comb and step shake to win.

Mo Xiuyan found a book with an address on the eighth page of the book. Soon Xiao Mint also found a clue. Xiao Mint and Mo Yu’s Silent Soldiers are divided into two ways. On the way to find the clue, she met Mo Xiuyan by chance, so she comforted Mo Xiuyan softly. Unexpectedly, Mo Xiuyan did not eat her, and turned around and found the hidden step shake underneath.

When Little Mint looked for clues, he didn’t expect that there was a man in black on the beam of the room. The other party had been ready to attack. Mo Xiu dyed his eyes and quickly hugged the little mint and quickly avoided the smashed decorations. The man in black hiding in the corners of the room immediately released the hidden weapons, and Mo Xiuyan pulled the little mint to dodge one by one.

Unexpectedly, a hidden weapon attacked them, and he could not avoid it for a while. Mo Xiuran immediately threw out the step-by-step resistance, and the step-step rock fell to the ground and smashed. He held the little mint to dodge. When Mo Yuji came, he saw the two of them hanging in the air, and the little mint’s eyes were all on Mo Xiuyan’s body. The escort came, and several people in black saw that the situation was unfavorable and immediately left.

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