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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 25 Recap

Wu Yuan personally cooked the pot today, killed the chicken and heated the oil. After working for a long time, he barely managed to make up a table of dishes. When Huo Tu Xin came back to invite him to taste, Wu Yuan found that he had the peculiar Nansong of the Candle Rhino Mansion on his body. Also quietly went to the Zhuxi Mansion to check.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door outside the house, it was the sound of Yinzhuang, Huo Tu Xin felt a little bit about how to face it, and finally opened the door. Yinzhuang brought a box of hand-made pastries to give him a taste, but Huo Tu Xin came out to face her with a heart to speak. No matter how Linglong matched them, Huo Tu Xin’s thoughts could not be controlled. They might have ended before they started. Huo Tu Xin personally said that he had no feelings for Yin Zhuang.

It’s not so much that I don’t feel it, it’s better to say that I don’t have the ability to rely on Yinzhuang. He can’t even take care of a Linglong. Several times watching Linglong fall into a trap, I can’t do anything. Even if I’m with him, Yinzhuang can What to get, whether there is no hope and no tomorrow’s true feelings or just a moment of joy, this is not what he hopes, Huo Tu Xin had to make a balance among these.

Lisha couldn’t sleep. She thought about the recent events, and finally came to Mengzhan. Yijing also had the past of Lisha. Her parents and her family, these old pavilion masters all remembered it in Lisha’s memory during his lifetime. Erasing it was probably all bad memories, so Li Sha didn’t want to know, nor did Mengzhan tell her that time. What’s more, now Weisheng Yan will come to Ningguang Pavilion again, this is not the time to think about these things in the past.

Thinking of what Huo Tu Xin said at the dinner table, Wu Yuan packed up his bags, but when he went out, he saw the snack box sent by Yinzhuang. Forget it, the good guy will do it to the end and help him again. Wu Yuan sneaked into the Candle Rhinoceros Mansion alone and asked the truth about Zhu Rhinoceros seventeen years ago. The sins committed by Zhu Rhinoceros started from a young man who found him and told him about creating a god, and let the god use it. Help him become the new king of Suchuan. Candle Rhinoceros picked the Fuyan Tower as a stronghold, but failed to create the gods.

Those defective products flowed through the pavilion one after another. Candle Rhinoceros killed all the god-creating girls under the pretence of the spread of the plague, until Linglong let the Pillar of Health light up again. Knowing that the young man had succeeded in the god-making ceremony. That’s why he pursued it to Zhaodu, wanting to kill Linglong, the survivor of his crimes back then, so that the storm would not surface one day.

When Yinzhuang went to Weishengyan for the truth, her swollen eye sockets explained everything. When Weishengyan saw it, she couldn’t help but move her face. Don’t tell the truth, Weishengyan knew everything about Yinzhuang, and he at least wouldn’t let it. Silver makeup red eyes. Yuan Yi and Linglong on the other side also came to Mengzhan. They wanted to look at Yi Jingli’s memories five hundred years ago. The truth must be unbelievable, but they also wanted to face them together and never back down. Why is this Yijing on Jin’er? It was the old pavilion master who had to hand it over to her when he noticed about the Fuyan Tower. It was too late at that time.

Many young girls were taken to the Fuyanlou. Each of them had petals and numbers on their wrists. On the way to the Fuyanlou, the old pavilion master gave Yijing to Jin’er. When the door was closed, it was truly terrifying. Things have just begun. The girl was locked in a cage, and amidst the panicked cry for help, the young man carrying the lantern greeted her with a little inkstone. That is, he induced the candle rhinoceros to participate in this plan. The girl’s wailing was unheard of, and he looked at another monster in the cage with excited eyes, with a long beard, a terrible cry, and a black body that looked like a monster. , That is the market infant.

Linglong felt that she was a little familiar with that monster. Most of the women who were eroded by the infants in Fuyanlou turned into monsters. Only Jin’er was the only successful case. She is still her, but she has also become a god. Linglong is also a god, they all have similar characteristics, invulnerability, wounds heal instantly, swallowing all potential threats, they are the same as Xiuying. There really is no god master in this world, and the god master is a lie that the Yuan clan spread to the world to strengthen the rule.

Jin’er is the proud work of Weishengyan. She stood out from the thousands of experimental products and became the real god, and those useless defective products were thrown into the market, that is, these people run from the market. After coming out, Pingting had cholera for a while, and Jin’er tried to escape. When Weisheng Yan found her, the old Pavilion Master stopped her behind and told her to weave the Flame Palace. After that, the old Pavilion Master erased Weisheng Yan’s memory and died accidentally, but only let Weisheng Yan forget. It took a year. After Wei Sheng Yan remembered it, he went to weaving fire and found that Jin’er was pregnant. He secretly protected their mother and son from God’s Lord.

When Huo Tu Xin’s knife faced Wei Sheng Yan, Yin Xiao stopped him. Even though Wei Sheng Yan was guilty and unforgivable, Huo Tu Xin found it ridiculous. Jin’er suffered those sins that day. , Where is the axiom and law at that time. Yinzhuang refused to touch him with the power of the yin and yang bracelet, and he also consciously didn’t need to entangle here endlessly, now he wants to return to Linglong.

Yinzhuang came to persuade her that Weishengyan’s words were just to disturb people’s minds. At this time, she should not be affected and calmly respond, how to break the Weishengyan situation. Huo Tu Xin said that he shouldn’t worry about him at this moment, and Yinzhuang should worry about Yin Xiao even more at this moment. In fact, Weisheng Yan is more for Yin Xiao.

Yuan Yi entered his memory and saw that a certain ancestor of the Yuan clan jumped off the cliff of fire. Wang Xue could practice the healing stone, so he jumped, and the girl behind him was like exquisitely saving Yuan Yi that day. Pulling Yi Jing from her neck, she also jumped off the cliff of fire resolutely.

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