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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 35 Recap

Zhang Xiaoyu asked Lin Rui if she had prevented fakes from flowing into the market, which was very important to her. Lin Rui did not answer. She was very disappointed with Zhang Xiaoyu. Don’t forget that you have a little ability. If Zhang Xiaoyu insists on leaving, I will see her off tonight. Jin Xiaobei’s mother came to Lin Rui, obviously for Jin Xiaobei. The golden mother seems to be gentle but thorny. Lin Rui invited the mother of gold to the coffee shop. She only had a few days to come back this time. She bluntly stated that Jin Xiaobei’s disappearance was related to Lin Rui, and the person who had to untie the bell must be tied to the bell.

Lin Rui explained that he and Jin Xiaobei were never friends with each other. Jin Mu had never seen Jin Xiaobei injured so deeply, and she asked Lin Rui to let their friends know that she was willing to accept Jin Xiaobei, but Lin Rui was not willing. Jin Mu said that she just wanted to use a white lie to get Jin Xiaobei back. Although Lin Rui was excellent, she was a few years older than Jin Xiaobei, so she was unwilling to let them be together. Lin Rui didn’t want to trick Jin Xiaobei to come back, and once again emphasized that the two were just friends and left.

I heard that Zhang Xiaoyu was going to resign, everyone came to persuade her, Wang Lei also hoped that she could stay, after all, Lin Rui treated her very well, and even treated her as the only direct disciple in training. Lin Rui called Shu Wanting. Shu Wanting knew that she was in trouble, and knew that Lin Rui was very entangled. Zhang Xiaoyu was brought out by Lin Rui, and she didn’t expect to get there so soon. Shu Wanting persuaded Lin Rui to think carefully about what to do. If she really doesn’t want Zhang Xiaoyu to leave, she should tell her. Lin Rui walked into the restaurant and decided to persuade Zhang Xiaoyu to stay, but Zhang Xiaoyu took the lead in the hope that Lin Rui would stay.

Zhang Xiaoyu chose to stay again, acknowledging that she had gotten into trouble the previous two days. Lin Rui will take Wang Lei on a business trip to Suzhou tomorrow, and let Zhang Xiaoyu stay to visit his house. The night before the business trip, Lin Rui called Weiwei and said that he would invite her to dinner to make amends, and also told her that Jin Xiaobei had moved away. The next day, Lin Rui’s car broke down on the road, but the phone fell into the water when he wanted to post a location.

Lin Rui anxiously stopped a passerby riding a motorcycle, but he did not expect that this person was Jin Xiaobei. Jin Xiaobei fell and was injured. Lin Rui helped him back to the store, where he was a chef. Jin Xiaobei opened a room for Lin Rui. Lin Rui said that he could not live in it, and Wang Lei came to pick her up in a moment. Jin Xiaobei said to make her something to eat before leaving, and Lin Rui managed to borrow the phone.

Lin Rui chose to stay here for one night. Jin Xiaobei cooked her a big meal, and the two chatted while eating. Lin Rui said that Jin Mu talked a lot with her, and asked about his past love history, Jin Xiaobei told the truth, but he still failed to forget Lin Rui after such a long retreat. Lin Rui quickly turned off the topic and said that he had never been to Cambridge. Jin Xiaobei said that he didn’t want to go to Cambridge University to study international business law, but instead wanted to go to Oxford to study politics. He didn’t want to be like Father Kim. Lin Rui went to a very ordinary university, but she was very hardworking and could travel against the current.

Jin Xiaobei confessed again that meeting Lin Rui was his destiny. Lin Rui changed the subject again. Jin Xiaobei understood that she wanted to persuade herself to go back, and was grateful to her to persuade him with her story. Lin Rui advised Jin Xiaobei not to worry too much about Golden Mother going back to Shanghai, but Jin Xiaobei refused, unless he decided to pursue Lin Rui again. Jin Xiaobei asked Lin Rui to buy a new phone, and the card was reissued. As soon as he got the phone, Lin Rui received a call from the home hospital, saying that her mother was critically ill.

The next day, Jin Xiaobei and Lin Rui hurried back to their hometown, on the way Lin Rui turned his head to the side and cried silently. The doctor told Lin Rui that Lin’s mother’s situation was not optimistic. Lin Rui asked the doctor to treat him with all his strength and leave a card to help pay for the medical expenses, saying that he was very busy at work and had to go back first. Jin Xiaobei prevented Lin Rui from leaving. Lin Rui stubbornly said that she paid the medical bills even if she paid off. She has been here alone for more than 20 years, and Lin’s mother has never taken care of her. Jin Xiaobei refused to let go, Lin Rui struggled to say that it was not her mother, at least her mother would not kick her child away to marry a drunk!

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