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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 31 Recap

Shi Nian and Ye Zhiqiu were also watching the game. They found that Tang San had never appeared. They wanted to see the strength of the Shilanke Academy team and then decided whether to treat them as pawns.

Ning Rongrong appeared on the stage for the second time. She showed the Jiubao glazed pagoda, but she soon took it back. Ning Rongrong put down several iron balls in a row and detonated the gunpowder left by Ou Sike on the stage. She took advantage of the smoke to attack the opponent.

The opponent could not stand still. Both of them fell under the stage. The referee ruled that both of them were out. Zhu Zhuqing hurried to Funing. Rongrong, Osike replenished Ning Rongrong with a big sausage.

Rand asked Zhu Zhuqing to play the third place. The other party was also a female soul master. Zhu Zhuqing easily stunned the opponent. The Shilanke Academy team won another game. The second team of the Royal Academy sent the fourth soul master to the stage to fight Zhu Zhuqing. At a glance, he saw that Zhu Zhu Zhuqing used the heavy armor of the last soul master and quickly found out Zhu Zhuqing’s broken.

Blossoming, Zhu Zhu Qing tried his best to fight with him. The opponent tried his best to attack her, which hit Zhu Zhuqing’s arms. Although she was injured, she was released from the bondage of heavy armor. Zhu Zhuqing knocked his opponent off the stage with the ghost white claws, and the Royal Second Team lost another game.

The avalanche represented the last of the Royal Second Team. He knocked Zhu Zhu Zhuqing to the ground with three fists and two feet. Ning Rongrong loudly advised Zhu Zhuqing to admit defeat. She was unwilling and struggled to jump up and knocked the avalanche.

As a result, she was hit off the stage and Zhu Zhuqing was forced out. Ma Hongjun first woke up. He saw the note on the table, but he didn’t read. Dai Mubai woke up and saw the note on the table. Only then did he know that the game had begun. He pulled Ma Hongjun to the soul fighting field without saying anything.

Judouluo shouted several times, and no one came to the stage at Shilanke Academy. Just in the countdown to the last three seconds, Tang San arrived on time. He showed his four soul rings, one of which was the black soul ring for ten thousand years. The avalanche was not convinced. He did not have soul skills and relied on his own force to attack Tang San.

Tang San used blue silver grass and magic spider soul skills to tie up the avalanche to death, push him to the stage, and wait for the avalanche to wake up. Come here and find that you have been out, and the Shilan guest team won today’s victory. Dai Mubai rushed in a hurry, and Zhu Zhuqing left without saying that he left. The others also happily left the soul fighting field. Prince Snow Star called the avalanche to hold him accountable and let his grandfather Contra kill Tang San tonight.

That night, Tang San locked himself in his room to study the “Xuantian Treasure Record”. Xiaowu came to see him. Tang San wanted to create a power system different from the soul master. Xiaowu naturally couldn’t ask for it. If the soul master did not need to kill the soul beast to improve the soul ring, human beings could coexist peacefully with the soul beast. Tang San thought it was difficult to do. He tried. Combine Xuantiangong with blue silver grass, but Xuantiangong can only be auxiliary.

When he heard that Prince Snow Star asked the Tai family to help deal with Tang San, he thought about it again and again, and decided to give up Tang San as a pawn, so he sent Ye Zhiqiu to find Du Gubo.

Avalanche and Contra suddenly broke in and captured Xiaowu, threatening to kill Tang San. Tang Sanming knew that he was a master of the Eight Soul Rings, but he was unwilling to admit defeat. Contra asked Tang San to find a way to enter the door, so he promised to let him go. If he could not go in, he would die obediently.

Tang San summoned blue silver grass to wind up the Contra. He easily broke away all of it. Tang San secretly summoned Haotian hammer from his back and smashed it at Contra. Although Tang San quickly put back the hammer back, he still Discovered by Contra, Tang San found out that he was forced to ask about his relationship with Tang Hao, and Tang San found various excuses to pass the buck.

Yu Xiaogang came to Tang San and found Xiaowu, who was unconscious. Realizing that the situation was not good, he called Shangland and Liu Erlong to come to rescue Tang San. Yu Xiaogang asked Tang San to say his father’s name. Contra knelt down on the spot and called Tang San’s “Young Master”.

Before Contra explained everything, Du Gubo suddenly came to fight Contra and Avalanche. Dizzy, Tang Sanlian explained that they were not enemies and asked Dugubo to wake up Contra and Avalanche.

Contra wanted to talk with Tang San alone, but Du Gubo had to hide. Tang San asked Xiaowu to stay. Contra claimed to be Tai. If Tang Hao hadn’t rescued him, the Tai family would have destroyed the door.

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