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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Qing didn’t care about Yan Jue’s contribution. Instead, she saw Linglong with her maid, Xiaojin, dressed in men’s clothing, and abandoned the more comfortable carriage. Instead, she hired ordinary carriages outside, and her whereabouts were different.

Yan Jue also disregarded Yan Qing who had left suddenly, and after leading someone to sweep the steamed bun shop, he actually found the royal tribute in the warehouse, but the wolf clan sacred jade tin box was missing from the tribute. Yan Jue didn’t know what it was, but the tribute was missing. He naturally couldn’t shirk the blame, and he quickly blocked the whole city to search for the fish that slipped through the net.

When Linglong didn’t know what he wanted to do, Yan Qing unceremoniously turned into the carriage, teasing him with words and deeds, and made Linglong impulsive to make a move, causing him to dream of life. Linglong threw Yanqing into the fireworks field, then watched the wolf guard station outside the door, deliberately let Xiaojin order the coachman to wait, she sneaked into a carriage from the back door.

At this time, a man dressed in a hooded black shirt and unable to see his appearance was sneaking away with a wolf clan holy item inlaid jade iron box. After passing by the fireworks field, the blue gems inlaid on the iron box suddenly glowed, which aroused the man’s excitement. The glow of the holy stone represented that the energy of the wolf king was nearby.

Soon it was the Queen Mother’s birthday. Miss Su led a number of your ladies to come and specially invited Lu Xing to rehearse a “Ma Gu Xian’s Life” and let her dance in her backyard. The black-clothed man observed that there was no one around, and concluded that the person who made the holy stone shine must be among these women.

When Lu Xing first wanted to return to the carriage and leave, she saw that Linglong was already sitting in the carriage. She received the money regardless of the reason, and helped her out of the sight of Wolf Guard. However, the trouble did not stop there. That night, Linglong suddenly felt unwell in her sleep, and when she woke up, she found a mess in her room.

Everyone in the Fuzhong mistakenly thought that the weasel became fine, but it was a relapse of Linglong polysacrum, and then they ate the roast chicken before returning to the room to sleep contentedly. Since the age of eight, Linglong’s polysomia has never relapsed. Last night was not the night of the full moon. Although the symptomatic pills were suppressed, but without the injection of her mother, she was always uneasy.

After being sober in the fireworks field, Yan Qing found that she was having fun with a group of ugly women, and she was even more suspicious when she was angry. It’s a pity that Yan Qing wanted to come to the door to ask for more information, but was mistaken by her mother as a mischief and forcibly stopped. In addition, when Yan Yu’s body was taken care of in Southern Chu, she had been taken care of by Linglong.

Linglong was in constant trouble and was about to stop all actions, so by coincidence, Miss Su Jia came to invite her to take care of her dancing sisters. Linglong wanted to take advantage of the situation to avoid the entanglement of Yanqing, but she still met him in the backyard of Su Mansion, but because the two people seemed to be “close” in their words and deeds, they were jealous, and it was Linglong that Miss Su and Luxing first came forward. Relief.

Linglong hid and teased Yanqing, and Yourou is not his beloved. Yan Qing didn’t want to marry You Rou. He was drinking and celebrating at home at the moment. He wanted Linglong and You Rou to be entangled endlessly.

In the middle of the night, Miss Huang came to visit Linglong and hoped that she was tight-lipped about tonight’s affairs, but she was caught in black shortly after she left. The next day, Miss Huang’s body was found. After seeing the wolf’s paw prints on the body, Yan Qing accepted the case. In the wolf clan civil strife, the remaining few people became Yanqing’s wolf guards. Now the wolf claws reappeared. If you want to know the truth, you can only catch the murderer.

According to the confession of the driver and the maid who was in a coma last night, Linglong was the first suspect. Yanqing failed to enter the house, so she sneaked in. Seeing that Linglong had indeed hired a doctor, and later seemed to be sad because of the ineffective treatment, Yan Qing dispelled her suspicion.

Yan Qing didn’t even have the consciousness of sneaking into the princess’s mansion. He appeared in the backyard grandiosely, speaking like comfort but more like molesting. Between the two pushing and pushing, Linglong leaned close to Yanqing’s chest, and was in a trance again. It was the same when the two were close to the fireworks field before.

Linglong did not know the reason for a while, and fell into the water accidentally because of a daze. Yan Qing tried to save him. He wanted to save people by breathing, but he happened to be hit by Xiao Jin, taking advantage of his fame as he was in danger.

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