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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 3 Recap

It was night. After Ling Er fell asleep, she suddenly appeared in the pub. He was skillfully listening to Yan Qing talking about himself with his brother, but he was not interested in it. She just had sharp eyes, as if she had become another person. Lingyu jumped out of the pub gently at her feet, but accidentally stepped on the red mud in the repair wall, leaving traces all the way.

In the dark room, Zhao Xiaoniang was interrogated by the man in black. When the leader saw that the werewolf sacred stone still did not shine, he was immediately ashamed and angry. Ling Yi also woke up in Zhao Xiaoniang’s nightmare of suffering.

There is nothing different in the house, but Lingyi saw the red mud-stained shoes in the corner, proving that she was ill again. Zhao Xiaoniang’s body was abandoned. The servant accompanying her confessed that she had sought Lingyu for treatment last night due to throat discomfort, and the pupils of the two pubs who found the body changed color. Yan Qing knew at first sight that it was a Southern Chu magic, and he was more suspicious of Lingniang.

There are still red mud footprints on the outer wall of the princess’s mansion. Yan Qing easily knew that there had been weasels in the princess’s mansion in the mouth of the aunt next door, and then Ling was seriously ill. Naturally, Yan Qing did not believe in the strange power and chaos of gods, but it was even more obvious that Lingling had a deep gap.

He knew that he could not be interrogated, so he simply asked his father for an appointment letter, forcing Linglingling to investigate the case with him. With the way to get along with each other at all times, it is naturally more convenient for Yan Qing to ask Ling. The two walked side by side on the street and was accidentally caught by Yourou.

Yan Qing did not avoid it as if a mouse saw the cat and pushed Xuanyu out to kill Yourou. Xuanyu is upright by nature, strong in martial arts, does not eat hard and soft, and leaves angrily, but this “venge” is recorded.

Lingling came to Sufu with Yan Qing. While waiting for Miss Su to reconcile, Yan Qing suddenly heard her panic in the study. When Yan Qing kicked open the door of the study, the man in black jumped over the window and fled. Xuan Yu and Tong Ge, who were guarding outside the house, did not notice. Miss Su was still in panic. Although the people who protected her were injured by wolf claws, they were not seriously hurt.

At present, the two sides are confronted, and Ling Er also said the beginning and end of it. It turned out that Miss Huang was dissatisfied with Miss Su’s role as Ma Gu, so she came to ask for powder that could cause sore throat and was difficult to speak, with the intention of replacing it. Lingyi accepted it because she didn’t dare to offend, but she also secretly learned about the medicine for Miss Su’s tea. It was only because Zhao Xiaoniang got Miss Su’s gift of snacks that she was involved, so she searched for Lingyu for treatment at night.

Lingdong knew that Yanqing was deeply suspicious of herself. Regarding Zhao Xiaoniang’s late-night visit, she deliberately asked to meet Miss Su to confess, so that it was once and for all to eliminate Yanqing’s suspicion that she lied.

At present, the victims are all related to the “Magu’s birthday”. Yan Qing asked all those involved in this matter to gather in Sufu, and strictly prohibited them from taking their subordinates and replacing them with Yanfu guards. After all, the man in black can avoid the eyes of Xuan Yu and Tong Geer.

Yan Qing has reason to suspect that this person is a subordinate of the Sufu, and only when he takes off his clothes can he not be paid attention to by them.

Naturally, the man in black would not give up. That night, he led his subordinates into the Soviet mansion, put a lot of smoke, and easily stunned the guards in the house. Only Xuanyu could still force the first battle. Yan Qing has a keen hearing.

Although he is alert, he can’t stick to the smoke for too long. De Lingling took the initiative to send the antidote, even if he does not trust the other party, he has no choice.
Yan Qing accepted Ling’s antidote, which woke up Lang Wei and others and the Jedi counterattacked.

Everyone was shocked, and the gentle desire to chase the man in black was just knocked unconscious, only the heron’s head disappeared. Miss Su deliberately reminded Yan Qing’s study that there was something different, which allowed him to prevent the head of the heron from being killed in time.

Under the obstruction of many people in black, the man successfully escaped for the leader, and waited for the head of the heron to recover slightly before he said his own experience. The man, the head man, has been severely punishing the heron to lead, asking her to let the holy stone shine inconcluct. Before that, the two dead must have encountered the same thing, and the word holy stone also attracted Yan Qing’s attention.

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