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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 34 Recap

Dante was awakened by Zhang Xiaoyu’s phone call, and someone came to collect the debt. Zhang Xiaoyu hurried over when he heard a voice on the other side of the phone. The creditor rushed to ask for money, the shop was emptied, and Dante had only 8,000 yuan on his body, and those people had to move Dante’s stuff. The other party insisted on taking away what Zhang Xiaoyu gave to Dante.

Dante fought with them in a fit of anger. Zhang Xiaoyu broke in to persuade them to be pushed down by those people, and Dante was knocked out by them. Zhang Xiaoyu stopped them like he went crazy, but Dante woke up suddenly and jumped off the balcony. Zhang Xiaoyu was frightened and hurried to catch up. If he dared to jump, she would definitely follow Dante!

Wen Zhe also rushed over and saw Dante following Octopus on the balcony. Wen Zhe quickly helped Dante pay back the money and drove away the creditor, saying that it was money lent to Dante. Dante is frustrated, he has many creditors outside. Wen Zhe has helped Dante settle everything. He believes that Dante will return the money to him quickly and profitably, hoping that he will not be knocked down. What happened today was Jin Xiaobei’s phone call to Wen Zhe. He also received a call from the creditor who was still out of town, so he could only call Wen Zhe for help.

Dante always remembered that Zhang Xiaoyu took 200,000 yuan into the stock when it first opened, and he also brought this lucky cat, so he refused to let anyone take it away. Dante felt very sad, why he always failed, he could make a lot of money, but he couldn’t swallow this breath. Dante doesn’t regret doing this. Zhang Xiaoyu likes him.

Dante has no money now. If Zhang Xiaoyu is willing to wait for him, and when he is really able to take care of his own woman, he will never let Zhang Xiaoyu leave him. Zhang Xiaoyu is very moved, holding him and saying that he is himself Willing to wait. Selena is the newly appointed Asian president of L&D. She took a fancy to the position of SW and came to Wen Zhe. Wen Zhe could not help her, but could help her dig a top-notch master.

Zhang Xiaoyu received a call from Wen Zhe when he was shopping. Wen Zhe said that he would like to talk about work matters, but he did not expect him to take himself to see Selena. Zhang Xiaoyu did not want to talk about job-hopping, but Selena was very sincere. She gave the position of sales director in China, and her salary was twice as high as the market average.

Zhang Xiaoyu was about to leave before he even saw it. Wen Zhe hurried to catch up and said that the person he really wanted to help was Zhang Xiaoyu. He knew that Zhang Xiaoyu had a quarrel with Lin Rui and felt that Zhang Xiaoyu was suffering from Lin Rui. Wronged. Zhang Xiaoyu misunderstood. Wen Zhe quickly explained that Dong Xinran had told him and advised her to leave as soon as possible once the cracks occurred. It would be good for everyone. Of course, he also wanted to help Selena. After all, the two have been dating for 15 years. . The two met when he was seventeen.

Wen Zhe had a lot of sorry for Selena, even though he no longer loved Selena. Zhang Xiaoyu told the truth that he really wanted to leave SW, but L&D couldn’t, because he was Lin Rui’s greatest enemy, and even if she left, she would never be an enemy of Lin Rui. Wen Zhe hoped that Zhang Xiaoyu would not misunderstand the relationship between him and Selena. Zhang Xiaoyu said that she did not care, and that she and Dante had almost determined the relationship.

Zhang Xiaoyu made an appointment with Dong Xinran to meet. Dante is now busy looking for a job, but Dong Xinran thinks Wen Zhe is the most suitable for Zhang Xiaoyu. Dante has never grown up, but Zhang Xiaoyu determined it with determination. Dante. Dante was interviewing and looking for a job. Zhang Xiaoyu called to ask him for advice on the job change. Dante didn’t ask her why she thought it was good. After all, she didn’t need to stay if she was unhappy.

The chief executive officer was forced to retire early. Wang Lei went to Lin Rui’s office again. Lin Rui wanted to locate the China headquarters in Shanghai. Wang Lei proposed to return to Shanghai. He fell in love. Lin Rui confessed that he had hit Wang Lei’s attention a long time ago, and Mr. Mai also promised to return him.

Zhang Xiaoyu went to an interview with a startup company. Mr. Huang was very sincere and hoped she could join. This President Huang is still recommended by Wen Zhe, but President Huang is really satisfied with Octopus. Dong Xinran told Zhang Xiaoyu that Lin Rui was going to promote her to be the assistant to the sales director, but she was very sensitive now, and Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t even show her face when she came back. Many people are talking about Wang Lei as the sales director, and Dong Xinran is also anxious for Zhang Xiaoyu to persuade her to come back and admit Lin Rui’s mistake.

The next day, Zhang Xiaoyu returned to the sales department, and Lin Rui took her back to the office to talk. Lin Rui thought Zhang Xiaoyu had figured it out, but she did not expect that she would come out with a resignation letter. Lin Rui advised her not to make any choices on impulse, and gave her two hours if she could figure out this sale. The director’s office belongs to her.

Zhang Xiaoyu once admired Lin Rui very much, but sitting in Lin Rui’s chair today felt very strange. There was already an invisible rift between them. Dong Xinran was appointed as the assistant director of the Volkswagen Daily Chemicals Department and hurriedly came to Zhang Xiaoyu to announce the good news, but Zhang Xiaoyu threw a blockbuster saying that he had come to hand over his resignation letter. Cai Cai has already told Dong Xinran everything.

They don’t want Lin Rui and Zhang Xiaoyu to quarrel. Dong Xinran believes that Lin Rui will never do anything that damages SW’s reputation. Zhang Xiaoyu stood in front of the window thinking. Mr. Huang called and said he would add original shares to her. Zhang Xiaoyu hoped that he would give himself some more time.

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