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To Be With You 约定 Episode 20 Recap

When Xu Guagua came to the school again, he found that the office door was closed tightly and learned from Fang Xiaoyu that the computer had been locked. Li Xiaorong was pleased that Xu Guagua did not be late, so he offered a large package of snacks to reward him. However, Xu Guagua shared the snacks with his friends, and naively thought that as long as there was enough food, he could go to Guangzhou. He concealed from everyone, carrying a schoolbag on the road alone.

Although Xu Guagua came to the town on foot, he was still a thousand miles away from Guangzhou. Since he had no money in his pocket, he was driven away by the conductor when he got on the train. The elephant and Fang Xiaoyu learned that Xu Guagua had run away from home, and eagerly searched everywhere. But after a long time of unsuccessful search, they could only ask Li Xiaorong for help. The three of them searched the whole road, and happened to meet Xu Guagua, who had failed to run away. After experiencing ups and downs, they returned to the village under the leadership of Uncle Elephant.

Fang Xiaoyu wanted to comfort Xu Guagua, but Xu Guagua didn’t hesitate to speak, and directly exposed her mother’s escape from home, and Fang Xiaoyu was angry and left. Even if Master Gua was adding meat to the dishes for an unprecedented time, Xu Guagua still felt depressed until he heard that Master Gu could sometimes sell glutinous rice cakes for a hundred yuan, and he immediately ignited hope and felt that he could save travel expenses by selling glutinous rice cakes.

It will take a long time to rely on market sales alone, so Xu Guagua started the idea of ​​opening an online shop again. He first apologized to Li Xiaorong. After receiving the understanding from the other party, he immediately proposed the idea of ​​using a computer to study. Li Xiaorong couldn’t bear Xu Guagua’s repeated pleadings, and simply agreed. Unexpectedly, Xu Guagua changed his usual routine. He would get up early every day and be the first to arrive at school.

Seeing Xu Guagua dominating the computer every morning, Fang Xiaoyu was angry and annoyed. As a representative of the school, she relied on her stubborn stubbornness to agree with Xu Guagua about the ranking of the regular final exam. Not only that, Fang Xiaoyu wanted to get to school early, but it was a pity that Xu Guagua was a step faster than her day after day, and even often put eggs in the flower bed in front of Li Xiaorong’s door as a gift to thank Li Xiaorong.

At first, Li Xiaorong didn’t know who put the eggs. When she chatted with Sixth Uncle, he knew Xu Guagua’s careful thoughts. When Li Xiaorong explained online shopping to everyone, he bought a five-pointed red flag by the way and planned to hang it in the flag-raising ceremony next semester to represent everyone’s new beginning. Xu Guagua tore off the shipping slip for Li Xiaorong’s purchase of the national flag and asked Li Xiaorong about the contents of the shipping slip. Li Xiaorong thought he was going to mail something to Guama, so he answered patiently.

After many days of repeated research, Xu Guagua finally memorized a cheat sheet for the online store. He decided to register the online store based on this cheat sheet, so he found the elephant to deploy the following arrangements. Unexpectedly, Xixi heard the conversation between the two of them next to him. It happened that he had long wanted to go to Guangzhou to eat at McDonald’s, and then threatened Xu Guagua to let himself join the team and save money to buy tickets together.

Xu Guagua didn’t like Xixi at first, and he didn’t want to share the money with him, but Xixi was prepared for good reasons. He knew that Xu Guagua could not always use Li Xiaorong’s computer and would be found out sooner or later, so he took his father’s The smartphone was used to register Xu Guagua in the online store. Considering that what Xixi said was reasonable, Xu Guagua agreed to join Xixi.

However, Guaye’s identity registration information was wrong, so the three discussed carefully and decided to register with his identity while Uncle Elephant was drunk. When all the steps were completed one after another, Fang Xiaoyu actually appeared in front of Xu Guagua, claiming that he could help them get an online store, but the premise was that Xu Guagua could do his homework during the holiday.

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