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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 30 Recap

The nun brought Zhuo Jinniang and Deng Qiniang to the main hall, where Kudi Liuli’s spiritual card was enshrined. Zhuo Jinniang couldn’t wait to open the box in front of the spiritual card, which contained the golden needle she dreamed of. Zhuo Jinniang wanted to take it for herself immediately. , Bitterly asked the nun and Kudi Liuli’s relationship.

Pei Xingjian once saved the nun’s life. He asked Deng Qiniang to come to the nun to explain the situation in advance, and promised to send the nun to leave the capital after the incident was completed. The nun lied that she had taken in Kudi Liuli, who had escaped from the dead, at the gate of the nun’s eleven years ago. Kudi Liuli had a high fever and died soon afterwards. The nun found this golden needle from her. The nun had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the secret garment making secret, but Zhuo Jinniang believed it to be true.

Pei Xingjian woke up Ku Di Liuli, but Ku Di Liuli was still angry, and he was not allowed to intervene in her affairs anymore, and then went away. Zhuo Jinniang got the golden needle by accident, but she still couldn’t be happy, thinking of the people who worshipped An in Yixin Palace that night, she still doubted Kudi Liuli’s identity.

According to Pei Xingjian’s instructions, Sun Decheng came to Zhuo Jinniang to return to Buluyuan’s waist card, falsely claiming that he worshipped An in Yixin Palace that night, just to make up for the guilt of burning An’s body 11 years ago, Zhuo Jinniang She immediately panicked, not wanting to mention the incident eleven years ago. She lied and hurriedly left without seeing Sun Decheng’s waist card. Pei Xingjian deliberately asked Sun Decheng to come forward in order to completely eliminate Zhuo Jinniang’s suspicion of Kudi Liuli. .

Deng Qiniang deliberately waited for Ku Di Liuli at the door of the bedroom, trying to explain the whole story to her. Ku Di Liuli didn’t want to listen. She just couldn’t let go, and went back to the house without saying a word. Just when Deng Qiniang wanted to follow her, Pei Xingjian hurriedly held her. Let Kudi Liuli calm down. That night, Kudi Liuli couldn’t sleep at night. I didn’t expect that the few people who believed the most would hide from her. The more Kudi Liuli thought about it, the more sad she became. Pei Xingjian sat on the roof and played the flute to relieve her. Kudi Liuli blocked her ears with anger. .

Early the next morning, Zhuo Jinniang asked Lin Shangfu to gather all the embroidered women to attend the needle sacrifice ceremony. She triumphantly declared that she was the only disciple of An’s. The golden needle was a relic left by the An’s and should be inherited by her. Zhuo Jin Niang also boasted that the new generation is the first needle in the world. Kudi Liuli publicly questioned that Zhuo Jinniang’s skills were not good enough to have this imperial gold needle, let alone the name of the world’s first needle. She publicly challenged Zhuo Jinniang, Zhuo Jinniang became angry and ordered Kudi Liuli to be taken away. Drag it down.

Kudi Liuli asked Lin Shangfu to preside over justice. Lin Shangfu knew that Kudi Liuli was loved by Li Zhi and Wu Cairen. He voted on the spot for Kudi Liuli and Zhuo Jinniang to compete. The match was scheduled for three days. , Embroider and do three parts, and let the concubine in the palace be the referee. If Kudi’s glaze skills are not good, both crimes will be punished. Zhuo Jinniang gritted her teeth with anger, and uttered abusive words at Ku Di Liuli. Ku Di Liuli sneered at her. Zhuo Jinniang threatened to make Ku Di Liuli ugly.

Deng Qiniang came to Pei Xingjian for help and reported what Kudi Liuli had done to him. Worried that Zhuo Jinniang would take the opportunity to retaliate against Kudi Liuli, Pei Xingjian asked Deng Qiniang to keep an eye on Kudi Liuli. If something unexpected happened, he would immediately return to report to him. Kudi Liuli dyed the cloth first. She tried it many times with the butea bug. The red cloth dyed was dim in color. Cudi Liuli finally found that the butea shellac she was wearing was damp, so she went to the material room to get a new one. Yes, the waiter lied that there was no butea in the storeroom, and that the only store left was taken away by her, and that new ones would be brought in after a long time.

Deng Qiniang saw this scene and knew that Zhuo Jinniang was doing a ghost behind her. She saw that there was butea shellac in Zhuo Jinniang’s room, and under the guise of Zhuo Jinniang, she received the butea shellac from the servant. She wanted to send it. To Kudi Liuli, but she doesn’t appreciate it at all. Kudi Liuli remembered that her mother dyed her nails with balsams before she was alive. She was deeply inspired and went to the East Palace to find the prince to ask for grapes. When the prince was not there, the royal servant brought her grapes, and Kudi Liuli made the grape juice red.

Today is the first competition. Lin Shangfu specially invited two toffees to judge. Kudi Liuli was worried that Zhuo Jinniang would be tricking him. She suggested that they should take out the cloth dyed by them for a blind election. Both toffees agreed with this suggestion . Li Shimin has always been feverish, and Wu Cai sent someone to inform Li Zhi that Li Zhizheng and Pei Xingjian discussed martial arts. He rushed to visit without saying a word. The servant of the king reported to him the match between Kudi Liuli and Zhuo Jinniang, and Li Zhi asked the servant of the king to serve Passed a message to Ku Di Liuli, let her let go of the game, and promised to preside fair for her, Pei Xingjian offered to speak for Li Zhi.

Pei Xingjian walked to the entrance of the Shangfu Bureau and saw the two toes come out, admiring the dyed red cloth like a morning glow. Pei Xingjian hurried in to check, only to know that the red cloth dyed by Kudi Liuli won, Zhuo Jinniang gritted her teeth with anger. Kudi Liuli exposed the collusion between Zhuo Jinniang and the internal waiter of the library, and dyed her cloth with damp butea shellac. Kudi Liuli had to dye the cloth with grape juice. Lin Shangfu was full of praise for Kudi Liuli’s practice. , To remind Zhuo Jinniang to prepare for the next game, otherwise it would be ugly to lose. Zhuo Jinniang was so angry that she yelled at Kudi Liuli, and Pei Xingjian saw everything in her eyes.

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