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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 28 Recap

Li Zhi sent Pei Xingjian to give Kudi Liuli snacks, and Pei Xingjian personally fed her to them, and the two shared them with each other while talking and laughing. Xiao Shunzi sent Ku Di Liuli longan and jujube soup, specially serving Pei Xingjian a bowl, using the bowl that Sun Decheng had prescribed beforehand, Xiao Shunzi watched Pei Xingjian finish eating before leaving.

Li Ming learned that Song Tao was driven out by Wu Cai, so he called her to be held accountable and threatened her. Song Tao was so frightened that she begged for mercy. Li Ming asked her to think about whether Wu Cai had anything to do with him.

Song Tao felt that Wu Cai People are sitting upright, there is no flaw at all. Li Ming bitterly forced each other, Song Tao racked his brains to remember that the Wu family and Pei’s family had been in private for many years. Wu Cairen and Pei Xingjian had known each other since childhood. Li Ming came up with a bad idea. Pei Xingjian and Wu Cairen got rid of it together and let Song Tao give false testimony.

After Pei Xingjian drank the longan and red dates soup, he felt weak when he was out of the palace, just like the feeling that Puba Nu was given medicine. Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi have been following them, trying to kill him when Pei Xingjian fell. Pei Xingjian gradually became exhausted and fell from the horse. Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi just wanted to pass, when suddenly a group of masked men in black came and took Pei Xingjian away.

Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi followed closely, and found that they had fainted all the ladies in the Wu Cairen’s palace, and sent Pei Xingjian to the Wu Cairen’s bedroom. Xiao Shunzi came to confess good news to Ku Di Liuli early in the morning and poisoned Sun Decheng to harm Pei Xingjian, but Pei Xingjian was sent to the dormitory of Wu Cairen. Ku Di Liuli was scared to sweat when she learned that Pei Xingjian was in trouble. Save people.

Pei Xingjian woke up early in the morning and found that he was sleeping in Wu Cairen’s bedroom. He realized that he was drugged. He repeatedly explained to Wu Cairen that Pei Xingjian couldn’t wait to leave. Wu Cairen desperately blocked him and concluded that someone had deliberately framed them. Just waiting outside for a long time, I wanted to catch a current situation. There was only one door in Wucai’s bedroom, and Pei Xingjian had to wait and see the changes. Yuliu and the court ladies woke up one after another. They didn’t know what happened last night.

Li Ming and Concubine Yang came to Wu Cairen’s bedroom together and ran into Li Zhi face to face. Yang Fei lied that Li Shimin’s favorite cat was missing. They were going to the Wu Cairen’s palace to look for them. Li Zhi saw that they were both mother and son. With a ghost, come with them to meet Wu Cairen. Concubine Yang, Li Ming and Li Zhi came to the door of Wu Cairen’s bedroom, Yuliu desperately blocked him, Li Ming refused, Wu Cairen suddenly opened the door, Yang Fei insisted to go in to find the cat, Wu Cairen was unwell, the bedroom has not yet Pack up, it is not convenient to get in.

Kudi Liuli came in time and claimed that he came to fetch the clothes that Wu Cai had to modify. Wu Cai was puzzled, but believed that Kudi Liuli would not harm her, so she asked Kudi Liuli to go to the palace to get it. As soon as Kudi Liuli entered, Pei Xingjian couldn’t wait to explain the matter to her. Kudi Liuli believed that he was innocent and decided to show his daughter to save Pei Xingjian.

Li Ming and Yang Fei bitterly pressed Wu Cairen and insisted on entering the house to find a cat. Li Zhi stood up to guarantee Wu Cairen and asked Wu Cairen to go in and search for him. Yang Fei was rude to Li Zhi and suspected him and Wu. Talented people have ulterior ties. Kudi Liuli came out carrying a large stack of clothes and deliberately blocked his face. Li Ming suspected that it was Pei Xingjian. He went to verify it on the spot, but he didn’t expect it was Kudi Liuli. Kudi Liuli took a few less clothes on the excuse and returned. Go and get it, and then hurriedly left while Li Zhi and Li Ming were arguing.

Concubine Yang waited impatiently, forcibly pushed Wu Cairen away, and went straight into her bedroom to search. She saw a person lying on Wu Cairen’s bed. Concubine Yang opened the bedclothes and found a girl getting up from the bed, Wu Cai Someone introduced that this was her sister, and sent Yuliu to take Concubine Yang’s maid to search around, but did not find the cat, Concubine Yang had to take Li Ming and leave. Seeing that Wu Cairen had successfully cleared the siege, Li Zhi left with peace of mind.

Li Ming and Concubine Yang were puzzled. They didn’t know when Pei Xingjian slipped away. Their well-designed trap fell through again. Wu Cairen came into the house to see Ku Di Liuli and asked her how she knew that Pei Xingjian was here. Ku Di Liuli lied that she happened to meet him, so she helped rescue Pei Xingjian. Wu Cai didn’t believe it at all.

She felt more and more that Kudi Liuli There were so many secrets in her body, to force her to explain the truth, Ku Di Liuli knelt down and confessed that she had a lot of secrets, because Shen Gong was sinister, and she didn’t want to hurt Wu Cairen. Kudi Liuli talked about her own life experience on the 15th and 10th. Wu Cairen was extremely surprised. She never expected that she was the girl Kudi Liuli who modified her Jifu 11 years ago.

Ku Di Liuli didn’t dare to tell that Sun Decheng drugged Pei Xingjian. She lied that she saw a group of people in black send Pei Xingjian to Wu Cairen’s dormitory last night. He hurried over to relieve the siege early in the morning. Ku Di Liuli couldn’t wait to know how he was rescued from the Wufu. Who was the boy who was leaving? Li Shimin suddenly sent a high-level servant to invite Wucai, and Ku Di Liuli had to leave first.

Kudi Liuli came directly to Buluyuan to look for Sun Decheng, and admitted that he told Pei Xingjian and Wu Cairen his true identity. Sun Decheng was still uneasy and advised her to be careful. Kudi Liuli told him not to harm Pei Xingjian, Sun Decheng had no choice but to do so. promise.

Kudi Liuli came to Zhuo Jinniang and lied that she had given her a dream and taught her the wrong stitch. Zhuo Jinniang clearly remembered that An’s had taught her, but she never learned it. Zhuo Jinniang said she was early The needle will be wrong, but there is no chance to teach other embroiderers.

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