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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 55 Recap

After Xiao Qi was able to act, he secretly left the farmer’s house and quietly returned to the outside of the capital to find out the situation. From the people’s chat, he learned that Wang Zhang was no longer in the capital. Maybe he went to Ningshuo or he was tied to Hulan.

The forbidden army took the so-called Ningshuo rebels on the wall and transported them outside the city for processing. Xiao Qi secretly followed out, killed the forbidden army who had insulted Ningshuo’s army, and burned the bodies and the firsts. He silently vowed that he must clear up Ning Shuo’s grievances.

At this time, Wang Zhang was taken by King Hulan’s men and horses to a forest full of wild beasts. Fortunately, Helanzhen arrived in time and rescued Wang Dan. King Hulan wanted to put Wang Dan to death. He Lanzhen felt a little guilty. I felt that I had taken Wang Zhang back to Hulan hastily, but did not consider the situation that Wang Zhang might face.

He Lanzhen found King Hulan and said that he would hurt Wang Yan again, and he would no longer worry about the relationship between his father and son. He could accept the arrangement to become King Hulan, but he would not accept any political marriage. His eldest concubine could only be Wang Yan. Whoever hurt Wang Yan again, he immediately led Wang Yan to fly high and broke with Hulan from then on. King Hulan hated Helanzhen for iron and steel.

In order to make Helanzhen give up, he arranged for Helantuo to remove Wang Yan. He Lantuo went to find Master Fang of Hulan. Master Fang said that he was observing the sky at night and saw that there were signs of turmoil in Hulan. The date was very close to the ceremony of passing the position. He Lantuo knew that what Master Fang was talking about was about Wang Zhang.

In Jiangnan, Wang Su gave Wang Lin the secret order that the Queen Mother wanted to assassinate Song Huai’en himself, and asked him what he thought, but Wang Lin asked Wang Su what he thought. Wang Su said that he naturally didn’t want to kill Song Huaien. Yu Si, Song Huaien saved him five times For Wang Yan’s life, Yu Gong and Song Huai’en were capable of water management, and they were a rare talent. Wang Lin said that since Yu Gong and private had no reason to kill Song Huai’en, there was no need to ask him. Wang Lin also talked to Wang Su that every emperor would suppress the Wang clan after he was given the highest position.

Since the Han clan was given his death, he made up his mind that the Wang clan’s descendants could not stay behind. Wang Lin asked Wang Su if he was willing Wang Su hesitated for a while and agreed to create Wang’s glory again with himself, but with their current power, they couldn’t get things done, and they needed to borrow from Song Huai’en.

Song Huai’en already knew the news in the capital at this time. He led the army to return to Beijing, and Wang Su also brought people there. Song Huaien thought Wang Su was here to stop him, but Wang Su said that he had come back to Beijing with Song Huaien. Wang Su also showed the Queen Mother’s secret decree to Song Huai’en. Song Huaien was very cold and angry. He and Xiao Qi were loyal. In order to defend Dacheng against Hulan several times, he did not expect to end up like this. Wang Su took advantage of the heat and said that they both He didn’t want to be taken by people, so he came to form an alliance with Song Huaien.

Before Wang Su came, people had long been ambushing outside the tent. If Song Huaien did not accept the alliance, he would not let Song Huaien survive. Fortunately, Song Huaien hesitated for a while, and finally agreed to Wang Su, but he asked for it. Asking for justice to Xiao Qi, Wang Yu naturally agreed, saying that Xiao Qi is his brother-in-law, and he would never let him die tragically. Song Huaien made another request, saying that he wanted to find Wang Yu, and Wang Yu said that he had sent someone there. Looking for it.

Zidan’s decision to amnesty the world worries Wen Zongshen a bit. He wanted to discuss with Zidan, but Zidan refused to see anyone. He hurriedly left the room and asked Su Jiner about the whereabouts of Wang Yan. The liar Su Jiner said that Wang Yan was dead. He said that after Wang Yan learned the news of Xiao Qi’s death, he was so distraught that he tried to persuade Wang Yan to return to Zidan, but Wang Yan went to Mianyu Mountain and jumped off. After the cliff, he died in love. Zidan collapsed and sat on the ground, feeling that Su Jiner was lying.

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