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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 30 Recap

He Qingtian’s son hurried down to ask his parents after he found the gun missing. He Qingtian hid the gun in a box of fruit. Facing his son’s question, the two naturally pretended not to know anything. In the evening, He Qingtian went to Gao Xiaotian. He told Gao Xiaotian about his son’s gang gangs. He hoped that Gao Xiaotian could help persuade his son not to gang gangs anymore. He Qingtian talked about the Hongbin Building at that time. Gao Xiaotian thanked He Qingtian and asked him about the two gangs of Wu. He Qingtian also told Gao Xiaotian what he knew.

After the group visit, the working group received a lot of calls to report. In the past two days, the number, relationship, and sphere of influence of the local gangs have been explored. The first is Luo Bin’s gang. Luo Bin has been arrested. The gang was also dropped. Wu Shengnan continued to introduce the Xie Chu gang. Xie Chu smuggled from China in the early years and established the gang. Xie Qiang surrendered the murder case in the country, ran to take refuge in Xie Chu, and helped Xie Chu expand the power of the gang.

The Xie Chu gang has become After Wu He, the second largest Chinese gang, Wu He is from Fuqing. He is cunning. In addition to being powerful in South America, she also has assets in China. She has notified the Fujian police and is investigating Wu He’s assets. At this time, the report phone rang again. Gao Xiaotian answered the phone and learned that the gang members had made trouble in Chinatown again. Gao Xiaotian and his party hurried to Chinatown and found that the supermarket on this street was smashed by the gang. Gao Xiaotian inquired that Xie Chu did it, and decided to meet this Xie Chu.

Yin Zhihang and Gao Xiaotian went to Xie Chu and warned Xie Chu not to intimidate the expatriates any more, otherwise the new and old accounts will be settled together, but Xie Chu was very arrogant and asked Gao Xiaotian to show evidence. Gao Xiaotian said that he came to A China is here to find evidence. After Gao Xiaotian left, Xie Chu couldn’t help losing his temper. His men persuaded him not to get angry, and said that they had committed something before. Gao Xiaotian and the others could not find evidence for a while, but Lu Congjun killed him in the supermarket.

He Qingtian saw Wu Xiaoguang’s matter, but Xie Chu felt that He Qingtian’s supermarket was in Chinatown and would not dare to tell it, but his subordinates were still worried. Xie Chu called Lu Congjun and asked Lu Congjun to go out to avoid the limelight. Lu Congjun had no choice but to agree and took his girlfriend with him. Lu Congjun’s girlfriend didn’t want to hide with him and asked Lu Congjun. Was it a murder? Lu Congjun was suspected of being the central issue, and felt a little guilty for a while. Lu Congjun’s girlfriend did not want to be with Lu Congjun again, so she secretly left at night.

Yin Zhihang and Wu Shengnan went to the police station to express gratitude to Carlos for cooperating with them in destroying the Luo Bin gang, and said that the detection rate in China’s first- and second-tier cities is very high, and proposed that Carlos can introduce advanced Chinese equipment to better manage the Chinese community. To increase the rate of solving crimes, Carlos said he would report the matter to his superiors. Soon, the local police adopted Wu Shengnan’s suggestion, and the monitoring equipment was also sent from the country. The police soon installed monitoring equipment in Chinatown.

Wei Zimeng contacted He Qingtian’s son, but was seen by Xie Chu’s men. Xie Chu’s men reported the matter to Xie Chu, and Xie Chu ordered someone to kill He Qingtian. After several contacts with He Qingtian’s son, Wei Zimeng asked him why he wanted to join the gang. He Qingtian’s son said that if he didn’t join the gang, he would be bullied miserably.

When he was in school, he was beaten by locals every day. The people in the gang found him and said that if they join the gang, if someone bullies them, the gang brothers will stand up for them. Wei Zimeng said that since he knows that bullying is not good, why should he join the gang to bully others. While He Qingtian’s son was chatting with Wei Zimeng, Xie Chugu’s assassin came to the He Qingtian store. He searched the store. Fortunately, He Qingtian was not in the store and escaped.

Xie Arong learned from Wu He’s gang that Wu He would often go to the Xingxin teahouse to play mahjong. If Xie Arong went a few times, he might meet Wu He. Xie Arong successfully met Wu He. He indicated his identity to Wu He and said that he wanted to know how Xie Qiang died. Wu He said that Xie Qiang belonged to a gang and killed his own people. Xie Qiang’s death was his life. , Xie Arong said that he knew that people cannot come back from death, he just wanted to know what happened when Xie Qiang died, but Wu He asked him to go back and ask Xie Chu.

Wu He sent someone to Gao Xiaotian and invited the working group to the banquet. Gao Xiaotian wanted to talk to Wu He, so he planned to take the working group to the banquet. At the wine table, Wu He said that the gang was not alone in the final say, and wanted to delay the time and not disband the gang. Besides, Wu He started to talk ill of Xie Chu again, saying that Chinatown is like this and it was Xie Chu doing it.

Come out, if Gao Xiaotian wants to disband Xie Chu’s gang, he is in favor of raising his hands. He believes that the expatriates will also be very happy, but Gao Xiaotian asked Wu He, Wu He quickly said that he is a legitimate businessman, although he There are some things in the country, but compared with Xie Chu, it is nothing but a witch, Gao Xiaotian refuses to enter, and refuses to let go of disbanding the gang, and does not give Wu He face.

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