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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 17 Recap

At the last critical moment of the final, Wu Bai’s unknown people rushed directly to Lin Yin’s beast king and put the beast king on the mace of the field. The beast king struggled hard and finally got out. The unknown did not give it a chance to breathe, and put it on the mace again.

Lin Yin looked nervous and desperate. He pressed the button hard, but the Beast King had become a trapped beast and had no way to fight back. Finally, Wu Bai defeated Lin Yin to win the championship. Ai Qing went to him to congratulate him.

As a champion, Wu Bai has three prizes to choose from, namely, points, bonuses and naming rights for the next competition. Wu Bai chose the naming right. He looked at Aiqing and said that it would be called the Friga Cup in the next decade. The friends listened to the whisper who Gu Friga was.

Aiqing’s eyes could not help but moist. Luo Hui once said that Wu Bai had a goddess in this industry. She was his Friga. Shen Zhe looked at Ai Qing’s expression and thought she should know who Friega was. Lin Yin asked her why her face turned red. Ai Qing said shyly that it might be too hot here. She went to wash her face and said and left.

Amid the warm applause and cheers of the audience, the awarder Wu Bai put on his medal and presented the trophy. At that moment, he became the most dazzling star in the audience. After that, he was surrounded by his friends and asked Friga who she was. He asked Aiqing where she had gone. Lin Yin said that she had washed her face, so he asked everyone to get in the car first to find Aiqing. After washing her face, Ai Qing hurried back, but bumped into a person head on him. She looked up and saw that it was Wu Bai.

For love, she suddenly wanted to be brave once, so she told Wu Bai that she had something to forget to him. That day, he took apart a whole can of chocolate and couldn’t find what he wanted. She took apart the last one and let him see if it was what he wanted. She stretched out her hand and had a wish note in her hand. The above sentence was his heart. She also said her heart. She didn’t mean to see all sentient beings, but only saw that he was moved.

Wu Bai was very happy to run back to the already empty field with Ai Qing’s hand. The field that was still in fierce battle just now calmed down, listening to their muttering love words and witnessing their strong love. They hugged and kissed together excitedly and sweetly, and it took a long time to let go. Wu Bai wanted to use the champion of 300 games to ask for a chance to start with her, and Ai Qing said hello with a smile.

The two hugged and kissed together again. At this time, Mr. Xiang shouted their names and walked this way. Ai Qing quickly hid. Xiang always asked Wu Bai Aiqing, who said he didn’t know. Xiang continued to look for Aiqing elsewhere. Aiqing came out. Wu Bai held her for a long time and reluctantly let go. After waiting for so long, he finally waited for his own love.

After returning to the hotel room, Aiqing couldn’t help feeling very sweet after recalling the kiss just now. At this time, the waiter sent her a bottle of hot milk. She was wondering who sent it. Wu Bai sent a message asking if she had received the milk, and Aiqing couldn’t help laughing sweetly. On the return plane, in order to keep the two undisturbed, Wu Bai specially sat with Ai Qingsheng. Wu Bai said that he was hungry, and Aiqing gave him chocolate to eat. Seeing that he didn’t eat her, she bit.

Wu Bai also took a bite. He asked her if they were together. Aiqing nodded but she was worried. Wu Bai told her that they would announce it when the time was ripe.

After returning to Shanghai, the two of them went to the cinema together. Watching Wu Bai was a little nervous. Ai Qing couldn’t help teasing him that it would not be his first date. Wu Bai wrote several movies in his hand and peeked at the palm of his hand to Aiqing from time to time. After choosing the film, Wu Bai bought soda and popcorn for Aiqing. At this time, the two received phone calls to ask them to hurry to the K&K base.

They rushed back, but found that the base was completely dark. It was strange that the light suddenly turned on. Everyone sang the birthday song and pushed the cake truck out happily. Ai Qing knew that today was Wu Bai’s birthday. In addition to the people at the base, the SP team members also came. Wu Bai thanked everyone for the birthday party he had prepared for him.

Mr. Xiang’s cousin likes Wu Bai very much. He is a loyal fan of him. Mr. Xiang wanted to lead the red thread to introduce his cousin to Wu Bai. Wu Bai immediately said that he had someone he liked.

Wu Bai made a wish and slipped away. Ai Qing found him and asked him why he didn’t tell her about his birthday. Wu Bai said that he just wanted to spend time with her. She was sorry that she had nothing prepared. Wu Bai said that she was the best gift with him. Looking at her lovely face, he couldn’t help kissing her.

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