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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 4 Recap

Seeing Yang Xiaoyan and a strange man entered the coffee shop, Lightning sneaked behind him and eavesdropped on the conversation with Wang Dana. Through the content of the exchange, it can basically be concluded that the strange man is a fan of Yang Xiaoyan. In addition, his company is mainly responsible for medium and high-end dining and entertainment venues. Therefore, the negotiation process was very pleasant and cooperation was quickly reached.

Yang Xiaoyan found lightning through the wall mirror, and instantly realized the reason for his presence here. Although the lightning electrode was denied the power, she unintentionally exposed many feet. After the incident, Lightning reported the progress to Wang Dana, but completely exposed his whereabouts. Wang Dana was angry and had nowhere to vent, and even lied in front of Yang Xiaoyan to make a smile, almost lost his wife and broke down.

The story of Liu Ying’s return to her mother’s house has been spread in the village committee. Old Xu asked Zhao Si about the situation, but Zhao Si believed that the ugliness of the family should not be publicized. Because of this, Zhao Si was afraid of people saying that, considering the matter of Xie Guangkun and Wang Xiaomeng last year, he immediately notified his son to pick up Liu Ying from her natal family.

Xie Tengfei’s test scores were not satisfactory and could reach the passing line. Xie Guangkun was unwilling to hit his grandson’s self-confidence and encouraged him. As expected, within a few days, his score rose from 62 to 70. Although it is only a few minutes away, for Xie Guangkun, it is enough to prove Xie Tengfei’s progress. I believe it will not take long to see the double hundred hope.

Fang Zheng stalked Li Yinping. In order to get a further distance from her, he took the initiative to visit Liu and give gifts to Liu’s big head, hoping that he could walk away from the relationship and arrange himself as a teacher in the kindergarten. Liu had a big head and the other party was ignoring him, and even refused to answer the other party’s phone. Unexpectedly, Fang Zheng went directly to the kindergarten, regardless of the electrician’s obstruction, but wanted to rush in.

With the perseverance of Fang Zheng to beg for nothing, Liu’s head was forced to be helpless and simply put him in a security post. Even though Fang Zheng was a bit disgusted with his identity as a security guard, but thinking of seeing Li Yinping every day, he would not be too picky, and would endure the electrician’s ridicule.

Since Xie Tengfei’s grades have improved, Xie Guangkun is also very satisfied and thinks he can help his grandson’s homework. However, Xie Guangkun is more than narcissistic, lacking in self-knowledge, and the level of education is not enough for the school’s knowledge level. Even if it is a simple topic, he still explains it in a mess.

Wang Xiaomeng is pleased to see his grandfather and grandson getting along in harmony, but after all, he still has to consider practical issues. At present, he is most worried that Xie Tengfei will be led by his grandfather. Xie Yongqiang realized the seriousness of the problem and promised to take the time to talk to Xie Guangkun. However, when Xie Tengfei was sent to school the next day, Xie Yongqiang forgot to correct the wrong question last night.

The Taobao service station has been set up, and Liu Qian and others drove a tricycle to promote it everywhere in the village. Wang Yun tried to deflate the three tires for Xie Dajiao, but Xie Dajiao stopped him in time. He then went to find Old Xu to borrow the village broadcast, but he just left.

Xie Dajiao keeps up with the trend and has absorbed the marketing methods of young people. She decided to use the radio to promote Bigfoot Supermarket. By the way, she pepared an 88 yuan gift package for everyone, with the goal of benefiting the whole village. Originally, Guo Er, who was guarding the broadcasting room, was still stern, and Xie Dajiao was not allowed to use the radio, but when he heard that Xie Dajiao asked Huang Shiyou to arrange for him to practice medicine, his attitude changed drastically.

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