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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 36 Recap

Lin Rui struggled for a long time and chose to go back. The doctor said that Lin’s mother is in a very bad condition, so she should be mentally prepared. Meng Fan called Zhang Xiaoyu to explain that Daniel, the big boss of Tian’s French headquarters, was coming to inspect. Lin Rui’s phone number could not be reached, so he let Zhang Xiaoyu be responsible for the reception. This matter is not appropriate for Zhang Xiaoyu. Zhang Xiaoyu wants to refuse but she has no other choice but to arrange the reception. Lin Rui and Jin Xiaobei told the story of his family.

Her parents had been arguing. After the divorce, Mother Lin had never seen her until Father Lin died in a car accident and did not appear until the day of the funeral. Later, Lin Rui could only take care of herself, and Mother Lin was also abandoned. Until Mother Lin found her, Lin Rui kept giving money to support her. Zhang Xiaoyu called to ask her to come back quickly, and Lin Rui made her take full responsibility for having something to do in her hometown.

Fang Jing called Ling Xiaoxiao, and Ling Xiaoxiao said that Daniel was coming, and Fang Jing told Selena the news, but she couldn’t do anything for her. Daniel admired Zhang Xiaoyu very much, and Ling Xiaoxiao looked very uncomfortable. Fang Jing didn’t want to take revenge, but just wanted to rest for a while. Selena said that she wanted to hand over the China area to Fang Jing, and would do her best to dig out octopus.

Zhang Xiaoyu accompanies Daniel to the Rentai shop. Wen Zhe has been praising the excellence of Zhang Xiaoyu. On the other hand, Lin Rui’s mother had passed away, and Lin Rui tremblingly put the last photo she left into her pocket, wiped tears to help her organize her remains. Jin Xiaobei accompanied Lin Rui back to the old house and saw a picture of her when she was a child. Lin Rui kept her tears in her eyes, and finally couldn’t help crying. When she left, the neighbor’s aunt talked to her. Although she hadn’t been back for several years, some people knew her. Lin Rui was a little grateful. She thought she would be alone from now on. Jin Xiaobei said that she would accompany Lin Rui back every year on Ching Ming Festival, and from now on she will never be alone.

Lin Rui saw the news of Daniel’s visit to China, but it was sent a few days ago. Zhang Xiaoyu only sent it to her yesterday. Lin Rui quickly put away his sad mood and returned to Shanghai. Tan Weilun told Ling Xiaoxiao that she would add a vice president, hoping that she could find a good position. When the two were eating, Ling Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend Ayan came and almost fought Tan Weilun. Fang Jing came to send Sun Nana away from Shanghai, Fang Jing comforted her that they had left SW, and let him pass the past.

Ayan hit Ling Xiaoxiao with his hands. Tan Weilun thought that the relationship between him and Ling Xiaoxiao was just an ordinary friend and it was not worth jealous. Such a man was not worthy of Ling Xiaoxiao. After Ling Xiaoxiao told Tan Weilun that they would not meet alone again. Tan Weilun liked Ling Xiaoxiao and refused to let her go, but Ling Xiaoxiao refused. When she was struggling, Ayan was by her side. She did not want to give up the three-year relationship. Tan Weilun is the second person besides him who treats Ling Xiaoxiao sincerely. She can only leave a word of thank you, sorry.

When Lin Rui returned to the company, Dong Xinran asked Wang Lei and Cai Cai to come to the office instead of Zhang Xiaoyu. Cai Cai said that Daniel was very satisfied with Zhang Xiaoyu, and Meng Fan said that no one has ever made Daniel so satisfied. Cai Cai has been emphasizing President Meng, she thinks President Meng has some ideas. In the morning, Ling Xiaoxiao also quietly came to Cai Cai to persuade her to think about how to report, and said that China would add a vice president. Meng Fan asked Lin Rui’s attitude on this matter, and Lin Rui objected.

But Meng Fan insisted on doing this. He wanted to recommend Zhang Xiaoyu, but the one who really wanted to nominate was Yan Kun. Cai Cai was surprised. She thought it was not Zhang Xiaoyu but also Ling Xiaoxiao, but she didn’t expect it to be Yan Kun who couldn’t beat her. Lin Rui had heard of a gossip saying that Yan Kun had a secret love for Fang Jing, and it was normal for Meng Fan to form an alliance with him.

Mr. Yang congratulated Zhang Xiaoyu and said that this time the vice president must be her. Zhang Xiaoyu was a little puzzled.

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