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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 54 Recap

Wang Yan saw that it was He Lanzhen, so he asked him what he wanted to do. He Lanzhen said he wanted to take Wang Dan back to Hulan. Wang Yan asked about the whereabouts of Pang Gui and Su Jin’er. He Lanzhen said that Pang Gui was dead. As for Su Jin’er, he Let Wang Zhang recall what Su Jin’er did before he fell into a coma.

Wang Zhang remembered that he fainted after drinking the water from Su Jin’er. Helan Zhen said that Su Jin’er had betrayed Wang Yan for a long time, and Wang Yan refused to believe it. It seems that Helanzhen set up a trap to use Su Jiner, but Helanzhen took out Wang Zhang’s wanted warrant, saying that he wanted to save Wang Zhang, so he made the best move. In the current situation, only Hulan is the safest. Wang Yan was speechless. There is nothing to say.

Zidan and his party had already arrived outside the capital, but Zidan was not in a hurry to enter the city. Inside the capital, the ministers were also arguing about the ownership of the throne. All the ministers believed that the country could not have a king for a day, even if they could wait until they were young. The prince was retrieved, and the other kings who were coveting the throne could not wait. At this time, the servants came to report that Zidan had already arrived outside the gate of the capital. The ministers hurried out of the city to greet him and shouted that Zidan was the prince. Che, led the ministers into the capital.

Zidan returned to the palace as the crown prince. In the evening, he went to the Queen Mother’s bedroom. When the Queen Mother saw Zidan, he was shocked and frightened. Zidan looked at the Queen Mother insane, describing her withered appearance, with only indifference on his face. He told the queen mother that he himself When he came back, he came to inherit the Datong.

Zidan detailed the evil things the Queen Mother had done over the years. He also approached the Queen Mother’s ears, saying that he had known that the change of Neem Yushan was set by the Queen Mother, but he didn’t expect to do anything. What he used, he also wanted to tell the queen dowager about Zilong’s death.

At this time, Wen Zongshen suddenly opened the door and came in. Wen Zongshen thought that Zidan would be unfavorable to the queen mother, but Zidan said that he was only here to visit the queen mother, so Wen Zongshen should not think too much. The queen mother saluted and left. The queen mother was angrily asked Wen Zongshen to send someone to kill Zidan, but Wen Zongshen only sighed.

On the way back to the palace, Zidan rescued the seriously injured Hu Yao, but he had not been able to find Wang Yan’s whereabouts. He could only send people to continue searching. After coming out of the Queen Mother Palace, he went to Fengchi Palace again and looked at Kong. The desolate Fengchi Palace, thinking of himself and Wang Yan’s past, silently wept. Soon, Zidan was enthroned, and he chased Concubine Xie as the empress dowager.

In just two years, the Dacheng dynasty changed three emperors. The court was turbulent and the officials were panicked. Wang Lin, who was far in the south of the Yangtze River, did not believe it at all. It was Xiao Qi’s rebellion, but the matter had come to this point. Only Zidan was left among the dragon sons of the Ma family. Even the old foxes like Wen Zongshen could not continue to investigate them, and could only support Zidan as emperor.

Helanzhen returned to Hulan. King Hulan was very happy to see Helanzhen’s return, and asked him to meet King Kumpu, the messenger of Prince Kerbu. King Hulan set up a banquet for Helanzhen to receive the wind. King Hulan said before, as long as Helanzhen After killing Xiao Qi, he abdicated and passed the throne to Helanzhen. He also said that he had made a marriage appointment for Helanzhen and wanted Helanzhen to marry Princess Mia, the daughter of King Kerr. King Kunpu came for this engagement. of.

He Lanzhen refused this marriage. King Kunpu felt humiliated, so he turned and left. King Hulan was very angry. He Lanzhen was very firm and said that he would rather give up the throne and marry him. He Lanzhen went to Wang Yan’s tent again. In order for Wang Yan to live well, he also specially found a Chinese-speaking slave Alima on the grassland to take care of Wang Yan.

Wang Yan did not want to pay attention to He Lanzhen. King Hulan also came to visit Wang Yan, and after some talk, King Hulan saw that Wang Yan had no intention of Helan Zhen, so he proposed that he could send Wang Yan out of the city, but the condition was that Wang Yan could not return to Hulan. The turning point is still a crisis, some hesitation.

After Hu Yao was sober, she asked to see Zidan. On the way to see Zidan, she wanted to ask Ling Chun next to Zidan about the whereabouts of Xiao Qi, but Ling Chun asked Hu Yao not to mention things that shouldn’t be mentioned. Hu Yao didn’t. Following the advice, after expressing her gratitude to Zidan, she proposed to ask for innocence for Ning Shuojun and Xiao Qi. Zidan said that she was ready to amnesty the world, and everyone in Ning Shuo’s army was among them. Hu Yao will not leave now When someone stopped, Hu Yao could only thank Zidan to leave.

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