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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 29 Recap

Kudi Liuli praised the fairy aunt for giving her a dream, and promised to teach her to embroider with random stitches, net embroidery and embroidering all over the floor. Zhuo Jinniang immediately became vigilant. These needles were taught to her by An’s life, and Zhuo Jinniang asked her hard. Ku Di Liuli asked three questions about Xiangu’s appearance and name, only admitting that Xiangu had promised to teach her all the stitches, Zhuo Jinniang was immediately confused.

Zhuo Jinniang was instructed to give Concubine Yang the embroidered butterfly pillowcase, but she couldn’t help but let Deng Qiniang take it to embroider, but she had never taught Deng Qiniang how to embroider a butterfly. Deng Qiniang wanted to try it, Zhuo Jin The mother didn’t dare to be careless, so she asked Ku Di Liuli to embroider. Ku Di Liuli once taught Deng Qiniang this kind of needle method, let her quietly finish this pillowcase, if Zhuo Jinniang can’t see it, it means that her skills have grown. Deng Qiniang is grateful to Ku Di Liuli. Zhuo Jinniang was worried that An’s secrets would be handed over to others when she was alive, and suspected that Kudi Liuli was the descendant of An’s. The more she thought about it, the more disturbed she became.

Zhuo Jinniang dreamed of An’s coming to her to claim her life. She was so scared that Liushen Wuzhu, Deng Qiniang persuaded her to give An’s a stick of incense to comfort the dead. Zhuo Jinniang remembered that today is An’s death day, so she took Deng Qiniang. Kudi Liuli worships An’s in Yixin Palace.

At the same time, Kudi Liuli burned paper for his mother in the pavilion of Yixin Palace. Pei Xingjian was by the side. He suddenly saw Zhuo Jinniang and Deng Qiniang coming here, and hurriedly pulled Kudi Liuli into the room. When Zhuo Jinniang saw An’s favorite cake and unburnt paper money in the pavilion, she was so scared that Liushen Wuzhu split up with Deng Qiniang to find people who worshipped An’s.

Deng Qiniang came to look for her in the room. Kudi Liuli hurriedly stopped her. Before she could explain to her, Zhuo Jinniang called Deng Qiniang out. She believed that Kudi Liuli came to worship An’s. Deng Qiniang tried her best to defend Cudi Liuli, Zhuo Jinniang Don’t believe it at all. Kudi Liuli confessed to Pei Xingjian that she was the daughter of An’s.

Zhuo Jinniang has been looking for the secret clothing and golden needles left by her mother during her lifetime. Kudi Liuli put these relics in the hands of the savior and vowed to find her benefactor as soon as possible and put her mother. When Pei Xingjian saw that Zhuo Jinniang had begun to doubt her, she could not help but worry about her safety and persuaded her to leave the palace as soon as possible. Kudi Liuli insisted on clearing her mother’s wrongs.

Zhuo Jinniang took Deng Qiniang to Kudi Liuli’s bedroom to go around, trying to find the golden needles, but she found nothing. Zhuo Jinniang gritted her teeth with anger. She threatened to never let Kudi Liuli go. Pei Xingjian saw this scene from afar and replaced it. Kudi Liuli was worried. Zhuo Jinniang asked Ku Di Liuli to hand over the pillowcases of Concubine Yang. Ku Di Liuli lied to ask Deng Qiniang to hand it over. Deng Qiniang hurriedly brought the pillowcases she embroidered. Zhuo Jinniang carefully checked and found no flaws, so Deng Qiniang hurry Send it to Concubine Yang.

Deng Qiniang called Ku Di Liuli aside, asked her about her relationship with An, and told Zhuo Jinniang to go to her bedroom to search for the secrets of clothing and the golden needle. Although Zhuo Jinniang found nothing this time, she definitely did not Deng Qiniang reminded Kudi Liuli to be more careful. Kudi Liuli admitted that she inherited from the An family, but did not have the secret clothing and golden needles left by the An family. Deng Qiniang persuaded Kudi Liuli to leave the Shangfu Bureau as soon as possible to avoid Zhuo Jinniang looking for her. Trouble, Kudi Liuli refused to leave.

That night, Pei Xingjian came to Deng Qiniang quietly. Deng Qiniang told him of Kudi Liuli’s dangerous situation. Deng Qiniang asked Pei Xingjian to persuade Kudi Liuli to leave Shangfu Bureau as soon as possible. Pei Xingjian came up with a good way and asked Deng Qiniang for help. Immediately afterwards, Pei Xingjian came to Sun Decheng again, clearly stating that he was here for Kudi Liuli, and Sun Decheng promised to help him.

Deng Qiniang brought two embroiders to a pawnshop that Pei Xingjian had arranged in advance. The shopkeeper repeatedly claimed that the nuns in the nunnery had gold needles in his hands and were eager to sell them. Pei Xingjian asked Deng Qiniang to make an appointment with Kudi Liuli and return the relics left by An’s to Kudi Liuli. Kudi Liuli never thought that Pei Xingjian was the one who rescued her from Wufu 11 years ago. Kudi Liuli opened it.

The package found that the golden needle left by his mother was missing. Pei Xingjian admitted that he sold the golden needle to Zhuo Jinniang in disguise, just to protect her safety. Kudi Liuli was furious. The golden needle was a relic left by his mother, Pei Xingjian She was sold to her enemy Zhuo Jinniang. Pei Xingjian explained her interest and persuaded her to calm down first and then find a chance to take revenge. Ku Di Liuli insisted on going to Zhuo Jinniang to come back. Pei Xingjian had to knock her out. .

Zhuo Jinniang asked Deng Qiniang to take her to the nun’s nunnery. The nun claimed that the donor temporarily changed his mind and stopped selling gold needles. The donor wanted to sell the gold needles to his family for treatment. The family’s medical treatment was invalid. So the donor did not want to sell it. Zhuo Jinniang wanted to get that. The golden needle threatened to burn the nun’s house.

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