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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 29 Recap

The working group notified the local police about the vehicle explosion. Wei Zimeng found a letter at the scene. The envelope contained the Luo Bin’s gang’s monogram and bullets. He said that the bomb was beside the working group. This was Luo Bin’s work. Gao Xiaotian felt that the group’s death threats just proved that Luo Bin and the others were very guilty. He asked Xiao Hong to file the letter. These were all evidence that Luo Bin had broken the law.

On the other hand, Xie Chu called Wu He and asked if Wu He blew up the work team’s car. Wu He said that he would not do such a bluffing thing. In this situation, when he bombed the police car, he kept it for the police. Under the handle, since it was not made by Wu He or Xie Chu, Xie Chu quickly understood whose hands were involved.

The local police investigated the scene of the explosion, but the evidence left at the scene was too limited. It was difficult to find out who did it. Although Luo Bin and the others left a monogram at the scene, these things cannot be evidence in court. The court needs direct evidence. Carlos also said that the Spring Festival is coming soon. He suggested that the working group should return to China for the festival first, and then bring more people to investigate the gang after the Spring Festival. Maybe there will be more progress at that time.

After returning to the station, everyone was a little discouraged. Gao Xiaotian also said that they faced a lot of difficulties. The embassy had limited information. The local expatriates dared not say anything, and there were gangsters threatening behind them, but At this time they can’t give up halfway. If they return to China now, the local expatriates will lose confidence in the police and the gang will become more rampant. With Gao Xiaotian’s encouragement, everyone decided to stick to it.

Every year the embassy held a social gathering with local expatriates. Gao Xiaotian wanted to do something at the social gathering. He and Wei Zimeng found Carlos and told him that they would not return to China now. Wei Zimeng hoped that Carlos could investigate Investigating the bombing of their car, Carlos said that there is no effective evidence. If there is evidence, he will definitely launch an action. Gao Xiaotian asked Carlos if he remembered Capone in Chicago, USA.

Capone was in the 1930s. A very famous godfather, Gao Xiaotian said that even with such a character, he was finally arrested by the police. Gao Xiaotian asked Carlos if he remembered how Capone was arrested. Capone was very cunning and cleared the criminal evidence. It was very clean. In the end, the police caught Capone’s tax evasion and evaded him. Gao Xiaotian proposed to start with Luo Bin’s other crimes. Carlos remembered that Luo Bin was also involved in drug and drug trafficking. The country is illegal.

Wang Minzhang’s subordinates were undercover in Luo Bin’s gang, and they got in touch with Luo Bin’s younger brother. They inquired about the time of their drug trafficking transactions, but the drug trafficking locations could only be squatting. Wei Zimeng, Gu Simiao and the local police followed Luo Bin’s younger brother, preparing to arrest them. Soon, the police surrounded Luo Bin and the drug traffickers at the trading scene and caught them upright. Soon, the police began to go through judicial procedures.

Xie Arong met with Wu He’s men in the restaurant, hoping that Wu He’s men would say a few good things for himself so that he could join Wu He’s chamber of commerce. Wu He’s men accepted Xie Arong’s red envelope and agreed to help. The Chinese Embassy sent invitations to the local expatriates and the chamber of commerce. Xie Chu didn’t plan to attend, Xie Arong planned to visit, and Wu He didn’t plan to go, but he planned to send two younger brothers to the conference. , Did anyone report the Xie’s Chamber of Commerce, but Luo Bin directly burned the invitation letter.

At the group meeting, Gao Xiaotian came to the stage and gave a speech, saying that the working group came to country A to wipe out the evil, and let the overseas Chinese have a good New Year. After he came to country A, he found out that the evil forces were right. The damage to the masses was so great that he bowed to them and said that they were late.

Knowing that there were gang members on the scene, he warned them that as long as they broke the law, even if they fled to the ends of the world, they would not be able to escape the sanctions of the law. Gao Xiaotian also said that although their visa validity is limited, after they leave, more police will come. Standing in front of criminals is not just a working group, but an increasingly powerful China. ,

Even if some people become foreign nationals, as long as they harm the interests of Chinese citizens, they have jurisdiction, they will be found and brought to justice. He also asked the gang members to go back to tell the gang leader, and they were limited to dissolving the gang within ten days and refunding the illegal gains, otherwise they would be accompanied to the end. Finally, Gao Xiaotian showed up the hotline to persuade the expatriates to stand together with the police. Stand with the motherland. Gao Xiaotian’s speech moved the diaspora a little, and applauded one after another.

Gao Xiaotian’s speech gave the expatriates some confidence and had some deterrent effect on the gang. After Wu He heard that Luo Bin was arrested, he warned his subordinates not to do anything recently.

After He Qingtian returned home, he asked his wife to find the gun in his son’s room. Finally, he found it. While He Qingtian was hiding the gun, his son came back.

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