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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 4 Recap

After a period of torture, the man in black who was caught alive finally let go and confessed that he intended to recover the energy of the wolf king. Only because the young lady was under house arrest and could not help her arrest him, he took a risk.

Yan Qing wondered who Miss meant, but the prisoner suddenly resisted and was knocked unconscious again, and he did not have the mark of werewolves on his body. Brother Tong recognized at a glance that the person in front of him was a werewolf degenerate.

The children of the werewolves will be erased by the wolf if they go astray, and then they will not recognize their werewolf identity after being driven out of the tribe. The fallen can only wander among the crowds and make a living by selling magic. Yan Qing grew up outside and did not know anything about the werewolves. Now he heard this rule and asserted that the ambassador must be the leader of the fallen.

Tonight is a full moon night, even if Lingyu suppresses it with pills, it is useless. Lingling incarnates as a wolf, and conflicts head-on with Yan Qing, who happened to come. She has been anxious to return the things, but she doesn’t know. The two fought, and Ling Yi fell from the wolf’s paw prints one by one, and she also admitted that she was called the hidden wolf.

After Yan Qing stunned Ling Wei, she said goodbye to her chest and had no marks, so she was also a wolf degenerate, and she was also a young lady in the prisoner’s mouth. I don’t know whether it’s reason or emotion. Yan Qing always feels that one of the irrations is that the wolf is naturally impulsive and will never be under house arrest since childhood.

However, during this period, Yan Jue learned that Yan Qing had convicted Ling Yi, and in order to seize the credit, he deliberately tried to extract confessions without his knowledge. Wolf Yin is not an ordinary hemp rope that can be bound.

After being whipped by Yan Jue, he accidentally let the room catch fire under the strong escape and counterattack. The wolf was clear about right and wrong. He saved Yan Jue’s life in the fire and was knocked unconscious by Yan Qing.
Yan Qing wanted to wait for him to wake up and interrogation, but saw that Lingling was divided into Lingling and Hidden Wolf with one person.

Outsiders seemed to talk to themselves, but in fact, the two people were talking to each other. Yan Qing couldn’t stand the current chaos. After knocking Lingling unconscious again, he fed the pill to suppress the hermit wolf.

In exchange for knowing the secret of Ling, Yan Qing took the lead in confessing the mystery of his life. In his father’s mouth, Yan Qing’s mother was a singer of Lefang, who fled with money 18 years ago. However, in Yan Qing’s memory, his mother is by no means a singer, or even a literary and martial arts girl. She is a rare strange woman in the world. He has also been looking for his mother for 18 years.

Ling Ye kept her promise and confessed that she came to Xijue under the banner of negotiation, and made sure that she was unwilling to marry before she was twenty-five years old. As long as Ling Er returned to Southern Chu as an old girl who could not be married, she could get her poor fiefdom, and naturally she could also save her mother who suffered in the cold palace.

Perhaps there are more benefits of loyalty to her father or to Xijue, but in Ling’s mind, loyalty to her father means to help her father make trouble in Xijue, waiting for the death of unknown time, and it is even more likely that she will abandon her mother to turn to Xijue. Ling Wei said frankly that in her situation, only disguised as a coward is the best choice.

As for Ling’s first encounter with Yan Qing, the man he saw was her uncle. He wandered around Nanchu and Xijue to do medicinal herbs all year round. She also took advantage of this to give some medicinal herbs to her mother. The reason why Ling Er is to meet the ghost is that Ling Er is worried about the proton body and will bring trouble to her uncle, an ordinary businessman.

However, it is difficult to win the trust of Yan Qing with Ling’s words alone. Under the aggrieved anger, one sentence wakes up the other party. On the night of Zhao Xiaoniang’s murder, Yan Qing was indeed in the pub.

Ling Yi knew exactly what he had said, and the footprints left by the red mud in the corner of the pub’s renovation were the same as the outer wall of the princess’s mansion, proving that she did come here that night.

The pub is far away from the place where the corpse was thrown, and the time is not enough for Lingling to travel between the two places. Xuanyu also suddenly remembered two strange things. When Lingyu came to Xijue, in addition to Xiaojin, there were two women.

Only because the two women were suffering from infectious diseases, did Mrs. Yan expel them and send them home. The two women are from the king of Southern Chu, and Ling Yi obviously removed the two blinders with Mrs. Yan. The rumor among the Xungui is that Ling’s broom star is from Ling’s own mouth propaganda, which proves that Ling’s words are not false.

Yan Qing figured out the key, so he wanted to make up for the forgiveness of Ling Yu, and happened to be careful about her in Yan Yu. Yan Yu confessed that Lingyu’s multi-soul disease was more guarantored by the hidden wolf and Lingyu’s character, and all this was clearly heard by Yan Jue, who was hiding outside the door.

Yan Jue, because he couldn’t understand what the three people said, appeared to blame Yan Qing for releasing the key criminals. He inadvertently revealed that something was missing from the tribute. Yan Qing suddenly learned that he had been investigating the wrong direction.

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